How to Get Coaching Prospects Snapping Up Your Webinars/Freebie Sessions/Articles/Speeches and Other Events

 What are you selling? 

Knowing that you are selling RESULTS and not coaching will change your life and your business. Your ability to get coaching clients will catapult overnight. We’ll develop a “What you sell” statement that will have them begging to work with you, and develop 5 new clients in 5 days.

The next time you do a webinar, or a free coaching session, a speech, or almost any event . . . think about “what it is you are selling”, “what is your ultimate outcome”, and wrap your event into a package with two things in mind,

  • the ultimate outcome
  • with an extremely high value that those that see it, hear it, experience it  would say “OMG how do I get it’ or even ‘I’d better get up at 2 a.m. to be sure I’m the first one in line since there aren’t enough slots left.“ 

For most coaches, many times the name of their program, or their title, is about as enticing as what they normally say when asked what they do, “I am a coach.”


Some guidelines to create a package to wrap around your event:


  • The name of your event should represent the expected outcome, and the value of it (hopefully a VERY HIGH, VERY DESIRABLE, and IRRESISTIBLE). And if you don’t think that your program has HIGH VALUE, and VERY IRRESISTIBLE, then you’d better spend some time on developing that program to deliver it or evaluate your beliefs.
  • It’s about RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS. Did I say that enough to make it stick? It’s about RESULTS, nothing else, no process, no products, no services. Just results.
  • It’s about what your prospect wants, which are results, improved results, high value results.
  • It’s not about you, your products, your program process, your training/coaching process, your credentials or certifications, or the number of years you’ve been doing this. Always ask yourself if you know of someone who’s been doing this as long as you have and literally stinks at doing it. Most of us know quite a few. So, don’t fall into that trap. Your prospect knows just as many failures that have done it that long as you do so it doesn’t convince him either. 

Example of Packaging


Just this morning I was looking at a bottle of tomato fertilizer and compared it to the other stuff I had laying around.  

It was a bottle of “Great BIG Tomato Fertilizer.” It also had pictures all over the bottle of tomatoes bigger than the hands holding them, and of plants over the tops of people’s heads with 100’s of tomatoes on every plant.  It also had testimonials, all talking about LOTS of luscious, best tasting tomatoes they’ve ever grown.


So, think about this. Why did I buy this one instead of the one that said “Tomato Fertilizer 10-10-10”? This one didn’t have pictures, but did have a spec sheet, and a discussion on how the timed release fertilizer dispensed the fertilizer at just the right time that the plants need it.  

Both of those have a prepackaged image don’t they?


The first one follows my guidelines pretty well. Even last year I had a really good fertilizer that produced pretty large tomatoes, but was labeled a simple fertilizer name.  But, this year, why do you think I bought a different one? Because its name implied REALLY BIG Tomatoes, and it had pictures of the outcome which were impressive. And it has testimonials of others telling me that what they already got is exactly what I want.  

The ONLY way this one will lose my business is: if it doesn’t deliver exactly what it promised me. But that’s to be seen.


The second one does mostly what I said not to do. It talked about their specs, about their process of timed release blah blah blah. And, frankly, I have no clue whether their timed release stuff will deliver what I want . . . .lots of large very tasty tomatoes. It didn’t define the results, it just talked about specs, and how it works.  

But that first one, tells me that it has results EXACTLY like I want, and even has testimonials telling me so.


That’s packaging. That’s wrapping it up into a neat little “you’ll get THIS”. And if THIS is exactly what you want, or even better, you’ll be headed down there to get it. But if its value is HUGE, IRRESISTIBLE, and you couldn’t get something like that anywhere else, well, I’ll be down there at 2:00 a.m. to be sure that I’m first in line. And, I’d be willing to pay up to 2 times as much as I would have for that other stuff.  

So, how do you package your webinars, your speaking engagements, your free coaching sessions, and almost anything else you do?


First, be clear on the outcome.  

If you simply deliver more clients, more referrals, or whatever, then clearly state that.  Obviously a workshop that says “More clients” will attract more people than one that says “Sales training”. The one packaged as “more clients” is about what the prospect wants, while “sales training” is about “the process of training for sales” and who knows how much improvement, or any improvement in sales you’d really get. That one is selling a process with no specific outcomes. Maybe their marketing is just week, or maybe they are afraid of putting any real numbers into their results because their results are all over the place.


But “MORE clients” is one of those things I call vagaries. It’s still vague about the outcome, and the measurement of that outcome. IT could be one new client every 10 years, or one new client every minute. Big difference. Therefore, the clearer you are the more powerful your marketing message, and the more people who will respond. 

So, let’s be clearer. Whenever you see “more”, “bigger”, “better”, “best”, or any number of other vague but implied “better than” statements, always ask “how many more”, “how much bigger” etc. Then answer that.


If your workshop is “more clients”, then be more specific with “5 More Clients” and even more specific adding time. “5 More Clients in 5 Days”, or “5 clients a week starting 1 week from today”. Notice how the clearer it gets, the more it whets your mouth to get that? 

