How to Get Coaching or Consulting Clients Begging You to Help Them

When I first started out coaching it seemed nearly impossible to get clients. At least when I said that I was a coach, or that I’d help someone make more money, not many jumped to hire me. Does that sound familiar to you?

Here are some secrets that literally changed how easy, how fast, and how many clients I got, and, NOW, how easy, how fast, and how many for my clients who are coaching struggling to get clients.

Offer to help them get something they’d nearly kill to get and they’ll BEG you to help them get it.

Let me ask you one question? What kind of results do you help your clients get?

And is that result . . . what . . . a slight improvement . . . a huge improvement . . . or is it that you help your clients become the most successful of anyone that does what they do?

Imagine. . . if that is what you deliver . . . would it be hard to get clients? Wouldn’t they be lined up outside your door.

It actually makes it EASY to get clients. So that’s what I do. Whatever my clients do I make them the best in their field, I help them make more money and can clearly state how much more. Now let me help you become the best coach at getting clients actually begging you to help them.

Here are the step by step rules:

Rule 1 — Don’t Do’s

This usually shocks everyone because it flips what you believe about marketing upside down, but it will also flip your results to super sizing them.

Marketing is never about

  • You
  • Your products/services
  • Your processes/what you do

Rule 2 — Do’s

It is always about what your clients want

  • Results
  • Value of those results
  • The bigger the value the faster they snap it up

Another point: we want our marketing to cause them to chase after us, and we can stop doing the chasing. That’s another flip upside down on our beliefs.

This may still seem a little strange, but the bottom line is, we have all heard people start off in a networking event TELLING you the name of their company, what they do. You see that’s all about them, but their customers want only “what results do you deliver” and “how big, how fast, how much money will you make me?”

Rule 3 — Finding Your Ideal Client

You should approach only your ideal client who

  • Is already looking for you (are you out trying to pitch to everyone)
  • Has the money
  • Will quickly spend the money WHEN you show them results and how valuable it is.
  • Has a long history of asking people like you to help them reach another level of success.

Don’t waste time trying to tell everyone in the world about you. Marketing that works the best is about approaching those who are already looking, not you doing the chasing. Your life and business will change over night, I guarantee it.

Most coaches tell everyone “what they do” such as “I am a coach” which is about them. Compare “I am a coach” to “I help engineering companies to make $100K more in 3 months or less”. Or maybe if you are a life coach, something like “I help newly retired executives add another $1M to Their Retirement Funds.” Do you have any doubt about which will work best?

One problem for coaches, and almost all small businesses, is that we all see about 3,000 marketing items every day, TV/Radio ads, direct mail, websites, billboards, etc. And here’s what you must understand . . . 99% of them don’t deliver any, or many new clients.

Yet, we have been trained to believe that all of that junk mail coming in IS MARKETING that works. I guess it is marketing, but 99% of them don’t work. That means that if you attempt to copy what everyone else is doing, well, you are likely putting yourself into a 99% chance of failure. The key is to learn what the 1% does that works. And that’s what I’m sharing with you here.

I’ve done both sides of this, and measured the difference. On my website, doing it the way everyone else does it got me about 1 interested prospect out of 1,000 visitors, while using the new approach gets me a little over 10%, and sometimes a lot more. So which way do you want to play this game, huh?

Let’s compare a couple of examples.

One is a doctor who is networking, and let’s compare that to several approaches that most coaches use. Each step we take, will get 10 to 100 times more prospects than the previous one, I’ve measured them.

Let’s also look into what this doctor does and who his idea client is. He’s a prostate cancer specialist, and looking for new patients. Not terribly different from a coach who wants to find new prospects. In fact they both sort of repair, fix, or improve something, right?

 The Way Most Coaches Do It, and Frankly, Most Small Businesses

Most say, “I am a coach”, or for this doctor he might say “I am a doctor.”  Both are standing right in front of their ideal client but let’s see how, or if, they’ll attract that person to listen to them.

Remember the rules I gave you? Saying “I am a ” anything is all about you which was the first rule . . . It is never about you, your products/services, what you do, your credentials, degree, etc. Why? Because no one knows what kind of result or value of result that they would get, so it doesn’t attract them at all.

