Getting Coaching Clients

How many incoming emails do you get every day? 
 And what would happen if you could turn a large percentage of them into prospects and eventually clients?
How many opportunities to getting coaching clients are you missing by not doing that?
Would you like to turn over 50% of your incoming calls and other marketing into your own coaching prospects and clients.
How to Turn 50%, or More of Your Incoming Calls into Coaching Prospects and Clients
For instance, I’m signed up on several “coupon” sites that send me coupons from businesses right here in Kansas City. You can assume . . . just from the fact that they are sending these coupons . . . that they are looking for new customers, and are looking for ways to grow their business. In other words, they need what I do which is to show people how to grow a business.
I wonder . . . how many opportunities do you miss every day to get a new prospect or client?
 How many times have you received an incoming marketing piece and simply threw it out. Or how many times have you received an incoming telephone call and got angry that they interrupted your day . . . BUT the very fact that they sent that to you was an indication that they needed something YOU have.
In other words . . . your own mindset . . . how you look at the incoming marketing from YOUR perspective rather than from THEIRs puts up road blocks to your looking at that incoming marketing as an opportunity for you to meet them and help them get what they want by hiring you.
Now . . . how do you turn that incoming marketing aroundto get coaching clients and prospects lined up at your door
Easy, really!
Focus on What THEY WANT Not on You . . . Even for the incoming marketing
 The key mindset you MUST Have is, “what is it THEY want”. So, first look at their marketing to see what it is they do, and what kinds of clients they want.
Then call them, or email them to ask them about what they do, and what they want. Isn’t that simple? Believe me, it’s a lot simpler, and easier, than making cold calls or talking about your products and services . . . but this will sell a LOT more of your own products and services . . . when you get it right.
This isn’t about you making what you’d call a “normal” sales call. NO! You’ve got to stop doing that.  When you make a call that’s about you, that doesn’t work anyway.
CHANGE Your Focus from Your Sales to Finding People to Help Get What THEY Want

When you change your focus to finding people who need help and helping them get it EVERYTHING will turn upside down and start DRAGGING them in to you.

So, your call might start off by mentioning the incoming marketing piece. They’d be stupid to hang up on you the way you’d be hung up on if it was a sales call. Actually, this IS a sales call, but it’s THEIR SALES that will get their attention.
Mention that you saw something in that incoming marketing piece that caught your attention. Even complement them on what you saw.
Then you might ask them, “How is that marketing working for you?” What is it you were hoping to accomplish?
From there, keep asking questions about what they want, what they’ve been struggling with, where they are taking their business, how that affects the rest of their lives, their family, etc. This is ABOUT THEM.
Once you’ve found all of those things, it’s easy to turn the corner, to mention that you’ve had a client who had exactly the same problems and who ended up getting ________ (measurable results, increased sales by x times, went from $100K to $1M within 6 months, etc.) That will get their attention and they will ask you, “Wow, how do you do that?”
And the corner has been turned from their outgoing marketing to you meeting with them to talk . . . not about your products and services, but about what they want and how you can help them get it.
For instance, today I received an email from someone in one of the groups on LinkedIn that I’m in. This is a company that is a provider to hospitals. They sent me a note about their new website, trying to get me to look at it.
My email response was to ask them about what they are doing and how well it is working. I also sent them a couple of suggestions that would grow their website traffic further. Within minutes I was having a conversation with the CEO. He called me!
How Many Opportunities to Get More Coaching Clients Do You Miss EVERY DAY?

How many of these incoming marketing attempts do you get daily? nd what would that do for you to turn . . . oh . . . maybe 50% of them into prospects for you?

Open Many More Doors by Looking for Websites Within Your Target Market to Sign Up For Their Stuff
 Do you AVOID signing up on someone else’s site for fear that all they’ll do is send you stuff? Or even, call you?
Then you are throwing away a huge opportunity. Don’t avoid those kinds of interactions, encourage them. The more people you touch, and the more that touch you, the more opportunities you’ll have to turn them around to becoming your prospect and your clients.
If you’d like to get more coaching clients, give me a call, 816-415-8878. We’ll evaluate what you are doing now, and you’ll discover some tips that’ll turn your business around . . . almost magically.
Alan Boyer
The $100K Small Business Coach
Helping coaches, consultants, and trainers reach another $100K to $250K within 3-6 months, and to stop playing at building a coaching business.

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