Ever Offer Your Best Advice Only to Have Your Prospect or Client Get Angry?


Ever give a prospect or even a customer sound advice that turns them off? Or a prospect goes running the other direction even though you just gave them THE ANSWER that would save their business?

Here’s why, and how to turn that into a client-attracting situation instead of chasing them off.

Remember our Rule #2 in marketing is to give them what they want, results and huge value of those results. Although, it may seem to us that we are doing just that. From our long experience doing it ourselves, or consulting, or coaching others and actually seeing great results doing what we suggested we know what they should be doing. However, saying something like

  • You are doing it wrong
  • That isn’t the best way to do it
  • Don’t do that

are judgemental, making you sound like a critic rather than being the valued advisor your want to be. Telling a client or prospect that he is doing something wrong frequently results in angering him.

Some time ago we talked about “beliefs” being the core to how anyone acts. So if he “believes” he’s been doing it right and we tell him simply that he’s doing it wrong, he frequently feels that it is somewhat of a personal attack rather than good advice. The real advice we wanted to pass on was never heard, it was rejected.

When you offer advice, try making it a positive experience rather than a “don’t” or “shouldn’t” “you are wrong” leaves a bad taste in their mouth. To change it to a positive make it “have you tried . . . I’ve had clients who tried that and suddenly saw ______ times more ______ (clients, productivity, etc.). That’s sharing a valuable process that you’ve already had clients seriously benefiting from. It’s what you’ve experienced rather than telling him he’s all screwed up.

Here are some examples of what not to do, and what might sound less critical and be more helpful to a prospect or client. We always want to be seen as a very valuable advisor, not as a critic that is a pain in their side.

Sounds like a critic   Sounds like a valuable advisor
You are wrong Have you considered
Your just aren’t getting it Have you tried . . . (and then give them a story how one of your clients got this fabulous result)
You missed the point It might help if you …
You should May I suggest …
you shouldn’t
Don’t do this or that
Listen to me

Always think: positive, and sharing, not critiquing.

What works is sharing VALUABLE advice that your clients have already experienced, not telling them they were wrong, didn’t get it.

So even when you say, “have you considered” or “it might help if you” add a story about how one of your clients got good, and VERY VALUABLE results, or it could even be that another coach got these results. So you are sharing a huge value from experience that you’ve had or know of. This is the kind of information that gets you hired because they want that huge value that you bring almost every time you meet.

This applies to prospects that you want as clients and clients that you already have.

Alan Boyer

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