Who do you follow that’s already where you’d like to be?

Do you pick the best of the best in your field to follow?

Do you have an active plan to do exactly what they do every week, every month to get exactly the kind of results they get?

If not, then how do you plan on getting where you want to be, and what is the measurable target that tells you when you are on the way, and when you get there?

I’ve been consulting for over 30 years, and coaching for 12+. When I started running my coaching business, I figured that I had to learn quickly how to market and sell my services. It wasn’t going to be like the large international companies I had managed for many years. Time to learn some new skills, marketing and sales first.

I can share with you that whenever I found someone who could do anything better than I could, I hired them, studied everything they were doing themselves. In marketing, I think I started with Dan Kennedy learning his way of writing ads, then David Frey, Robert Middleton, Charlie Cook, and currently working with John Eggen who’s coached everyone from Stephen Covey to Robert Proctor, Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen.

In any case, I can remember when Robert Middleton said that he was getting about 90 signups a month, and Charlie Cook said he was getting about 140 a day. Well, I started with the goal of 100 a month, and dug into what each of them were doing so that I could learn from them.

For the past month I’ve been signing up an average of 4 a day which is 120 a month, but also did a Joint Venture partnership that brought me about 600 in 2 or 3 days. So this month will actually be around 720, but the 120 a month seems to be the ongoing daily average, and I got several new clients out of that.

So who is your business model? Who do you look up to that you’d like to become, or at least to get the kind of results they get?

Let me challenge you that to start getting the kind of results they get requires that you deliver similar results to your clients as they do with theirs. So when you are looking at them, start by understanding what kind of results they deliver, and how big, how much, and how fast they deliver them to their clients. Then when you start promoting your business as delivering those kinds of results two things will happen, the first is that you’ll start getting the kind of results that person gets from marketing efforts, and the second is that you will have to deliver what you promise, so be sure you can, or study how your model does that so you can as well.

One other thing to model is to start keeping a Top 10 Marketing Message list showing the top 10 best marketing messages, and the bottom 10 worst marketing messages using my guidelines of good marketing messages. Don’t just choose what seems good, or what’s the prettiest. At this stage of your marketing understanding you probably will still make decisions on best marketing based on best looking, or what your current feel is. The decisions should be made either on “what actually is attracting the most clients” if you can get that information, or go with my guidelines which will focus your choice on the things that should be working.

By keeping such a Top 10 list you will quickly became an expert in what kind of marketing messages work the best. You’ll have to decide why #1 is above #2, why #9 is better than #10, and so on. When you can do that you’ll KNOW what works and why.

And that will also allow you to choose the top model for your coaching business.

Alan Boyer

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