Here’s Your Magic Wand to Close 3-5 Times More Coaching Sales

If you’d like to increase your sales closes by 5-10 times, I’m about to hand you another of the many tools that can do that. It’s called “the magic wand.”

I’m not kidding. It really is a magic wand that will work magic spells to deliver you more business than you’ve dared imagine before it came along.

Sales Is About Asking Questions Not Doing a Sales Pitch 

In sales, the best sales approach is not a sales pitch, it’s asking the right questions.

When a coach, consultant, trainer uses a sales pitch it’s because he assumes that he already knows what the prospect needs to know in order to make a decision to buy from him. That goes wrong because most people immediately respond to his attempt to push the answers at them as a pushy sales person, and beyond that, it’s rare that the coach, consultant, trainer really understands what’s important to his prospect, so it just doesn’t connect. 

But, when you can ask questions that lead the prospect through a thought process that helps HIM discover the most important reasons to act to fix his situation, to get truly excited about his decision, then he’ll buy your solution as THE SOLUTION enthusiastically.

What Are the Right Questions? 

I lead prospects through a series of thoughts that move from discovering their dream outcome, to what’s been holding them back, to what would happen if they could turn that whole thing around what would they do.

The tool I’m giving you today, the magic wand, can be used in each of those steps. Many of your clients will not reach very far as they answer your questions. Reality, at least a perceived reality, has set in for most of your prospects that doesn’t allow them to reach very far above where they are now. Reaching further just seems unrealistic to them. 

Before they started their business it’s likely that they saw themselves as having a multi-hundred thousand dollar business, or even multi-million dollar business, but today that dream has been tempered with the fact that they can’t seem to grow that business any further, or to grow it any faster than they already have. So if they’ve grown by 10% per year they see 20% as a stretch. That’s their perceived reality.

So when you ask them what they’d like to see happen, instead of saying they’d like to have a million dollar business that they’ve always dreamed about, they’ll give you maybe the current level plus 10%, or whatever their turned down expectation has become.  

Build Excitement . . . Get Them to Let Goal of Internal Boundaries . . . And REACH!

Your job is to get them to let go and dream what they’d really like to have, to be, or to achieve.  

You Are Their Magic Wand . . . Wave It Over Their Problems NOW

Along you come with your magic wand. The tool that eliminates their internal barriers, and even any outside limitations. Your job is to not only get them to dream beyond their internal limits, but for them to realize that YOU are the magic wand and they can wave it NOW.  

As someone tells you about their “dream” business, challenge them. “Imagine that I gave you a magic wand that you could wave over this business. You can have it any way you want it, just the way you want it, when and where you want it with no limitations. How would this dream of yours change?”

Sometimes I’ll ask them to tell me about some super performer that they look up to, and ask them why they aren’t reaching for that level.   

You May Have To Wave the Magic Wand More Than Once

Depending on how much your prospect has suppressed his dreams over the years due to his perception of what he can do, you may have to help him wave that magic wand several times to get him to let go. But your job is to get him to let go of his perception of reality and reach for what he’d REALLY like to have.  

Your prospects will build their own limitations into their dreams. Your job as a coach is to discover what they really want with all boundaries removed, and THEN build a path to it. You can’t build a path to their REAL DREAM if they never dare to dream it.

In your prospect’s mind, he sees boundary after boundary, limitation after limitation, and is shooting lower, much lower, than where he really wants to be. In fact, he may have forgotten where he wants to be, or, never dared dreaming that far. He never thought he was good enough to reach that far so he’s shooting lower, much lower.  

Time to Turn It Around to Discover That He Has The Answer in Front of Him

Once you get your prospect to dream without bounds, just imagine this next question: “I’ve helped many business owners achieve similar dreams. If I gave you that magic wand so that you can have that dream just the way you want it what would happen to you, your life, and your business?” 

And eventually we’ll also be asking “If you had that magic wand and can have it just that way, the dream that you didn’t even dare dream before this, what would you do to get it?”

