How to Get Coaching Prospects to Jump into Your Lap

If you’ve been around here very long you’ve heard the basic marketing rules. The Rules that show you what not to do that almost every coach/consultant IS doing. And what to do that REALLY WORKS. In fact, I’ll share a little trick with you in this article that got me very nearly 100% of the calls I made for a client of mine. This attracts coaching clients fast.

Marketing Rules

Rule 1 — marketing is never about

  • You
  • Your products or services
  • Your processes, or what you do
  • Years of experience
  • Credentials

Why? None of those answer the question that your prospects want to know about you, do you have the results tey want, how valuable, how big, how much how fast do you deliver those values. And how exciting does that sound to him.

Rule 2 — what marketing is about

  • What the client wants, RESULTS
  • Value of those results, how big, how much, how fast
  • And the bigger the value, the faster they will snap it up.
  • Emotion, excitement.

Let’s take a look at how following these rules may look in comparison to what you’ve been doing.

What most coaches/consultants do is say something like “I am a coach (consultant” which is about YOU, which is what the first rule says to not do. If you spend 20 minutes or so telling them about coaching, what is coaching, what do you do when coaching, is the typical response that they show no interest?

Nearly 100% Respond to This

Let me show you something I’ve done for a long time that gets very nearly a 100% response rate because I start by asking about them.

Imagine the kinds of phone calls you get almost daily “Hi I’m Alexa with Ajax Financials. This is not a sales call, but I would like to talk to you about …..” Notice something, this whole calls is about the caller and the caller’s company. If you are anything like me, I hung up right after Ajax Financials. That was all I needed to know to define this as a “sales call” and a waste of my time.

Let’s say that you’ve found your ideal client on LinkedIn, or better yet, a group of a few hundred of them. If the call is to start out “about them” and “what they want”, how might that sound?

Let’s try this.

Hi, Jim. I was reading an article you wrote on LinkedIn about __________ the other day that really caught my attention. I also see that you are a financial planner. Can you tell me about what you do?

Can you imagine anyone hanging up on this call? Of course not, it is them. Imagine that you got this call. Something you wrote interested someone and wants to talk. Next they see that you are a_____, so tell me about what you do?

Here’s Another One

Let me share how I once used this principle to get $11M of sales for a client of mine. This was a $50M Chicago company designing, manufacturing, and installing homeland security devices in the Chicago area. After I had helped them develop a business plan about expanding worldwide, they asked me if I would help them by implementing the marketing plan.

Although they sold these systems to cities, and police departments, we decided that we needed local IT companies to support us by maintaining the systems, installing, repairing, keeping them working. The average yearly income for an IT company in an average city would be between $300K to $1m,yearly,  and if they also sold the system and did the initial install that would be another $1 to $2M.

So did I IT companies like a typical salesman, “Hi, I’m Alan with XXXXX Homeland Security, can I talk to you a minute…” That’s about ME, not about them.

No, my call was typically, something like this. “Hi, Jim. I’ve been looking for an major IT company that could support about $300K to $1M a year of installation, and maintenance for my $50M client. Is this something that you’d be able to support? ”

This was about them, this was giving them an opportunity IF they could support that size of a job. About 100% wanted to talk to my client, but after a little “qualification” discussion I would disqualify a few that weren’t big enough, or had the financial backing to do it. About 90% of the people I talked to, ended up talking to my client. Even one city turned into an $11M sale.

And yes, this was a real sales call, because we wanted IT companies that could sell the system into their local city, and of course maintain it for many years.

And Here’s One I Got That Hooked Me

Let’ me share a call I got a few weeks ago, and compare that to a typical sales call. This one started off by asking me “Is this Alan Boyer, Leaders Perspective coaching? Can you tell me about your coaching? ….

And after they asked about me, they asked if I could handle another 5 new clients. They said that their clients frequently need coaching to take them to another level, so they are looking for a coaching company that would treat their clients as they do.

We ended up talking for 15 to 20 minutes, and almost had me jumping through hoops to make sure that I was qualified enough to handle their clients. But in reality this was a lead company that sells leads for coaching clients. Imagine how different I would have responded if they had started like those typical calls I mentioned above. I pretty much hang up on them in 3 seconds, but we talked for 15 to 20 minutes and I was definitely interested.

The big difference is that they talked to me about what I wanted rather than starting off telling me about them.

If you would like to learn how to get nearly 100% response rate from any kind of marketing phone calls, direct mail, websites, local networking, online networking, etc.

Give me a call, 816-415-8878.

Alan Boyer

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