How Easy Is it to Go From Reaching 5 Potential Coaching Clients to 100’s

Thought I’d share what one of my clients did that took him from barely meeting with about 5 prospects a week, to actually selling well over 100 a week.

Now, I don’t want to hear that you don’t want that many, so you aren’t going to read this. Just keep in mind that once you KNOW how to get that many clients comfortably, that, from that point, you can just choose how hard you want to work that week, and how many clients you do want.

Or, even better. If you are getting more clients than you want, or could possibly handle, now you can hand them off to others while sharing the income. That’s exactly what this one client did.

You will hear me say, over and over, that your focus should be on what your prospect wants, not on you, your products/services, what you do, your experience, or your credentials. And that one thing will literally change how many prospects you have chasing you, rather than you chasing them.

Find enough people to help them get what they want and you’ll have everything you ever wanted out of your life — Zig Ziglar

What that means is simply that when your one on only focus is to help others get what they want instead of you trying to sell coaching and people will start wanting you. And the key is the focus is n what they want. What all of your prospects want is RESULTS and BIG RESULTS (value). When you talk about coaching that shows your focus is on you, on coaching, not on what they want. No sales pitches about coaching, only discuss what they want, results and huge value.

But let’s take that a bit further. That was Zig Ziglar’s approach to sales success. I add one more tweak to that.

Find enough people to help them get MUCH MORE than they could even imagine, and you will have everything you ever wanted, in fact much more than you could have ever imagined — Alan Boyer

So, what we say in our marketing to attract clients should not look like, Get Coaching Help, or even “I’ll coach you to more ______ (whatever)”. Get coaching help is the process you provide, it’s about you. While the second one is about half and half, about coaching (about you and what you do), and “getting more ______ (anything)” may be about results, it still isn’t about how much results (the value you provide).

For those of you who have been targeting “getting more (anything)” let me ask you this. Do you deliver 1 or 10,000? Do you deliver $0.10 or $10M?”

You MUST stop and think like your prospect thinks. So when you don’t put a number, a value, on what you deliver, just assume that they don’t have a clue how valuable you are, or any coach is for that matter. And that when they don’t have any idea of the value you deliver, they will almost always either assume the lowest possible value ($0.10 instead of $10M), or, at the very least WILL NOT be attracted to you.


  • “I’ll help you grow your business.”
  • “I’ll help you grow your business by another $1 this month”
  • “I’ll help you make another $1M within 6 months”

The first two are pretty much the same, no appeal.

Also keep in mind that so far we haven’t included your fee. What happens if we add your fee to that description of what you do from above.

  • “I’ll help you grow your business for only $1,000 a month”
  • “I’ll help you grow your business another $1/mo for only $1,000 a month.”
  • “Would you like to make another $1M within 6 months? I’ll help you starting at between $500/mo to $1,000/mo. We can work on the best way as you see the growth happening.”

Notice that when you add your fee that the amount you deliver suddenly becomes even more important.

Also notice in that last statement that my focus was on getting them their new income, and was able to give them some options for the fee. My focus was on THEM and what they want.

Just be aware that I do not cut my fee in order to get a client. But I will adjust the number of hours we work together. So I will meet with my client for 1/2 the hours/month for 1/2 the fee, but I also will make sure that he also understands that as I cut back on the number of hours, that he’s also assuming more of the hands on work in order to get the same results. So my job is first to see that he gets THOSE targeted MEASURABLE RESULTS as my primary goal, and we’ll work out the BEST way to help him get there with some adjustments, if necessary.

You will find that when your promised amount is lower, your adjustments become even more important. But your promised delivery amount is still fixed. And as you start working with larger and larger clients, who want bigger and bigger results, your fee becomes less important to them.

Satisfied customers do not give referrals . . . Amazed customers do. So constantly amaze your customers with results they could never have even imagined . . . before they met you

What this last statement should tell you is that as you begin measuring your target results, you will learn to deliver bigger and bigger results easier and easier. And your job should be to AMAZE customers with results that they haven’t been able to reach before you came along.

