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Tell me, is your website targeting local clients, nationwide clients, or worldwide clients?Our favorite search engine, Google, keeps changing the game on how you can get search engine positions.

But you can decide what pool you want to play in and stop trying to compete where it’s difficult.

Most of you may not have been around when we had the printed Yellow Pages. At that time I would have to tell the Yellow Pages rep that called what category I wanted to be in. At that time what was available was “business coach”, or “business consultant”. And I’d end up with this small 1″ ad somewhere on the bottom of the 1st or second page while the big coaching companies got a full page, or half page ad at the very top. Actually, at the time if I got one call a year from that I was lucky.

Today you can define a lot of things, and be at the top of that long list.

When I started out on the internet about 20 years ago I could easily get a page one listing for “Small business coach” worldwide, and did. It’s also important to realize that only the top 10 coaches in the entire world can get on page one simply because there are only 10 places in the organic listing.

As millions of coaches started playing in the worldwide pool of coaches, well, becoming the top 10 was kind of hard. I did manage to stay there through the late 2000’s, but in the last 2 to 4 years Google has changed all of the rules.

I discovered that playing in the local pool of coaches reduces the competition from millions to 40 to 50, and when you consider that maybe 5 to 10 of these have any clue of how to get a search engine position, well now the competition is down to 5 to 10, and you can play in that pool fairly easily.

Where There Is Less Competition for Coaching Websites

But I’ll show you that there’s even less competition than that. You don’t have to play where people are looking for “coach”. You can play where they are looking for “business coach”, “life coach” or whatever kind of coach you are, but even better, many times it’s even easier to play where people are looking for the results you provide. So instead of joining a group of “business coaches”, you might jump into a pool of “getting clients”, “getting customers”, “increasing profits”, “increasing sales”, and LOTS of opportunities. get the idea? If there are only 40 to 50 coaches in your area, it still may be difficult to jump in where they are all calling themselves coaches, or “business coach” or “life coach”, but instead where your target market is looking for “getting clients” suddenly there may be no other coaches playing there and you OWN that whole market within your city, or possibly without your state.

Get the idea?

I discovered that several years ago. You might find me playing in “business consultant Kansas City”, “Chicago”, “Seattle”, “London” and several other cities, or “getting clients Chicago”.

There are some keywords your clients look for that might actually be without competition even worldwide. I helped one of my clients who claimed to be into “sales training” nail a top of the page worldwide for “increase my sales”. She’s now getting about 10,000 visitors a month to her website.

So what search criteria do you focus your website on? Or do you even know?

Alan Boyer

Helping coach/consultants reach another $100K to $1M within months and to stop thinking small when attracting new clients

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