Get Coaching Clients from FULL Workshops

I love to fill workshops and teleseminars because about 20+% of the attendees become some form of client.

Here’s how to fill any size workshop or teleseminar.Imagine, filling a workshop room that has 50+ seats to overflowing, and getting 20% or more of that room to hire you in some way, that would be about 10 customers. By the way, it works just as well with teleseminars, and local speaking opportunities.

Most local Chambers loved me because I’d fill any upcoming event bigger than anyone else. If the room size was 50 seats, I’d deliver about 55 to 60. The approach I’m about to show you gives you the ability to fill any sized room and turn them into clients.

You can also do this when you are speaking to associations, Lions Clubs, Kiwanis, Optimists, Soroptimists, or whatever kind of club.

Rule #1 — Never just wait to see who shows up. You can deliver as many as you want. You are in control, so be in control. Never wait to see who shows up. Fill the seats.

Rule #2 — This is a part of my philosophy, “Find enough people to help them get what they want, and you’ll have everything you ever wanted out of life.”

Rule #3 — This isn’t about you, your products or services, your processes, your company. This is about what your audience wants, so don’t sell, deliver what they want in huge amounts, the bigger, the better, and the faster those amounts, the more will come and eventually beg you to help them.

Decide What You Will Deliver . . . to Who

The first thing you’ll want to do is target your ideal client to fill that room, and make him an offer he can’t refuse. Just remember that the offer must clearly promise delivery of a specific result, and a huge value (how big, how good, how fast).  It isn’t about coaching, that’s your process.

Although we could use several kinds of marketing, but the one I like the best is direct mail to announce the workshop (free).

The headline has only one thing to accomplish, get the attention, grab the eyeballs of your ideal client. Just remember that if the headline doesn’t get his attention, then nothing else gets read.

Headline Promises Results and a HUGE Value

One of my headlines looks something like this

How to Get $100K in 6 Months
Or Less
With Your Small Business

Now, you can make an offer for a specific result, and how big, how fast, that fits what kind of coaching you do, and for your target ideal client.

If you’d like to have help developing a really powerful message that is what I call a “drive them crazy” message that they just have to have, email me, and I’ll help you. Just be aware that talking about coaching doesn’t work because it doesn’t tell them what kind of result or value they’d get.

You can also get my upcoming book, when it is published, “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting Business” that will hand hold you through this.

In any case, after the headline announce that this is a workshop held at ______ Chamber (or other organization), and then follow that with about 4 lines of bold dots, listing several problems that they will learn to eliminate by coming to the workshop.

Then a STRONG call to action in another headline type, something like:

If you’d like to get another $100K in 6 months
call xxx-xxx-xxxx to hold your seat.

Date: _____, ______ Chamber

I usually place this on a postcard and mail to my ideal prospects.

If this is a good fit, and a strong grab the eyeballs headline, you could get about 10% of those you send this to calling you. Since this is a freebie, usually only about 1/2 of those who call will actually show up. However, you now have a bigger list that you can call all of them whether they show up or not. But those that do don’t have to be talked into it any further while those who didn’t may need some additional mail or calls.

If I want a room of 50+ filled to overflowing, I send this to about 1,200 by postcard. I’ll get around 100 to 120 (10+%) calling me. And about half of those showing up, and that is my goal, just overfilling the room.

So what is your workshop really about, and what do you say so that about 20% or more will do business with you?

I break up the presentation into 15 minute segments where I start the segment with an

  • Attention — attention getting “what they will get in the next 15 minutes — results and value, not process”,
  • Information –Delivering the how-to steps (making it very interactive, by asking them what results they’ve gotten, which is usually not much),
  • Desire — after giving them the how-to steps, follow it with high value results, share a client who did this, got this much results (how big, how fast, how good). If these are big and exciting their mouths should be watering to get it.
  • Action, call to action — Lead them to what you want them to do by asking. Make it interactive. Some calls to action can be simply, if you’d like to get this when will you commit to acting on this, and when will you expect getting _____ (how big, how fast) results?

Be sure to get commitments from the attendees, and write their commitments on the board. That will include when, and how big they intend to get.

We’ll do that every 15 minutes, with another how-to, and target result and value. At the end of your workshop, summarize, and ask for a final commitment for implementing it all, or even asking them if they are struggling at any time, give you a call.

