How to Get Coaching Clients Lined Up Outside Your Door

How to Get Coaching Clients Lined Up Outside of Your Door . . . in Fact Swarming All Around You Everywhere You Go
I‘d like you to imagine for a minute
. . . coaching, consulting, or training . . .
prospects literally swarming all around you.
  • Wherever you go,
  • At Network events . . . you are no longer CHASING them, they are SWARMING all around you.
  • At Events Where You Are Speaking, not only do they swarm around you before and after the event to get to talk to you, but they actually come from miles away to be at the event  . . . . because YOU are speaking.
  • At your office — People are swarming around your office . . so to speak . . . they are CALLING you, they are coming to your website. . they are swarming all around you.
OK, Stop right there. Let that image soak in for just a minute. I know what you are thinking.
“ME . . . NO!
And that’s a normal thought for most coaches, consultants, and trainers . . . simply because they’ve never thought of themselves that way before and because they are . . . STUCK . . . BIG TIME STUCK in a mindset that they are a small player coach. That they haven’t really earned that kind of following.
That’s not them. That’s never happened to them before, and that they will continue struggling just like they have been . . . chasing lots of prospects who almost never respond. And that’s the way it has always been, right?
But, there is a way to change all of that.
How to Go From Almost No One Showing Up to 100’s
A simple secret to get coaching clients chasing you.
It’s been quite a few years, but I can remember when I’d plan a workshop and only have 2-3 show up. A big time coach challenged me. He asked me what’s the difference between me and someone like Zig Ziglar.
My first response was that I had 2-3 show up and he has 15,000. But his point was that there really wasn’t any real difference. The only difference is that Zig markets like he deserves 15,000 and I was marketing like what I felt I deserved. I was acting like a small fry. And Zig did one other thing that I hadn’t been doing that I’ll share with you in must a minute.
For me, now is way different. I’ve learned what to do about it. I’ve had hundreds show up, and can pretty much do it when I feel like it.
What Can YOU Do Different to Have Them Swarming Around You?
So how do YOU do that. Let me share just a few tricks with you.
Just imagine this little scenario.
You are fishing and don’t seem to be catching ANYTHING, or maybe a rare one, and certainly no big ones. Does that sound like what happens when you try to attract new clients?
But let’s do something different this time!
If you know what kind of food the fish like, what do you think would happen if you start throwing it all around your boat.
Fish will come from miles around, and they start swarming all around your boat. If you were shark fishing, they’d call it chumming. They would be throwing the shark’s favorite food, blood and guts, out in the water. Sharks can sense that from miles away. Soon you’ll see them swarming all around you.
You can do that with your prospects too. Imagine them swarming all around you.
In fact, back to the sharks, I remember one movie where they did that and the sharks were biting at anything that moved, and were even jumping into the boat.
Just imagine you doing that with your prospects.  And that’s what we want to learn to do, right?
It really does work the same way with a coaching/consulting business.
When you start throwing your prospects’ favorite, most wanted things out in front of them, all around wherever you are, they comes from miles around. They will be swarming and chasing you. They can’t hardly wait.
They will swarm all around you, where ever you are, your office, or networking, or speaking engagement, or almost anywhere you show up.
In fact, even before I speak to a small social or business group, I make absolutely sure that I’ll chum the waters. I like being known as someone who FILLS the room. It’s all about getting your marketing out there in a way that they come swarming to the speaking engagement. And then how you stir up those there into that feeding frenzy. 
The one thing that you MUST know is what bait will literally drag them in from miles around and drive them to a feeding frenzy. And then, it’s simple . . . just spread it around wherever you are, wherever you are going to be.
How different is that from you having to chase and chase and chase and almost never catch anything when you are fishing for prospects?
But let’s get this perfectly clear . . . you have to understand your prospect enough that you entice him with something that he can’t resist . .Do you know what that is?
If you did, it’d already be happening wouldn’t it? 
But that’s the key. I help my clients find that thing that drives their prospects crazy and they come swarming.
It means being able to throw out something that they CAN’T RESIST and that they’d do almost anything to get. In fact, price will become no problem.
Ever see a shark frenzy? They get so worked up that they’ll bite anything, including the boat. And your goal is to create a prospect frenzy and you’ll be the center of that swarm . . . coming from miles around, and them chasing you to get that rare time slot in your coaching/consulting schedule.
It really DOES WORK! They’ll be swarming around you, or lining up outside of your door, begging you to help them instead of you chasing after one after the other and not catching anything.
It all boils down to one thing . . . your bait . . . what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to . . . and how you entice them, how you “chum” the waters and how you stir them up.
Now don’t get me wrong. This isn’t about hyping them up to a frenzy and then not delivering. Those sharks would eat you alive. You’ll develop a reputation for hype. Your job is to keep throwing the things that are SO desired, and be known for delivering over and over so that they just keep swarming.  
This is about exciting them about the REAL results you help them with, and the value that excites them. Then you spread it all around you.  This is about you being able to communicate with them in such a way that they get excited about the real results you deliver.
It’s more about honest communications in such a way that it connects with something that they want. It makes you a master marketer, and master communicator that CONNECTS with clients. And instead of you chasing them, they’ll be chasing you . . . a real turnaround situation.
Like to know how? Give me a call and we’ll plan it for your business.
Alan Boyer
Helping coaches, consultants, trainers, reach another $100K to $250K within months, and to stop playing at building a coaching business.


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