One thing I do when I am face to face with a new prospect is to ask him/her how big and how fast he wants those results. He MUST define the measurable results he wants, and will be satisfied with. Once he’s defined what he wants. My next question is always, “Why stop there? Is there a reason you wouldn’t shoot for 2, 5 or even 10 times that?”

There usual response is, “Oh, my, NO! I’m already working 15 hours a day and couldn’t reach my new target even with that many hours. So doubling would mean a LOT more hours. No way can I do that.”

So my response now becomes, “Would you be interested in doubling your results while working even less hours than you are now?”

Usually I get a strange look. To which I reply with a story of how one of my clients increased his sales by 10 times within 2 to 3 months, and actually worked less than 4 hours a day doing it. So “Would you be interested in starting low, maybe doubling from where you are. We’ll start where it won’t add any more hours, and actually should, within the first month reduce your hours while delivering at least as much as you are now, and by the next month we’ll be increasing your income significantly. Is that of interest to you ?

Notice, that I’m tailoring his new measurable results to what he wants. When you deliver what your client wants, your sales will skyrocket. Getting Coaching Clients becomes really easy.

The 5 Prospects a Week to $100+ Sales a Week Client Story

One of my clients who was a very small MLM (Multi Level marketer) was meeting less than 5 prospects a week when we first started. And how, simply following the rules I gave you will change everything:  “it isn’t about you, your products/services, your processes, your experience, your credentials”, instead it is about what they want.

He had been just making cold calls to almost anyone and everyone, and mostly to friends and relatives, and had 5 or fewer relatively annoyed people to talk to.

So I suggested that, first he identify who is ideal clients were, what they would do almost anything to get. And let’s lay that very thing they’d almost kill to get right in front of them.

I suggested that he start his own networking group, and invite ONLY his ideal clients.

As we go through this, keep in mind that EVERYTHING he says is about what the other person wants, not what my client wants to sell.

First, he needed a place to meet, to have his networking event. He went to restaurants all over our city (and eventually many cities). Instead of asking for a room to meet in and what that room would cost. He simply asked for the owner, and asked him if he’d like to get 50 new customers each and every week. (Notice that this was “what the restaurant owner wanted” not about the meeting which is what my client wanted.)

Every restaurant owner said yes, and then my client asked if he had a room that he could bring about 50 to that room, and even asked if he could have a special price for the luncheon. Keep in mind that most people who ask for a meeting room are actually charged for the room and have to fight against others wanting that room.

Next, my client who had identified his ideal clients, went about 4 to 5 blocks around that restaurant and either talked personally with his ideal target prospects, or simply left a letter of invitation. That letter said something like this: “Would you like to meet about 50 of your ideal clients? I have invited them to a luncheon next Tuesday at 12 at ________ (name the restaurant), and I will personally introduce you to each of them. Please reply if you would like to meet these people.” (That was what they wanted, exposure to lots of their ideal clients).

He never failed to fill the meeting room with about 50 people.

At that meeting, he would introduce as many as he could before the meeting even started, while telling the others what specific kind of result and value that person provided.”

Then during the meeting he gave each of them about a minute to introduce themselves to the group. And, my client reserved about 20 minutes for his own introduction. And as I’ve said, it wasn’t about him, him products/services, etc. It was about the results and value he could provide Which was that he could arrange to show them how to reach an additional 100 plus people weekly just like he had just done for this meeting.

He repeated that process with 5 restaurants every week, meeting with about 5×50=250 and selling his MLM to about 125 a week. Of course then each of those repeated the process and shared their new income with him.

My client went from meeting less than 5 a week and finding it very difficult to sell, to meeting about 250 a week, and selling 125 of them, plus sharing their new found income with him. His result, he reached $500,000 a month.

Every step worked because he was “not selling”, he was focusing on what his ideal client wanted. And because he had just demonstrated its success there were a lot wanting what he could provide them.

That is why I want you to focus on your ideal clients and what they want and stop trying to simply sell coaching. Understand what they want, and be focused on helping them to get it. You won’t have to do any sales pitch, only show them how to get what they want.

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