Getting Coaching Clients with Shock and Awe


 President Bush had it right, shock and awe.

Look at that in comparison to what you sell. Do you sell excitement or do you sell what everyone else sells, plain old day to day ______________ (fill in the blank of what your title is, coach, consultant trainer, photographer, engineer, manufacturer . . . just label it like everyone else does.) And that makes you just plain old brown wrapper like them. Doesn’t excite me any. Does it you?

The more exciting the results you provide the more people will line up for what you do. The duller the package the closer you will be to zip, zero, no sales. –Alan Boyer
Let that sink in a bit  Think about it.
Do you sell
  • Life changing, dream acquiring things . .
    • or just coaching.
  • Multipliers, 2X or even 10X more sales, more leads, more profits
  • $100k for a business that has never reached even close to that level, $1M , $10M, or whatever level that a company has never been able to reach on their on,
    • but NOW . . . but NOW . . . WITH YOU tell them the number they can achieve that was out of reach without you.
  • Life saving or business saving results.
  • Multiplying a business by multiples when every other business is going down the tubes in this economy. Instead be THE ANSWER to this economy. One of my clients doubled his business while every one of his competitors lost 50% of their business over this pastyear. In fact, the #1 and #2 competitors came down while my client the #3 at the start of the year is now #1.
  • Ways to DOMINATE your market, to become the most noticed, highest client acquirer in town
Or are you A COACH, or whatever your label. (by the way that says JUST a coach).  People want to buy the MOST VALUABLE thing they can buy, so let them know what the value is. Saying “I am a coach” lays no value at their feet, and isn’t enticing at all. But a picture of an outcoe they have not been able to reach on their own, and a value attached that has been out of reach and you’ll have the lined up to get it.
You had better figure it out. Selling labels is not a pretty, exciting, life changing picture. Therefore it either doesn’t sell, or doesn’t sell very well. While painting a picture of an outcome, a result, and then putting a value on it that they’d almost kill to have THAT, and these are now your clients excited to get started.
Some of you have told me that you don’t have a history of measurable results to fall back on. So what? Set a goal for you and for your clients and then lay that measurable goal in front of them. They’ll still buy that..
Let’s stop for a minute and explore . . . is the problem that you don’t even consider what you are worth to your clients, that you don’t have a goal for yourself and your clients like that? That’s true for too many coaches and onsultants. IN fact, I blame many of the coaching certification copanies for that. WHen they tell a coach that they can help anyone with anything to make breakthroughs, they’ve planted that vague picture in your head that that’s what you do. So you step back and say, “I can help anyone do anything” and that’s how you present it. “I am a coach” or “I can help with your breakthrough.”
An unclear picture of the result for your specific client is a non-sale. A specific, measurable, and desirable result is something that specific client can and WILL buy ore often. A highly desirable measurement, a huge VALUE is something that type of client or industry will line up outside of your door begging you to help him with.
So what is it that you do? Who do you help? How far do you take the? How much money do you hep them achieve? How far beyond where they’ve been able to reach by themselves do you take them? How many people achieve results they’ve never been able to achieve? How many people multiply their business, their life resuls by how many times?
Do you shoot for a “growing a business,” or  5% increase, or 2X, 10X, or to take a $10K business to $100K, or a $1M business to $2M or $10M? Be specific and watch them come with mouths watering lined up outside of your door.
SO, what do you do?
One of the things that I do is help people become super performers (so what is that? . . . 2x 10X or 100X????,  is that $100K, or $1M in comparison to where they started?), I also help business owners reach levels that they couldn’t reach before . . . why would anyone buy something they already know how to do? Or why would they buy only a 5% or 10% growth? That’s almost within their reach. And it isn’t that exciting.
Another thing I do is help people discover the aha moment, and breakthrough thinking that literally turns their world and business upside down. The company that came to me with only 1 new client a month from their website and ended up at 1,500 new clients a month, and an additional $80,000 a day in sales within 3 months.
Speaking of breakthrough thinking, how would you do that? Here are some rules:
1) Understand the current rules so that you can do what everyone is already doing.
2) Evaluate the boundaries within those rules. In other words, there is a mindset, a belief that the current way of doing things (the rules) are THE WAY to do it.
3) Break the rules.
4) Create your own rules, make it YOUR GAME.
Let’s explore those rules and how you might make them work for you. First, let everyone know that you take the rules of their business the way they know it, and change them. (NO ONE buys more of what they already have. So what is it that you’ll change, by how much. It’s THE CHANGE, and result change by HOW MUCH that they will line up to get).
Let’s take a common auto repair shop. Wouldn’t you consider it a commodity? Something that is done just like every other auto repair shop. But, you are a coach, remember? Your job is to change their life, their business,a nd make it so appealing that not only will they change their life and business (so they’ll hire you), but you’ll actually help them change the lives of their clients . . . not just a little but to an EXCITING new level of success that NO ONE in that industry has ever experienced . . . before you cae along.
