Does Everything You Say Out in the World ATTRACT Clients to You?

And when I say ATTRACT, I don’t mean little so-so responses, but a real client magnet?

Everything you do or say about your coaching business only has real value if it helps people to engage you. Most things a coach/consultant says in networking, on websites are about coaching. Believe it or not, that doesn’t work. Why?

It’s not about what the prospect wants.

I know you THOUGHT they needed coaching. Maybe they do. But, at this point they don’t really see coaching has anything to do with

  • solving their worst and most frustrating problems.
  • Helping them reach new dreams, or results they couldn’t get alone.

They only see you as one more person trying to get to their money, trying to make a sale.

Your job is to talk to them about what they WANT, removing the worst nightmare problem they have, or achieving the most valuable dream, wish, new result that has been out of their reach, or they have totally given up on EVER achieving.

Here’s how:The first step: “get their attention” that you can help them on that problem or dream. How? Say so. Mention their problem, their dream, then tell them how far, how big, how good, how fast they could, or might be able to get it.

You see, coaching, no matter how much you and I KNOW that it can deliver those results to them, in their mind does not connect to what they want. And you do not have 20 minutes to tell them all about coaching. You have 3 seconds . . . or less  . . . to get their attention and you’ll do that by mentioning THEIR problem or THEIR biggest dreams. They will immediately stop whatever they were doing and almost leap into your lap to talk about that.

So is that what you place at the very top of your website so that within 3 seconds they see that before they flip to another website? They won’t read further unless you get their attention.

When you meet someone at a networking event who says, What do you do? Do you respond, “I am a coach”, or “Do you mention their problem or their biggest wish they’d almost kill to get.” Compare these answers

  • I am a coach
  • I help architects, similar to your business, reach another $100K every 6 months. Even if they’ve sworn they couldn’t.

Results, and value of results (how big, how much, how good, how fast) get their attention.

Do you place that attention getter on your profile on LinkedIn? Right at the top, or do you say “I am a coach”?

Have you looked for a LinkedIn group where your ideal client hangs out, or where the name f the group implies they are looking for a problem you can solve? And what do you say on that group? Do you jump into discussions where people are struggling with something to offer not just any plain old answer, or do you offer something EXTREMELY valuable? When I say EXTREMELY valuable, do you have one of those ideas right on your fingertips? If not, come up with it now. It will get attention and people will start coming to you for more of them.

Does your LinkedIn Profile mention “I am a coach” or does it say “I help ______ (name who) reach _______ (name the results, and a HUGE value)

What do you say on your business card, “Acme Coaching Services” or “Helping architects get that $100K they can’t reach in 6 months or less”

It’s never about you, your products/services, your company, your processes. It’s always about what your prospect wants, usually results, huge value of those results (how big, how good, how much, how fast).

Oh, later you can talk about things that establish relationships, connections, etc. but the first thing is “get attention” or you’ll never have the ability to build relationships, connections. And, of course when you do build relationships, you should be building them on what you want to be known for, results, HUGE results, the exact ones these connections want. It isn’t about simply becoming friends. Be KNOWN for what you want to be known for, results, HUGE value results. Exciting results.

Every place you are, everything you say either gets attention so that they say “Wow, I’d love to have THAT?” or it leaves them flat.

There are three levels to what you say

  • Exciting, something they can’t hardly wait to get. Like a child in front of the Christmas tree, prancing around and can’t wait to open those packages. (Like to have them thinking about you that way?)
  • Bland — so-so response, an almost no response. Maybe one “to be polite”.
  • Turn’s them off , end’s the conversation quickly, or doesn’t stay on your website 3 seconds.

Now ask yourself, which of those three responses do you get whenever you answer “What do you do?”, when someone sees your website, sees your LinkedIn profile, your business card. Do you get people calling you or emailing you after you’ve been on a LinkedIn group discussion? Do you get calls or emails when anyone trips over your LinkedIn profile? Do you get regular calls after a local networking event? The response you get, don’t get, or any level in between, is your marketing grade card and tells you IF you are on track, not getting much of anyone’s attention, or turns them off.

You have that answer right in front of you right now. So what are you going to do about it?

I’d be glad to help you change that, or simply answer your most difficult business questions. I’m here for you.

Alan Boyer
Helping coach/consultants reach another $100K to $1M within months and to stop thinking small when attracting new clients

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