How to Avoid the Worst Words Ever . . . “I Can’t Afford You Right Now”

Every coach hears “I can’t afford it right now” far too often. There is a reason, and it is what you are doing.

It’s easy to eliminate, and actually getting people who will actually beg you to help them.

It’s simple. Here’s how.In my course, “Get Coaching Clients — Get Them to Chase You” I describe two things that will forever get you to people who will beg you to help them and pay many times more than you are getting now.

The two things are:

1) Find the right people

2) Say the right things to them that make their mouths water so much they would do anything to get you to help them.

Finding the Right People.

The biggest thing I ever did was stop playing among “the desperate”. Far too many coaches believe that those who are desperate to get help will be the easiest to sell. Well, it actually sounds logical, doesn’t it. But it is the worst thing you could ever do. When you move away from the desperate your sales will skyrocket, when you add the right things to say to it.

One critical thing I found was that those who are failing, those in that desperate category, who need you the most, are there for a reason. Their belief system locks them into doing the things that create failure over and over. And one of those really big things they do is “never spend money” even if it would be the one and only thing that would make them successful by tomorrow.

Many of us were brought up learning to run our lives by “staying within a budget”. Actually that sounds good, but it’s important to learn that “staying within a fixed budget” locks you into what you’ve always gotten, more of the same, and if that was “not success” then that’s what you will keep getting.

The first change in mindset must be that every action you take must be to multiply everything you touch or spend, in other words find the BIGGEST ROI everytime you do something.

So, most of the time when you try to help someone at the bottom of the economic ladder, they may say something like, “Oh, Wow. That sounds really good. I wish I could afford it.” Which means that they heard your marketing message and would like to have it, BUT their focus is “not spending” or even “keeping what they have”, not on how “to multiply what they have.” Their primary focus is “survival” not making lots more.

It’s like a football team playing defense 100% of the time. Their focus isn’t on moving the ball forward, it’s on holding ground, surviving. And, as we all know, even the best team playing defense holds ground some, and slips back some. The overall direction is usually slipping backwards. There is no forward motion, and not much holding ground either.

I used to think that as a coach I was supposed to be good at convincing them that there is a better way. But remember when I said that, in marketing, you have 3 seconds to get their attention? Now, stop and think, is it likely that you could change a lifelong embedded core belief in 3 seconds. No, it isn’t going to happen. In fact, if they hired you, it would likely take weeks of real hard work to change their core mindset.

So, your belief of helping “the desparate” is an almost guarantee that these people will never spend money with you. At least, look at it this way. Your success ratio with this group is near zero.

Yet, there are people out there who are

1) already looking for help.
2) have a history of spending money to get help
3) and will easily and quickly spend lots more money than you’ve ever gotten before when you offer to help them get what they want.

I had been targeting small businesses of under $100K, but found that they were the ones who managed everything by “not spending.” I always got the response, “Wow, I wish I could afford you.” Meaning that they liked my marketing message, my offer, but no way were they were going to spend. My close ratio was abysmal.

However, when I moved upward to $500K target businesses, I found my sales close ratio around 35%. Same marketing message, same offer.

And when I moved to $1M businesses and above, my sales close ratio went to around 75%.

The reason: those at the bottom were stuck in the “can’t spend”. Those slightly higher were transitioning from the old mindset of “don’t spend” to “finding the multiplier”, that there are those people out there who could take them further and faster for a small fee. But when I moved higher, these people KNEW for a fact, that they could find people who could take them further and faster, and multiply results, so they were always out there looking for someone who would be the next one to take them to the next level, and the next, and the next. They never stopped looking for someone to take them even further.

In any case, when working with what I’d call “the desparate” my sales were near zero. But even a small step upward, 35% is how many times more than zero? And 75% is 2 times the 35%.

My sales multiplied by more than 10 times. Think about doing that?

Saying the Right Things to the Right People

The second most important thing in growing your coaching is saying the right things to the right people. Essentially telling them the exact results you’ll deliver, and the value of those results (how big, how fast, how long).

Your clients buy a KNOWN outcome and value. So when your marketing message is something like “I am a coach” what does that say about a specific outcome or how big that outcome? Zip, zero. It says nothing about it, so no one buys it.

I’ll show you how to develop both your ideal client, and what you say that will have clients chasing you instead of you doing ineffective chasing.

Think about it, having people coming to you, begging you to help instead of hearing over and over “I can’t afford it.”



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