Why You Hear “I Can’t Afford You”

If you hear “I can’t afford you” a lot, or simply “no thanks” there’s two simple reasons. The first is

  • You simply didn’t show how valuable you are
  • Or you are talking to someone who wouldn’t buy no matter how valuable. This is what I call kiddie pool thinking.

If you were going to a doctor would you shop around for the “cheapest” doctor?

I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t. I would be looking for the “best doctor”.

That might bring up another question. “How do you determine who is the best doctor? And how would you find them?

That would be the doctor who presented

  • the best results,
  • the biggest results,
  • the fastest results,
  • the most reliable results.

And to find those we’d either get referrals or testimonials from those who experienced those results . . . or from a list of those results on the doctor’s marketing.

So back to you: Are you the “cheapest” coach, or the “best coach”? What is your biggest, best, and fastest result for your biggest and best clients? When you can answer that question, when you can put that out in front of the world . . . they will line up to get it.

It isn’t bragging to share the kinds of results you deliver to your clients. In fact, I make it clear what kind of results I want my clients to achieve. That IS what I sell.

Would you buy “coaching” or would you buy a program that would take you to “$100K within 6 months?” If you were going to buy a basketball would you buy “a ball”, or a specific type of basketball that guarantees that it would deliver so much life, or some other guarantee?

It isn’t bragging to share the kinds of results you target for your clients. In fact it is only good business to be specific about what you deliver.

If you were looking for someone to help you resolve a really important problem, such as

  • help you go from making $30K in your business to $150K within 6 months– business coach
  • help you move from making $40k/yr to retire wealthy in the next couple of years — life coach, or maybe, financial planner or coach
  • help you increase a salary from $40K to $60K in the next 6 months — career coach

Would you be looking for the cheapest or the best? If you are selling the best, how would you describe that?

If you’ve been selling “business coaching” you may hear “I can’t afford you” a lot. But if you are selling “take you to $150K in the next 6 months” to small business owners, you’ll hear “can’t afford you” a lot less. When you do, you are talking to someone who wouldn’t spend anything to get anywhere.

When you are selling something that is perceived as “little or no value” there are a lot of people who think they can’t afford that. But if you are selling something seriously valuable most can’t wait to get at it.

In fact, the best way for you to get LOTS of clients is to increase the value you give not only to customers, but to prospects. Be VALUABLE. The main intent of having a coach is that the coach will take you to results that you couldn’t achieve by yourself. In fact, the bigger the value of those results the more in demand you will be. I promise you!

PS.  If you’d like to talk about having me as your personal coach and show you some dynamite ways to get more new customers, just give me a call at 816-415-8878 and let’s talk about some ways that I promise will increase your income by several times in just a few months.

Take a look at the testimonials to the right.  Feel free to call any of them.  They will be happy to talk with you.

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Charles AlvarezAfter our very first session I landed a big oil & gas services client . . . and another after our second. Alan is the best coach I've ever had.

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