How to Get 100 Times More People Responding to Your Website

Let’s start with a simple question, “How many people sign up on your website weekly?

If you aren’t getting 20 to 30 read on to find out how.

Marketing should do these things for you in this order.

  • Get the attention of your target market in 3 seconds or less.
    • If it doesn’t get their immediate attention, nothing else gets read, no matter how much important, valuable stuff you have to say. So get their attention or lose them for ever.
  • What follows has to do about the same thing. Once you have their attention, they’ll start reading, but if you don’t hold their attention for more than 10 to 20 seconds they’ll still go away quickly. So what you say after the ‘getting attention” part pretty much has to build more attention grabbing in the next paragraph or two or you’ll still lose them
  • Relationship building — once you’ve got them hanging in there, WANTING to know more, continue by building that “getting to know you, like you trust you” and also building an emotional connection.
  • Now they WANT what you can do for them. The better you have done these steps the more they want what you can do.

Those are the ground rules for marketing that can literally grab and hold onto 10% to 20% of those that find your website.

But what’s so horribly bad out there on the internet, and almost worse among coaches is that what they say doesn’t grab attention, it DRIVES VISITORS AWAY!

So what GETS ATTENTION of your most desired target market?

Simple! Give your prospects EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT! Now please understand what they want isn’t coaching.

HUH??? Gee after spending all of this time getting this coaching certification, you tell me they don’t want coaching!!!! Wow, come on now.

Yep. Let’s really understand your prospect, and what got him to your site. That will help you make the connection and THEN bring him back around to coaching, but not the first thing we want to say.

What people want are

  • improved results,
  • different results than they’ve been getting,
  • things they haven’t been able to get all by themselves.

So, if you want to get their attention in 3 seconds or less, tell them that they can have those results if they read your website. That will stop them dead in their tracks. NOW they WANT to read the rest of your website.

A website that says, Jim’s Coaching doesn’t say anything about what your client wants, so he won’t stop. If you are a business coach, your prospects may be out there actively looking for “more clients”, “improved sales results”, “bigger profits faster”, just as a few examples. If you are a life coach they may be looking for “making more money”, “life changing”, “how to achieve my life’s dreams” and many more. For career coaches, they may be looking for “increase my income”, “getting a promotion faster”, “getting the next job in 2 months or less”. These are not an extensive list, only some things your prospects are looking for.

Did you notice something? There wasn’t a mention of coaching anywhere in that list. Now don’t get me wrong here. Let’s say that there are 50,000 people a month looking for “more clients” and a few of those have discovered that a coach might be able to help them get more clients. In that case, there may be 0.1% of that 50,000 , about 50 or so out there looking for a coach worldwide, which might translate to one every 12 months or so right there in your city looking.

Understand what your prospects are actually looking for, and connect with them there. Once you get their attention, connect with them about what they want, THEN you can show them that your can help them with coaching. That’s how it’s done.

  • Think RESULTS, what results do you deliver, and put that at the top of your website. That will move you from 0.1% to 1% of your visitors doing what you want them to.
  • Thinking BIGGER RESULTS, FASTER RESULTS and put that at the top and you could see 10% responding.
  • The bigger, and/or the faster the results the more response you will get.

Compare these

  • Jim’s Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • More profits faster
  • More clients faster
  • 5 more clients a week than ever before
  • 10 more clients a week than ever before
  • 100 more clients a month in 6 weeks or less

Don’t judge this by whether you believe those numbers are even possible. They are, I’ve done it. Judge it by whether it got your attention or not. Which did that? Did it get more attention getting the further down the list? I could write pages about who believes bigger numbers and who doesn’t, and why. Just look at this from the “did it get your attention”.

Guidelines for your marketing so that it actually works by getting their attention.

  • It’s never about you, your products or service, your company, your processes, or what you do
  • It IS about what they want, and the more desparately they want it the quicker they will respond to a message that offers it to them.
  • They will respond even quicker to offering them the result they want in bigger, better, faster ways. The higher the value offered the more will respond, and the faster they will respond.

A website that starts off with Jim’s Coaching will not stop them dead, get their attention. In fact if it gets 1 out of 1,000 that drop by it’ll be a big surprise. But the message at the very top of the website that talks about a specific result (the one this visitors wants) he’ll stop and browse. In this case this may be 1 out of 100, about 10 times higher. If the message is even ore specific, naming how much, how many of those results, or how fast they could get it, that can get somewhere around 1 out of 10. That’s 100 times more clients, 100 times more dollars for you, 100 times more successful coaching, than when you say “I am a coach”.  Because the focus is now on what the visitor wants than what you are. One is about THEM while the other is about YOU, and that doesn’t work very well.

I think your current website traffic and conversion proves that. Take a look at your website statistics.

  • How many are attracted to your website? Is it in the 1,000’s a month, or the 5 you sent to the website with your hard time spent at networking. There are over 75,000 out there looking for help every month.
  • Out of those who do get to your website, what percentage sign up for your freebie? 0.1%, 1%, 10% or more? If it’s below 10% you have some work to do with what you are saying to them or it doesn’t get attention.
  • Do you even have a freebie to give away? In that case, you probably get zero from your website monthly.

Those numbers are your grade card, how well your website marketing works. Don’t ever set on it telling yourself that it’ll get better, or that it just takes months to get a website to work. You can take a look at your grade card within days or weeks and KNOW for certain that it’s working or that it isn’t. Just look at how many come by each week, each month, and what percentage of them respond the way you want them to. It’s stupid to tell yourself that you have to wait for this thing to just happen, or build. You KNOW today what conversion you have and that tells you that your marketing message that you put at the top of the website worked or didn’t.

In fact, use your site tracking tool, or set up Google Analytics, and look to see how long visitors stay on your site. If it’s under 10 seconds, the minimum it’ll register, then they glanced and left. I’d say that 99% of the websites my clients bring to me show that 90% of their visitors are gone in less than 10 seconds. That’s an F on their grade card for “attention getting”.

  • We want them spending minutes on your site.
  • It STARTS by getting attention (3 seconds or less), and then they want to read the rest, and
  • if they are staying 30 seconds they read further, but it didn’t hold their attention.
  • At 1 minutes they have read most of your front page. That’s when they might choose to contact you, sign up for more information, or some other call to action you’ve tempted them with.
  • The longer they stay on your site, the more excited they are about finding more that you have to offer. You might have a “C” on your grade card at this stage unless they’ve signed up, did what your call to action tempted them with.
  • Now if you get 10% or more signed up you might have a “B” on your marketing website grade.
  • It’s when most of those that sign up starting buying coaching faster and faster that you are approaching an “A”.

And it all starts with “getting attention” on your website. And that “getting attention” must keep working on every marketing piece you do, not only others in other locations, but even in the follow through that happens once you’ve got them into your email list, your newsletter. Everyone is inundated with incoming junk marketing that will get thrown quickly, yours right along with the junk if you don’t grab their attention to get them to read THAT incoming email. You must continue getting attention in everything you do, websites, brochure, business cards, workshops/teleseminars (both in the marketing of them, and in the workshop itself. I use a get attention statement every 15 minutes during the workshop, and at the very end before the call to action.)

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