So, how would you do that? What are the current rules that everyone assumes are THE RULES and unchangeable. A belief about how to play the current auto repair game.
When looking for a rule to change here are some areas to look at, customer interface, what the customer wants, how fast and how effectively you deliver, price   an unknown but HIGHLY DESIRABLE addition (quite often this is the best place to start, deliver the expected, but then add the unexpected but HIGHLY DESIRABLE so much so that they’d almost kill to get it).
Here’s what an auto repair shop in Phoenix did recently. The rule they broke was that the way the game is normally played is that when an auto repair shop looks for a location, they try to find a highly visible shop location near their target market, in that community.
But, for just a minute let’s look at changing that rule. Where might they set up that CREATES a market they WILL DOMINATE. They will OWN this market 100%. Another thing to consider is what’s one of the biggest problems for their marketplace, and then provide that specific answer. Isn’t one of the problems with taking your car in for repair typically time, the time it takes to take it in, the time it takes out of your day while dropping it off, and even possibly waiting for it. Some auto shops have attempted to deal with that by providing rides to where you want to go, but even there they aren’t going to drive you 50 miles across town. Some do rent cars, or team up with auto rental shops to bring you the car. All of those are great attempts at not only solving the problem that your car needs repair at an inopportune time that interferes either with our daily lives or our job. 
 The auto shop in Phoenix set up their shop next to the airport. There are anywhere fro 30,000 to 50,000 people a day flying out of average city size airports every day. And just imagine that this auto shop has a target market of 30,000+. Most of these people fly in and out of that airport every week. Once they know that all they have to do is drop their car at the repair shop on Monday and pick it up whenever they fly back in, that car will have an oil change, gas fill up, tires rotated, tune up, and any number of other routine maintenance, and even major auto repairs from many of that 30,000.
That auto shop has the lined up. In fact, they had to back up and punt after their first week because THEY WERE LINED UP within a week of starting. At that point they needed help on the other side, figuring out how to handle that many customers while not losing customers because the waiting line had increased to ore than a month scheduled in advance. At that point they had lost their advantage. No one could get in. So, guess what. They needed more help fro their coach to figure out the next level. They set up an off-airport and much larger facility to deal with the unexpected success, plus started contracting out to other autoshops in the area once they had an understanding of the focus for those shops and quality. Suddenly they had become a resource for providing more work to their competitors, but making it a win-win.
Now, let’s take that thought even to another level for your own business thinking. If you are the breakthrough resource for your clients, how do you take the to totally new levels, new breakthroughs?
And, since we started with airports and transportation, what can you do for yourself, and for your clients? When people are in other forms of transportation, trains, plains, automobiles, driving to work, all of that time is sort of WASTED. How can you turn that into profitable time for yourself or your clients. For coaches, consultants, trainers, what would happen if you sold your time especially during that time they are driving to work, or on the train to work, or even on an airplane? Become the coach who helps people prepare for their day, and you’ll either guarantee a new breakthrough, a new result a day, or a week, or whatever the time frae while they are on their way to work. That’s something you could do with your clients. And do you have other clients that could capitalize on the travel time to work?
And don’t hesitate to do a day or two for free to prove the value, or even a week? You decide. The idea is that the ore people who “take a taste” the more that will fall in love with the results they are getting.
Can you set up a group coaching session during the drive time in your time zone, another in each of the other time zones in the U.S. and maybe on the other side of the world. Gee, just imagine setting up a coaching session in each time zone every day of the week, or every other day, whatever works for you.
One of my clients owns a networking group. So he set up a networking meeting on the phone every day of the week with the idea that there would be a referral passed every day from every person. Every day each of them spend their day at work thinking, “who can I provide a referral to for tomorrow morning”, and then the next morning there is a discussion about some way to improve business for 10 minutes, and then each person takes about a minute to explain his referral and who he hands it off to. By the way, as a coach/consultant, you could set up a call with several potential clients. You would be the one that gives the 10 or 15 minute business building, or life changing concept, and then facilitate the referrals. It’s one way of creating your opportunity to make a difference and be seen all at once. Make absolutely sure that every time someone sees you that you make an explosive, exciting difference. That should be your goal in life for everyone you touch every time you touch them.
Alan Boyer
Helping coaches, consultants, trainers reach another $100K to $250K within 3 to 6 months and to stop PLAYING at building a business.

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