Getting Coaching Clients — Turning Incoming Sales Calls into Coaching Prospects

How many times have you received an incoming sales call and you hung up in disgust?   But is that the right thing to do? 
And how many times have you actually HIDDEN your address and phone number on your website because you didn’t want to get those calls?
Both of those actions are NOT in your best interest especialy when you’ve been struggling getting coaching clients. Those are people who need what you sell . . . coaching.
It doesn’t matter what kind of a coach you are, life coach, business coach, career coach, or what kind of consultant you are . . . an incoming call is someone who’s looking for someone, or some thing that you can help him get.  Therefore, whenever you hang up on them you are turning down an active lead right in your hand. Ever hear that a bird in the hand is better than one in the bush?
I’ll admit if it’s a call center, you just as well should hang up on them. But if it’s a local business,  especially if it’s the business owner, use that opportunity to open the door. That person who is calling is calling for a reason, and you can help him with that reason.  That’s your job so don’t shun it just because you see it as one of those annoying incoming sales calls. Change how you look at this 
Whether you are a life coach, a business coach, career coach, or consultant, or trainer, I want you to stop right now, right where you are, and answer this question. Think back to the cold calls you’ve gotten over the last week or so, and what that person was wanting when they called. Then you figure out what you can do to help him get it. When you find that answer you’ve got what you need to  turn that call around and make him a lient. It’s ONLY your own mindset, your belief, about whether that call is of any value TO YOU that angered you about the call. Turn it around, open that door with him, and probably every other incoming sales call you’ll be getting over the next year.
In other words, if you are struggling to get your own leads and sales, don’t turn the incoming sales calls away, they are potential clients. It’s likely you weren’t thinking of them that way though.
For instance, this past week I got an email from a domain broker trying to sell me a domain name within the Kansas City area. It was obvious that he had no clue how to write successful emails , and that also means he doesn’t understand any other form of marketing, which also means that this man is very likely struggling to build this business. In other words, I can help him get what he wants.  I can say definitively that looking at his email he isn’t any good at it and needs help with that, and probably his  whole  business.
Remember how I always say that your sales success lies in the questions you ask and not what you say?
Well, I replied to his email with these questions.
Hi George. Thanks for sending me that offer for a domain name in the Kansas City area. I ha ve  a few questions that would be helpful to understand.
    1. I looked to see if this domain was already connected to a web site and whether it had a search engine position, but did not see a website, nor a search engine position. 
    2. I looked to see how many people might be looking for the keywords you used in the domain so that I’d understand the value of the domain, but didn’t see anyone searching for those terms.
I buy domains, and also help clients in the Kansas City area grow their businesses rapidly, so, yes, I’d be very interested to talk with you about this domain and any others you may have, but first must understand the value of those domains, your email didn’t lead me to understand why I should be considering this domain.
Please call, and let’s talk, about this domain and it’s value, and how you might get 100’s of times more people responding to these emails.  I frequently partner with people in internet marketing like you and could share what you do with some of my clients if I can get to understand you and your business better.  
Alan Boyer
Helping coaches, consultants, trainers reach another $100K to $250K within months, and to stop playing at building a business.
We have an appointment set for next week
Just keep in mind  this guideline.  
 Your job is to help as many people as you can reach to get what they want, and you’ll have everything you ever wanted out of life.  
So, whenever you touch anyone anytime anywhere be looking for WHAT THEY WANT and be there to help them get it. Don’t shut people out  even with incoming sales calls. Just Look for what you can help them with. Look for what they want and be there for them. Changing how you look at people will change your business success many times over. 
Your customers are out there almost begging you to help them and when you change from avoiding their calls to finding ways to help everyone you touch you’ll discover clients lining up to get what you want.
Alan Boyer
Helping coaches, consultants, trainers reach another $100K to $250K within months, and to stop playing at building a business.

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