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One of the things I keep telling my coach/consultant clients who are trying to get more clients is that getting clients for you is actually a LOT easier than getting a job for several reasons.

Because it is easier, just watch the ads for your ideal type of client who’s got an ad out there to hire an employee. They’ll hire you instead of that employee if you reach out to them and offer them the irresistible offer.

Here’s how.Find Who’s Hiring, They Need a Coach/Consultant Instead of Employee

Do you know what it costs an employer to hire a new employee? A LOT.

Whatever the salary he’s offering it’ll actually cost him about 2 times that for benefits for the year, plus the fee he pays the employment agency. Plus most of the employers are cautious to make sure they hire the right person because it costs sooooo much. So, while they are interviewing and being careful, whatever it was that they wanted (a positive gain), or were trying to avoid (a negative pain that’s costing them), are both costing them in gains not coming in, and pains costing them every day.

So, your opportunity is two fold.

One is that you could start working with them tomorrow at no big upfront cost. You could either help them UNTIL they get that employee, or better yet, do it instead of that employee. You are easier to hire, with a lot less risk.

One critical step here is that you have a specific result, and value that you deliver.  Let’s say that they are hiring an employee to work in their marketing or sales department. Their goal is to increase sales by $X this year.

That’s an easy goal if you are good at coaching. In fact, isn’t it likely that you could coach or consult with either the CEO, the department head, or maybe even the entire sales/marketing staff to help them achieve just that amount of sales without adding another employee. OR even better, by the time the employee is actually hired, what if you’ve already gotten their sales/marketing up to that level, and by the time the employee comes on board, now that the sales or marketing results per employee is now X times higher per employee, just adding one more employee who will pick up what you’ve helped them do and he’ll just add that much more.

Imagine, find who’s hiring in an area that you can help, then approach them with an offer to help them get those results, and value, even before they hire someone. For a $75,000 employee that the employer has to already have been ready to commit $150,000 to hiring that employee, now you are going to offer to help them get exactly the same result, or even a significant piece of it, for your fee for 2 or 3 months, which is a LOT less than $150,000.

Their risk is a LOT less. No commitment of $150,000, just a commitment of the first month fee, and possibly a guarantee that if they aren’t satisified you’ll return that. No risk. And they COULD have exactly what they had planned, but for a lot less.

Chances, are they will keep applying your skills over and over in other departments.

How About Companies Who Aren’t Hiring

How about companies who want more of something, but due to the economy, or their sales, they aren’t going to hire anyway. These are actually harder to find in that they aren’t running the ads. Well, wait a minute. Let me back up on that. Even though they aren’t running ads, doesn’t this apply to ALL of the rest of the companies not running ads?

In any case, a company that wants bigger results but doesn’t think they can afford those employees, well, show them your value, what results they could get and the value (how much bigger, how fast, how much better) and they don’t have to hire anyone that they can’t afford anyway. Maybe they’ve been setting there thinking, “We need to hire someone because we need these new bigger results” but they are suffering along without.

Find them, ask them what they want and what they are struggling with and help them get it.

If you’d like to discuss how to make this work, email me and I’ll show you how.


Alan Boyer

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