Be honest, but give them something that is very valuable.


SMART Packaging


Many of you have used SMART goals. Well, the same thing applies to your targeted outcomes, and the package we’ll wrap our event, or even your products/services within.

SMART packaging guidelines:

 Specific – Be specific, just like I showed you above. More won’t cut it, but telling them exactly what the deliverable will.

Measurable – Add measurements. Think VALUE. When you put a measurement on it, then it tells you a number that shows how valuable this is. 5 New clients is way better than “more clients”. If you were comparing those two marketing statements, the measurable one will get you a response at least 5 times more than the “more” statement.

Achievable – If you set a measurable outcome that is perceived by those who hear it as being ridiculous, or not achievable. Well, no one believes it, and you’ve lost any advantage you’d have with the numbers. Now it turns them off, instead of turning them on. HOWEVER, keep in mind that some things are a matter for the listener. I’ve been told by coaches “no one would believe that”, and then send that message out only to have people come running begging for it. Test it, challenge their beliefs further and further.

Reachable with a challenge –No matter what they believe is “reachable” today, challenge them to reach further. I’ve found that no matter what a prospect says he feels comfortable reaching for, I can challenge him to reach a lot further, and we’ll actually achieve it. So, do you want to be known as a coach who helps people reach something that everyone feels comfortable with, or help your clients reach something that they would never have believed they could reach . . . at least until you came along?

Timebased – One of the best measurements is time. So, think when you put a measurement on something, that that measurement really doesn’t have as much clarity until we can say when it will be achieved, or how long it’ll take. Now, our “5 New Clients” turns into “5 New Clients a Week Starting this next week” 

Name your event based on the SMART outcome. Instead of “free coaching session” it could become “5 New Clients in 5 Days” Planning session. You could use a similar approach for your webinar, for an upcoming speech.


In any case, Naming it, is the title we’ll use for it. How do we finish the packaging? 

I use the marketing AIDA approach,

Attention –Your title is the first thing they see. Therefore, it must get their attention, or anything else that follows will never be seen. So, everything I’ve laid out so far is about getting attention with the title. The same principle applies with your workshops, and, frankly, when you are networking. The first thing anyone hears when the two of you introduce yourselves either gets attention or it doesn’t. Remember, it isn’t about you. So, when you introduce yourself, don’t say “Hi, I’m ________”, that’s about you. But, “Hi, I deliver 5 new clients in 5 days” will.


Interest – Once the title has them saying, “Holly mackerel, tell me about that.” Or “I’d do almost anything to get that, tell me about it.” It’s time to give them a little meat.  Most of the meat is still, RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS. keep it away from the “about me, about my processes, etc.”

Keep it short, keep it simple. Prepare 3-4 bold dots that list the outcomes, and maybe why you get these outcomes that others don’t.  I also like to contrast before and after.

If we were talking about the “5 Days to 5 New Clients” workshop, you might have some bold dots that look like this.

You’ll learn in this workshop:

  • The secret that will change your life and business from chasing customers to them chasing you.
  • Why your previous way of acquiring clients didn’t work, and how a small change will line them up outside of your door.
  • What every other coach wishes he knew, but obvious does not. And that was you as well, until this class.

Desire – it’s time to go back to reinforce your original eye catching title.  Either list a few bold dots showing the measurements, the HIGH VALUE they’ll get, and maybe even a list of what your other clients have gotten.


Either add a few more bold dots with value statements, measurements, and time. Or add them to the ones above.  Or use some testimonials here.

  • Business coach said that he went from about one new client every 6 months to 5 within the first 5 days.
  • Life coach told me that they couldn’t get people to even pay attention. Now, they are begging her to help them. Would you like to stop chasing, and have them start chasing you? 

Action, call to action – Let me make this perfectly clear. No matter how well you do any of the previous AIDA steps. If you don’t ask for what you want from them, you’ll NEVER get it. And how well you ask for it also results in a low response, or a high response.

Don’t simply say, “would you like it”. Restate the targeted outcome, and make it a part of your call to action. Something like, “If you’d like to start getting 5 new clients within 5 days, . . . “ and then give them the steps to get it. It might be click here, push this button if you are online. Or if it’s a brochure, or a letter, you could send them to an address on your website, or you could have them call you.


What you ask them to do really depends on where this workshop, or event, fits within your chain of steps toward your ultimate action. If this is one of the earlier steps you may ask them to take another step, maybe a free coaching sessions (that is already properly wrapped in a compelling title, don’t use “free coaching session” EVER. In any case, when there are several steps in your marketing funnel, you only want to sell THE NEXT STEP, so package the next step just like you have packaged this event.  

In any case, you’ll discover that when you package your events this way that suddenly people will be snapping them up faster than you can lay them down.


Wouldn’t that be nice? 

How many events are snapped up now?

If you’d like to see your sales skyrocket by $100K or more, call me for a “$100K more within 3 months planning session.”


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