The doctor says “I am a doctor”, but the person standing right in front of him has been to 50 doctors over the last several months, and has been told that she probably has less than 3 to 6 months to live. She has pancreatic cancer, and she has already seen many many doctors, so one more general practitioner isn’t going to help her. This “I am a doctor” turns her off.

And the coach gets a very similar response.

Both are breaking rule #1 which is to not talk about themselves, their products, what they do, etc.

Let’s Try One Improvement– Stepping up to slightly better level, but barely.

Next, the coach and the doctor add clarity. They say something like, “I am a cancer doctor” or the coach says “I am a business coach.” Clarity is always better because now it starts to IMPLY something, but only if the prospect knows what you are implying about the kind of results and how big those results are, and they probably don’t.

So, this is still about the coach, and the doctor, and not about the prospect.

Next Level, even more clarity

Rule 1 was about not talking about you, your products, or your services. While Rule 2 was about what to do, it’s about what your prospect wants.

This time let’s try these:

  • I am a oncologist who works with cancer patients.
  • I am a coach who works with struggling business owners.

Notice that we are taking another step about clarity, but this is still clarity about what they do, which is still talking about themselves and what they do.

These are typical statements by coaches, and most small business owners.

Now Let’s move toward “what they want”

The doctor says, “I am an oncologist who works with pancreatic cancer patients who’ve been told they have less than 6 months to live”

The coach says, “I am a business coach who works with struggling engineers who are struggling to survive.”

Now, stop and notice something. This is the FIRST statements that moved from talking about what the doctor, or coach does themselves, and has moved to what concerns the prospect or patient. This time it talks about what the ideal client deals with. It’s about them.

I’ll guarantee that this will be a BIG leap. Probably from almost no one responding to many responding. This will result in at least 100 times more people responding than to one of the early approaches.

Doesn’t that sound good to you coach?

And Finally, the killer approach

The doctor says, “I am an oncologist who works with pancreatic cancer patients who’ve been told they have less than 6 months to live And about 80% of my patients walk out CURED in 3 months.”

Have any doubt whatsoever that if this doctor is standing in front of his ideal client that that client will literally fall down at his feet and BEG him to help them? Neither do I. The difference is that this is about “RESULTS”, and a “VALUE”, how big are those results, how important, how valuable. It is a result that is so big, and so important to that target client that they would BEG you to help them, right?

How would this work for a coach. Well, who is your ideal client, what is their struggle, what kind of result do you deliver to them, and how big, and how valuable?

Something like, “I work with small engineering companies to help them reach another $100K+ within 3 to 6 months.”

Now, you, coach, have to fill in the blanks with your target client, your results, and what is the value. I will guarantee that you’ll see clients jumping into your lap.


As an example,  how do you typically respond to a sales call? I’d bet you hang up in about 2 to 3 seconds after discovering it is a sales call. Why, because they all start with, “Hi, this is Ajax XYL Company (about them), can we talk to the owner please”. You immediately hang up….because you haven’t heard anything that interests you.

A few weeks ago I got a phone call that followed the approach I suggested. The call started this way, “Hi Alan, I saw that you are a business coach, and I have a client that is also looking for a good coach. Can we talk?”

Would you hang up on that. They start with your name, not there’s. They start by talking about what YOU do, and what you are looking for, clients, and even offer you one. But what’s interesting is that during the call, they mention that they have a whole string of new clients looking for a coach, but only for a really good coach.

Of course, I’m suddenly on the defensive, I have to prove to them that I’m THE COACH The whole world turned around. But, let’s stay on track.

It turns out they are a lead generation company for coaches. If they had started out with the traditional, their name, etc. I would have hung up in 3 seconds. But by talking about me, and what I want, I actually was hanging onto everything they said, and put me in a position to sell them instead of them selling me. In any case, since they do provide leads for coaches, we talked for several weeks until they could prove they could deliver.

Get the Idea?

Notice how when you talk about them, results they want, and a big value, that the prospect could actually BEG you to help him? You aren’t doing the chasing any longer, they now chase you to get you to help them.


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