How to Turn an Incoming Call Into a Client

Do you frequently get incoming calls that seem annoying?

What would happen if you could quickly turn incoming calls into leads and clients easily?

For those of you who have been following me for some time, you should recognize this principle.

“Find enough people to help them get what they want, and you will have everything you ever wanted out of life.? — Zig Ziglar

I can’t emphasize how important that you live every day of your life and business with that thought. It will increase your sales by many times, and will be the key to turning incoming calls into clients.

An Incoming Sales Call I Got This Week That Ended Up Becoming My Client

For instance, this week I got a call from someone setting up a payment system company.

First, I want you to think what your first feeling is when you get an incoming call. Is it usually anger, frustration, wanting to hang up on that incoming call?

The reason you feel that way is that you are making that call “about you”. I don’t want to give up lots of my time to hear someone’s sales pitch either. However, make it about them, and watch what happens.

As I said, I got a call from a payment processing company, and no, I don’t need a payment processing company either. But since I realized that they were probably a new company trying to get started, and trying to get more clients, what do you think happens if I turn their call to what they want?

In any case, I took the call, listened patiently, and actually let them set up an appointment to come to my office. When they got here, I simply asked them to tell me about their business. After all, I would have to know a little about them if I was going to use their services. And, of course once they started telling me about their business, logical follow up questions, were things like:

  • Can you tell me about your business?
  • How well are you calls working?
  • How many appointments did you get?
  • How long have you been in business, and what is your goal for the next month, 6 months, year?
  • What is your biggest struggle, and if you could eliminate that and double your goals for the next 2 to 3 months what would that do for you?

And the result was that I discovered that their calls weren’t working that well, and yes, they’d do almost anything to double not just their goals but their current results?

I offered to help them change their marketing message used on the call, and they liked it so much, that I have a new client.

Another Example of an Incoming Call That Had My Mouth Watering

Let me share a call that I received some time ago.

I can usually identify that the call is a sales call within 2 or 3 seconds, and I do get upset with incoming calls that waste my time giving me a sales pitch I don’t want to hear. So imagine that instead of starting a call with “Hi, I’m (name here), can I speak with THE OWNER.” or sometimes they ask for me by name.  Which immediately turns me off since I actually answered the phone with my name. So I pick up the phone and say “Alan Boyer”, and they immediately say, “Is Alan there?”

Frequently after that frustrating response I hear the very loud noise of a call center. So I immediately know I don’t want this call.

But imagine, that instead of hearing the typical sales call, you hear something like: “Hi, Alan, I’m looking for a coach can you tell me a little about your coaching?”

Notice the difference? This IMMEDIATELY starts out “about me” rather than “about them.”

In any case, this call went forward something like this:

The caller: I saw your website and loved the information on it. Actually, I have a series of clients that are looking for help growing their businesses, saw your website and it looks like a good fit for our clients.

Are you interested in talking with a couple of our clients to see if they would be a good fit, and if they like you?

Me: Of course, what kind of clients, and what do you do? (notice that I turned it around to make it about him as well?)

The caller: They are small businesses, anywhere from $500K to a couple of million. We help clients get more of their own clients, and increasing profitability. So in some respects we do similar things like you do, however, we’ve discovered that we are better off filing in the gaps with outside coaches. Your website looked like you are what we would like to bring in for our clients. Could you handle 4 to 5 new clients every week or so?

Me: Most likely, but I would like to talk to one or two first to see how we fit. Would that work?

The caller: Yes, when can we set appointments?

The reason I gave you that example is this: They were actually selling a service. Yet, their call didn’t start with an introduction or a sales pitch, it started by asking me about my coaching. In fact, I was so impressed by the call, that we did end up working together. They actually are selling coaching leads. But at no time did they sound like it was a sales call. It was all about me, not about them.

So whenever you get a call, first separate the call centers from individuals or companies that could become clients. It is rare that a call center could become your client. So once you learn that it is a potential client, fine, ask them about their business, what they’d like to achieve, what’s their biggest problem, if they could get rid of that problem tomorrow, what would that do for them?

A Call With 100% Appointments Set

I had a $50M manufacturing company client who I was helping write a business plan that was to help them go from the Chicago area to national, and eventually to international. After they saw the plan, they liked the marketing plan so well they asked if I would simply take it and do it for them. Normally, I don’t do that, however, it was such a lucrative opportunity that I said I’d do this for them, at least fine tune the process for about a year, and then pass it on to one of their employees.

They were manufacturing a homeland security device that’s mounted on major city light poles, videos the neighborhood, can identify gun shots, and immediately show a picture of the culprit on a police patrol car in the neighborhood.

Their ideal customer is a city government, or police department. We also discovered that they needed partners to install them, and maintain them. Those partners also turned out to be great sales people in each city. So, instead of targeting the city government or police directly, I found that their ideal client was actually an IT company that was already doing business with city government or police.

So, I used LinkedIn to prepare a list of IT companies in each city, starting east from Chicago along he north, to the cities down the east coast. When I called, I didn’t give them a sales pitch. Instead I made it “about them”.

The call went something like this. “I see that you are an IT company in (name of city). We are looking for an IT company that can handle another $1M this year to support a $50M company I represent. Are you interested?”

I NEVER had anyone say no. I could have set appointments with 100% of the calls, however, one of my goals was to narrow down on the right ones, those that could handle a $1M of new business, those that were doing business with the city and/or police. So after they said they could handle it, I’d ask a few questions that would disqualify the wrong ones. So every call ended up with THEM justifying themselves as an ideal client. They fought to get me, instead of me having to make a sale to them.

I set appointments with 100% of the qualified people, and could have set 100% appointments with every call I made, but didn’t want to do that.

So, how can you do the same thing. Who is your ideal client, what do they want and would almost fight to get? And start the call making it about what they want, rather than giving them a sales pitch.

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