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Emotions or Dull Logic
 I know we’ve covered the importance of you activating emotions, driving excitement into every marketing activity, every sales opportunity, and, frankly, every time you simply talk to anyone about anything. I can’t emphasize enough that when you become exciting everyone will listen to what you say.  And they will even start desparately wanting what you have to share.
Remember the difference between a dull academic lecture in school, and something that is so exciting
Remember going to a class back in college, or even in high school, and it was a dull lecture, academic. Ever pick up a book written by a top scientific doctor of ________(name it), and it was so technical, and so academic that it was difficult to stay with it?
That should give you an idea of what the worst extreme of “no excitement” and “absolute logic” is like.
Just imagine that your success depends upon you being as far away from that “no excitement” as you can be. Yes, we can give them SOME logic, but when you become exciting . . . remember that people buy emotionally . . . and THEN . . . justify with logic. So, in some cases we want both, but most of the time without having a certain level of excitement they just wouldn’t buy even if we logic’d them to death.
And as that concept states it STARTS with emotion . . . that’s where the decision will be made . . . and then you have to give them a backup logical reason.
In fact, the way the human brain works is . . . . the right brain is emotional, cretive, artistic, new concept development . . . and it makes the decisions . . . and the left brain is logical, deals with existing concepts.
Notice where the decisions are made? Right brain, the emotional side of the brain. Get someone excited about what you are sharing with him and you’ve got a sale. After you see the excitement, ask a few questions about why it would be logical to work with you and BINGO he’s your client.
 Excitement takes them 90+% of the way to BUYING . . . Enough Excitement and it’s 100% of the way
 If you were the buyer, and you were already excited about the potential, you are already 90% of the way to buying.
Before we go any further, let’s briefly talk about the techniques of using questions to help your prospect discover the answers he needs to decide to buy, and the typical sales approach of “giving a presentation” or “telling your prospect the answers you think he needs to know to decide.” Telling and working with existing concents is a left brain, logic way of thinking. So, the TELLING type of SELLING misses the point two ways, most of the time our TELLING doesn’t even connect with the logic side of the brain, and if it does it still misses the exciting right brain. The left brain has to hand the logic over to the right brain to make a decision.
Doesn’t work as well as helping someone discover for himself ,with the questions you ask, a new concept (that’s right brain thinking), and then working up the excitement (more right brain thinking), and when the right brain bounces the exciting concept off the left brain, it does so with “you’ve just got to buy this” and it’s a done deal.
How do you “become exciting” and “excite everyone you touch whenever you touch them”?
In some cases, simply providing a HUGE value is plenty of excitement, but there are lots of other ways to do it, and the huge value is only the start.
Emotions are the  catalysts that motivate, persuade, and engage. We act on them because of an innate belief we will be happier, have more money, be more fulfilled, smarter, safer, more successful, more respected or, in some way, life will be easier, better, less stressful, or more exciting.
The best way to understand what excites our customers is to watch them in action. The next time you talk with a prospect, or a client, play with some of these ideas to see what generates levels of excitement.
  • Ask questions that challenge your prospect to reach further than he’d dare to without you (he’ll discover that you will take him further than he could by himself).
  • Ask questions that helps him discover things he wanted years ago but let them flop because he had discovered, when working alone, that they were beyond his reach. REALISM, or at least his perception of what’s real to him, are some of the biggest barriers your prospective clients have. So, explore their forgotten dreams and turn them back on . . . those are things they WANTED so DEARLY that, at the time they’d have done almost anything to get, but . . . their reality was that they couldn’t be reached. . . When you ask questions that help them rediscover those dreams . . . and then show them that you deliver dreams like that all of the time to clients . . . that prospect will get SO EXCITED that he can’t hold himself back.
Let’s step back from those concepts for just a minute and look at the big picture of what your clients want. There are surface things they want, which are the common, everyday . . . “I want to grow my business by 10%” or “I am so struggling with everyday life that I’ve forgotten all of those things I wanted. Today I JUST want to survive.” Most of your clients might hire you to help them overcome the daily struggles, but when you take them WAY FURTHER than they dared think of today, and help them achieve some things that were totally out of the picture . . . you will become a god to them.
Below is a graph showing the levels of emotion that can be generated by what you focus on, and what you help your clients focus on.
 emotional exciting coach sales and marketing
Let’s start in the bottom right side of the graph. That’s where you operate like your clients do, and 99% of all coaches do.  
 We could say that our goal here is to “deliver to your client’s expectations” whatever that might be. It might be to help him remove some pain, or to achieve some small increased level of achievement in his life, his business, his career, or his whatever. But, in this case, it is still a goal that’s withing your own client’s expectations. He may only see a 10% increase as “within reach” and “within his expectation.”
So, let’s work within those limits for just  bit.
As you start out working with him, he may be operating clear down at the lower left, on that green line.  He’s in a lot of pain.  