Now you have everything you need to follow up. You have dates and target results and values from most in the room. You also have phone numbers, and email addresses from everyone in the room because they gave you that info when they called to hold their seat.

Remember, one of our rules was, “Find enough people to help them get what they want and you’ll have everything you ever wanted out of life.” So, we will call these people with only one thing in mind, helping them get what they want. No sales are involved at this point.

What you’ll discover when you call.

80/20 Rule

20% of those in attendance (or less) will have even implemented, and fewer than 20% of those who implemented will have achieved the results.

This isn’t your fault. It’s just what happens. If you are a really good motivator you might get a few percent higher for those that implemented. But this is a close approximation of what to expect.

Those that Succeeded

When you reach someone who has implemented, and succeeded, complement them. Tell them they are the top performers of the group (they are!).

Then share their success with everyone, both those who attended, and those who did not. That will excite the rest of the group to get with it.

If this person works for a boss, call the boss and tell him that this employee is the best of your class. The employee will love you for that call, your friend for life, and will want you for even more.

Also be sure to ask the boss if he’d like to have similar results for this type of project among other employees, or if he’d like to move this employee and himself even higher.

Be sure to put this boss, and as many other employees as you can onto your ongoing mail list to keep offering to take them higher, or for other projects going to this high value.

Those Who Didn’t Implement

Call the rest, the 80% who didn’t even start to use what you showed them. Make them an offer to help them get what they want. Be there for them. Don’t offer to sell them your service. Offer to help them get past this obstacle, or help them understand something that they are struggling with.

If you can help them on the phone, then do it. If they need you to drop by, schedule it. And, again, if you can answer it verbally, do so.

Just remember the old 80/20 rule. Even if you explain it all, fewer than 20% will actually make it happen, and few of those will be really good at it. They will still need you.

By being there to help them, they will discover how important you are to their success. The old sales rule of having to meet maybe 7 times or more before closing a sale applies very strongly here.

Be sure to read my blog posts, or get the book “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting Businesses” on sales to learn how to close more sales.

With these that are slow to act, you will discover that you may have to call them back several times. When they respond that they didn’t have time to do it, or something similar, get a new commitment, a target date. And you will call them back to make sure that they succeed.

By having one focus, helping them get what they want (success at this), after several calls, they will make a statement like, “Wow, I guess I really need someone like you because it’s obvious that I’m not getting this done without you.”

And that’s the aha you’ve been waiting for.

Your One Major Goal — Helping Them Get What They Want

One key here is having more than one final offer. Even after all of these calls, there will be some who say “I can’t afford to hire you right now.”

Just keep in mind, you have one major goal for them . . . helping them get the results they want, no matter what, so you don’t want them to fail, you are always there for them even if your price is too high (their perception).

Be prepared with either an introductory offer, or a series of smaller offers that cost less but get them started toward “what they want”. You NEVER let them fail unless it is their choice to do so.

This isn’t pressure salesmanship where you just want to keep pushing for the sale as a tool to help them get what they want. No, this is about the first focus is to help them get what they want. They will discover at some point they need you and can’t do it without you.

Although I charge a lot more for my coaching or consulting, I usually offer a first month at about 1/2 my going rate. It’s the get acquainted time, and we’ll be working on planning what to do when and how. I’ll make sure they have at least one breakthrough in that time frame so they will want to continue.

I have other similar approaches but am there to help them. I will offer an ongoing monthly fee that is about half my regular coaching fee. We meet about 1/2 the time, but still target the same results and value, that’s important. I’m not just reducing my fee and providing the same time, that would devalue my services. I make sure that the customer understands that he’ll get the same results, but it will either take more of his effort, or longer time to get there. That’s his trade off.

Always be there to make sure you help them get what they want, whatever the price, whatever the time. Put your heads together, and do some business planning to help him get what he wants, and usually you’ll be a part of helping him get those results. He sees you as valuable, and a necessary part of getting what he wants.

I need your help with some information for my upcoming book. I’d like to collect a large database of what coaches have already been doing to get clients, and how effective that was.

For that help, I will share with you some of the things that catapult client acquisition ahead by several times. And I will also acknowledge those who have helped me in the book.

Email me at alanboyer@leaders-perspective and let’s talk.

Alan Boyer

Helping coach/consultants reach another $100K to $1M within months and to stop thinking small when attracting new clients 

Author of the upcoming book “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting Business”

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