How to Share a Story That Drives a Prospect to BEG You for Help, For MORE, Lots More

The biggest, most important thing you can do to literally excite your ideal prospect, or even client, is to share a story with them that both EXCITES them so much they can’t wait, and COMPELLS them to ask you MORE, GIVE ME MORE!

Here’s how to excite until they can’t wait to get your help?

Remember the AIDA formula I’ve shared with you? It is the order of an ad, website, direct mail, speech, article, workshop, sales meeting, initial freebie coaching session, that is meant to drive them to want you, actually to get them to beg you to help them.

  • Attention — The title, the very first thing they see or hear should be an attention getter. Usually that is something like “How to get …” and name a HUGE MEASURABLE RESULT. It can be something other than how to, but it’s about laying an offer or a promise of what they will get if they read further, and/or come to your event. The title is what get them to read further or check you out.
  • Interest — This is pretty much a very short bit of information that gives them an aha moment that they had never considered.
  • Desire — I’ve found the best way to get them excited, begging for more, is to share a story about how one of your clients struggled with the same thing, and how with the technique they are going to learn if they either read further into an article, or come to your event, that they will learn how to do this too. In any case, when you read the rest of this, we’ll go into more detail of how to excite a prospect to desire, beg you to help them. This is where the story goes.
  • Action, call to action — Once you’ve built a serious desire, wrap it up by telling them, or asking them to do what you want them to do. Just keep in mind: if you do not tell them what to do, even if all of the previous steps got them EXCITEDLY WANTING it, if you don’t tell them how to get what they want, they either will never consider they could get it, or they will not know what the steps are to get it. In other words, without specifically saying something like “If you’d like to leap forward another $100K within 3 months, then sign up (or call), click on the button, whatever”.


How to Use a Story to Get Them Begging You to Help Them — Your Prospects BUY Stories Before They Will Buy Any Sales Pitch

Coaching Stories That Excite, That Compel, that drive prospects to get you to help them.

One thing you might have heard is that in order to make a sale, your prospect has to

  • Get to Know You
  • Like You
  • And Trust You

I’ll add that they want to

  • Get to KNOW what results and value they would get from working with you
  • Like — In fact, let’s say that how much they like the results and value you deliver determines whether you get any sale. The higher you drive LIKE, into can’t wait, mouth watering, excitement, would kill for it, the higher the probability of a sale, and the more sales you get.
  • Trust you — build credibility that you, what you do can deliver what you promise. Having done it before is the highest probability of getting what they want. Most coaches will sell “a process”, “a program”. Because your story shares THE MEASURABLE results deliver to others, that puts you into a very high probability of success for your client.
  • The story also makes you THE AUTHORITY, THE EXPERT that they NEED and can’t wait for.


How and When to Tell Your Story

Back to the AIDA, it comes at the desire point in an article, a sales meeting, coaching, etc. You have already gotten their attention around a measurable result. You have already shared some information that shows you have answers that others don’t. And so when you share

“I once worked with a _____ (just like you) who was struggling with ______ (name the struggle that fits this prospect), and no matter how hard he tried to resolve that he couldn’t. In a matter of ___ weeks, he was _________ (name the huge measurable result)”

Or here’s another approach.

“I once had a client who struggled with just that issue we mentioned, and he had already hired several (coaches or consultants, or bought XYZ program), but nothing would fix his problem. He was ready to throw in the towel and shut his business when we met. (You might throw in a little special unique process), and by the next day he had _______ (name results and value).


Get the idea? Apply your own success stories.


If you don’t have any, think PROCESS. Even look into what other coaches have already done, but if you do this, you must UNDERSTAND why that works.

For instance, have you ever thought through the 80/20 rule?

Do you KNOW what would happen once you learned which of the people are the 20% who deliver 80% of the results? Once you know what they do, and can simply teach the others to do it, or replace the 80% not delivering with people who can, do you KNOW what kind of results that can deliver?

It’s in the neighborhood of 17 times increase.

In fact, frequently I’ll ask if someone has ever identified the 20% of the people (or processes) that give 80% of the results, and the 80% of the people who cannot deliver.

And then share what I mentioned above: Gee, I’d like to identify who the 20% are who deliver 80% of the results. Are you aware that when simply identifying those people and what they do, that if we train the others, you could get up to 17 times more productivity, more products output, and more dollars?

Now back to you. Have you ever promised, suggested, 17 times increased anything? Will they believe you? So, if you show them the 80/20 process and that “on paper” it does show 17 times more when you get it perfect, then simply suggest that it does take a while to “get it perfect” but that also means that doubling their output is EASY. So, let’s start down the road, by doubling in the next X weeks or months, and then we’ll just keep doing it, again, and again.

In any case, your story establishes credibility, creates a vision that you have already done it, a vision for your prospect to see himself doing it with you. Even if he has hired others who have not helped him, now he SEES it in the story and is ready to go.

Make THEM The Hero of the Story

You may actually start the story by telling them about one of your clients, but the more it is about them the more it will connect.

You could tell about “a client” of yours, and that will connect when the struggles, and desired results fit the target prospect you are reaching out to. But if you actually name that client as in the same industry, that fits better.

Then, turn the story toward them by asking them how any piece of that story is like them. Get them talking, or at least listening more intently.

And finally, repeat the story with them as the center, painting a story with them getting the results and then asking them “What would that do for you if you got ______ (that measurable result in that time). Get them to declare what new measurable success that would provide for them, get them to tell you how that “FEELS” to FINALLY be there.

When/Where do you use your story?

As I said earlier, think AIDA and where you use it within any kind of presentation, marketing, sales comes at the desire part.

As far as what kinds of presentations

  • Networking — When you meet someone at a networking event, ask about them, what they do, what they’d like to do, and what has held them back. And when they hand it back to you, identify yourself by using your marketing message, which is a HUGE MEASURABLE RESULT for someone just like them. When your marketing message works, you will likely hear something like, “Oh, wow, how do you do that?” or even “Oh, wow, I’d love to do that, can we talk?” And that is when you tell your story. After hearing it, it’s likely that they will want to hear even more. Simply invite them to meet with you (date and time) and you’ll show them how to get that kind of result themselves. (No sales pitch here or at that meeting. This is about them getting what they want, and you will help them do that.)
  • A Sales meeting, or initial freebie coaching session — Ask them what they want, coach them to make it a very clear specific result, and then make it measureable, and time based. Then ask them, so why not 2 times that? What stopped you from reaching way further than that? After you hear the why, it’s likely to be “too expensive”, “I’m already working 15 hours a day and can’t work any more”. In any case, they will now tell you a belief that has kept them from even going to that first step. After hearing that, share a story of one of your previous clients who had that problem, and also said they couldn’t do this or that for that reason. But they ended up getting X times further with 1/y as much money, or time, or whatever. I’m not telling you to hype it up, I’m telling you to share a story that fits with this prospect, or at least comes close. And this prospect will WANT to learn more. So set up that follow up session, or coaching session. Never call it a sales meeting, just that you will show him how to get those kinds of results. You will have more time to discuss what he wants and his struggles at that meeting. The meeting is about HIM, not about you, your processes/service, etc.
  • Published articles, blogs (yours or others), direct mail ads — just use the AIDA approach as you write.

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