Some coaches operate somewhere along that 45 degree line and say, “I’m better than other coaches around me”. The result is that they take a client further, and may meet MORE of the client’s expectations, but the client still has not reached his level of expected results, or even to the level he expected from the coach.  That’s operating somewhere along the 45 degree line. You meet more expectations of your client than others, but still not totally meeting expectations, or the client still doesn’t reach the level of success he wanted in the first place.
 So, as you, the coach, put more effort into helping your client, and as the client puts more effort into it, both of you will steadily move up that green line. You both put more effort, moving to the right on the bottom scale, and your clients level of emotional satisfaction moves up the left hand scale, moving from excrutiating pain, to somewhat painful, to slightly unhappy or discontented, to finally you have a happy and satisfied client.
Keep in mind that we have two levels of satisfaction going on here. First, is the removal of your client’s pain, so he’s moved from VERY painful, to content with his situation. And the other is his satisfaction with you as his coach. But now look at what happens once you satisfy that client. Stay on the green line.  
After you have reached satisifed . . . as long as your goal is to MEET EXPECTATIONS . . . NO AMOUNT OF ADDITIONAL EFFORT will deliver more satisfaction
 As the amount of effort drives to “satisfied” and “contented”, no amount of additional effort increases either your customers happiness nor does it increase his satisfaction with you as his coach.
Is that an aha moment? 
How to do drive for DELIGHTED EXCITEMENT instead of JUST SATISFIED?
So how do you further increase your client’s delight and excitement with you, and how do you increase your client’s further personal improvement, moving further from pain to levels of personal happiness to levels of ecstacy?
Well, you may have heard me use this phrase, “You can’t keep doing what you’ve always done while expecting different results.” Operating in that graph to the lower right, and on the green line is operating where every coach operates, and it also operates where your client has always worked. His expectations were small, and “within his perceived levels of achievement”. I call it self limiting levels. He will NEVER achieve much more than he’s already achieved, at least without a new far reaching coach. That’s you.
So, to move from getting the results your client has ever gotten he’s got to change something, what he does, and what he believes are his internal or external limits. And YOU as his coach have to do pretty much the same thing, stop working in the lower right, and start working in the upper left by providing new approaches, and new levels of achievement.
That’s where you help him reach further than he’d DARE reach on his own. You help him discover that he can with you, but hsn’t been able to without you. You help him discover OLD dreams that he’s given up on due to reality setting in. You help him readh NEW dreams that he hasn’t even considered because of his own limitations, or the perceived limitations caused by the economy, the world, his surroundings, or whatever.
And those areas will EXCITE your client to even think about them, and once you help him get there his internal levels of personal delight will soar. And that results in his satisfaction with you as his coach also soaring to excitement and delight.
Help him set goals WAY beyond where he’d dare reach, and then help him get there while also helping him EXPERIENCE the emotional results that come right with it. (NOTE: Some clients don’t take time to EXPERIENCE those feelings. Help them stop and smell the roses as you go).
That’s how you do it with a client.
So how do you do that with a prospect, or even earlier than that, with those that see your marketing?
Easy. Once you KNOW what that upper left quadrant is for your clients, you lead with that carrot. Use a marketing message that talks about them getting to that vision. Headlines that say “How to . . . “and describe the visition. Or that say “Imagine you getting . . . ” and name that vision.  
The difference between you meeting with them one-on-one in a sales situation, or with a client, is that you can actually use different words, ask questions, and paint pictures within their minds, and watch how they react. If you do that with everyone you meet with, soon you will start seeing what excites them.
I can tell you that excitement comes when you challenge them to discover a dream that they would never have even dared to go after, or, in some cases would have dared to even consider it. It’s when they are FINALLY within reach of something that was unreachable that they get excited. Or when they are so darned frustrated that they have not been able to eliminate one of their worst nightmare struggles in business, or in life. Help them discover that pain, and then LET THEM TALK about it. Frequently, it’s when they have the opportunity to blow it all out of their system, to express their frustration that is when you’ll see them get excited. Or once they’ve blown it out, take them by that dream and flip their frustration that you’ve just shared with them, and flip their frustration into an AHHH-that-feels-so-good picture when they have FINALLY achieved it.
They will get excited.
Your clients want to avoid being hurt, loss of money, embarrassed, rejected, exploited, upset, censured, belittled, or anything else that might frighten or harm them
So, how can you tell when you’ve hit a nerve when talking with them?
Listen to their words, and watch their body language. . When they are talking about “what they think” that’s logical. When they are telling you about “experiences” they have moved to the emotional side. They are getting worked up, and emotional.
You can get up close and personal when you are meeting face to face, and sometimes even by phone. But, when you are marketing with brochures, printed materials, websites, you might not be able to see how they respond . . . . but you still need to use the same words and body language that was exciting when they used them.
Over the next week or so we’ll discuss some ways to interpret emotional actions as you meet with a prospect, or with a client.
Alan Boyer
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