As you ask them these questions, don’t hesitate to list every desire they told you in the previous questions so that it’s clear what they will get.  

In each step of the questions, from the dream of the future, to what’s held you back, to the turnaround questions, use the magic wand to challenge them to reach further than they dared dreaming.

Paint an EXCITING Picture in Their Heads . . . Logically and Emotionally 

When challenging them to reach, use both the logical picture, and an emotional picture. Your job is to paint that picture in their brains so that they can clearly see the outcome, AND  feel what it feels like. When they are dreaming went want them getting excited. When they are talking about what’s held them back we want them feeling the pain to the point of saying “Ouch. That hurts.”

Someone that can see the picture of new results, and gets excited about it will do almost anything to get it.  

When they feel the pain they’ll react to remove that pain. Imagine how you react when you feel the sting of a bee. You slap it off as fast as you can. There is no thought, only fast reaction. When your client feels the pain he’ll react to remove it quickly.  Stick the knife in an twist as you discuss his pain with him.

Or imagine someone who’s been told he’s dying of cancer. That results in an emotional fear that goes deep into the gut. But then when someone lays an opportunity to live at his feet, elation and hope soars.  He’s excited about the future, and afraid of the potential if he doesn’t act now. There is NO chance that he’ll pass that opportunity up.    

When this prospect leaves, he’ll be so excited about his new dream that he can’t hardly wait to get started.

Have you used your sales opportunity to cause those kinds of emotions to grab your clients by the throat, and by the gut?  

An emotionally charged prospect will buy right now.

But Coaching Isn’t Like That . . . Yes It Is . . . You Just Haven’t Done It That Way 

Did you by any chance say, “But I don’t sell something like that. I don’t have the cure for cancer”. Or, “coaching is a long way from being able to paint that kind of fear and hope.”

You are WRONG about coaching. And because you’ve painted the picture you have in YOUR head as something dull, and not as important as that fear of dying, that’s why your sales are where they are and not up there near 100% sales close that the cure for cancer would have.  

Your sales response rate is your score card. It shows you how well you have painted that picture in your prospect/s head, and how much emotion you have stirred up.

Raise Your Prospect’s Perception and Excitement

All you have to do is raise the perception. There are prospects you’ve run into where their business is dying from something as bad as cancer, and as sure that their business is going to die.  

I’ve just given you one of the tools, the magic wand, to paint a picture in your prospect’s head, to help him see GREAT potential beyond which he has never dared to dream. And to expose pains that could cause his loved business to die. Help him imagine the before and after that’s way beyond what he dared dream before and watch those prospects line up outside of your door begging you to help them.

Alan Boyer
Helping coaches, consultants, trainers, reach another $100K to $250K within 3 to 6 months, and to stop playing at building a business.

2 Responses to Here’s Your Magic Wand to Close 3-5 Times More Coaching Sales

  • Geoff Carter says:

    Hi Alan

    Great article… and I know for sure this really works…

    I had a phone discussion with a prospective client and
    at the outset she said that if we met it would be purely
    an exploratory meeting… I’d already in effect said this.
    She even said that she couldn’t even contemplate having
    a coach for a long time… So, the ground rules were set…

    Within a day or so, we meet-up. The meeting went
    on longer than I would normally do, but during it I
    unfolded her business and she could see what her
    new possibilities were – and all because of the
    magic wand approach.

    As we ended, and quite unexpectedly, she said:

    Can we meet again on Tuesday so we can get started?

    Here was a person who was initially very defensive
    and who became so excited by the prospects of speedy
    success that she took action immediately and hired me.
    She invested in herself sooner than she ever imagined…

    Within two weeks of coaching, we’d sorted out the direction
    of her business, and three weeks later she’d got national
    publicity for here previously ‘locked-up’ expertise that she
    didn’t think was very special at all. It sure was.

    Yes, Alan – the Magic Wand is brilliant! (But only if you
    use it!)

    Cheers and thanks


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