Are You an Extraordinary Coach, Average, or at What Level Do You Believe You Play?

That’s probably one of those “most important questions that you’ll ever ask yourself.”

Even if you are a beginner, this question applies, and maybe even more so.

Here’s how to become extraordinary in your day to day coaching. Making extraordinary normal . . . for you . . . and for your clients.

Every person is driven to want to become a success. And, if given the opportunity, would do almost anything to achieve extraordinary results, success, life, business. — Alan Boyer

The prime goal of a coach is to help his clients achieve bigger results, more success, things he couldn’t have achieved before he met you, breakthoughs.

My question at the beginning of this post was not necessarily about how good you are, but what kind of results you envision that you deliver to your clients.

  • Do you have a vision for the kinds of
    • results you want for your clients,
    • how big,
    • how much,
    • how fast they are delivered?
  • And how big is your vision? Is it taking a client
    • 10% further than he is, or 10% further than where he wants to be?
    • 2 times, 5 times, 10 times, 100 times, 1,000 times further?
    • Is your vision for your clients….and for you….¬†extraordinary, massive, exciting, or duh?
      • That is what really determines how good you are or perceived to be by the client.

Separate how good you are, how good you think you are . . . from how big of a vision and how extraordinary that vision is. No matter how good or how experienced you are, you can still help a client develop an extraordinary outcome, extraordinary life for life coaches, extraordinary business for business coaches, or extraordinary whatever for whatever type of coach you are.

How good of a coach you really are is more determined by what your vision is for your clients which is a vision of whether you are extraordinary or not. I’ve seen coaches who have coached for years and should be really good from the time on the job, but have such a low vision for their client’s outcome, and a fear that they can’t deliver any bigger results, that they don’t compare to a new coach with a big vision for their clients but doesn’t have the experience yet.

Even before I get hired, I’m asking a prospect “Where he wants to be?”, “What does he want to achieve?” and when he gives me that answer, I’ll ask him, “So why there? Why not 2 times, 3 times, 1,000 times bigger than that?”

Most of your clients have a built in self limit that keeps them from reaching bigger, or at least not much bigger. I believe a coach is here to help them achieve things they couldn’t have achieved without you. So it’s time to take them further than their self limited wants. Some of them only think small, just removing that one obstacle, one pain, and they think their life will change from removing that one thing. It actually might, but why settle for that when the upside out there is unlimited. I like to think “Extraordinary”, “Massive” so I’ll always challenge my clients “Well why not . . . ” how many times bigger, better, faster. Why do you think that’s a problem to become that much more than you are?

Most of the time they’ll have a self limiting belief such as “I don’t really want to work that hard”, or “I don’t have the money to make that happen”, or any number of other excuses.¬† Yes, they are excuses, most are not reality.

I challenge you the next time a client, or a prospect gives you a want, or desire he has, ask him “Why not 2 times, 5 times, or even 1,000 times”, or ask him “How would you define an ‘extraordinary’ business (person, life) like yours looks? And what would that do for you to become that ‘extraordinary’?”

If you are telling yourself that 1,000 times more is out of your reach, then I challenge you that your self limiting beliefs are getting in your way. If you start reaching further and further with each client you’ll find that reaching that far is fairly easy. I once had a client who asked me to help him get just 1 new major client a month and he’d be ecstatic. In 1 month he had 300 a month flowing in, in 2 months 500 a month and in month 3 1,500 and an additional $80,000 a day. What would your clients say to you after helping them get something like that? It really can be done fairly easily.

Your job is to help them dream, plan, and discover how to reach that far, and, frankly, not allow their self limiting beliefs determine their ceiling. YOU are there to help them break through ceiling after ceiling. That’s what coaches are really for. Do you live up to that?

Here’s a question I ask my clients after they tell me their excuse for not wanting to grow or become that next level. If they’ve said I don’t want to work that hard. I’ll ask them

“If you could have not only the income you want, but 2 times that, and wouldn’t have to work as hard as you do now for it, how would that make you feel? Is that something you’d want?”

“What would make you extraordinary, #1, top of your industry? Would you like to go get that?”

Remove their obstacles from the table, and reach for extraordinary results. Become an extraordinary coach with extraordinary and even massive results for all of your clients. Now when you spread the word that that’s what you do . . . wow, won’t they line up to get your coaching?

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Alan Boyer

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or do you

  • Wait for the client to tell you what they want and

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