It’s Easier to Sell Coaching Than to Get Employed

Who would have believed that it is actually easier to get a coaching client, than to get hired as an employee?

Far, far easier, in fact.

Let’s stop to review:

What it takes for a company to hire a new employee as compared to hiring a coach, or consultant.

If you walked in to talk to an upper level manager, or CEO to sell your coaching, as long as you give them an opportunity to get a BIG result, a HUGE value, they very likely could have that BIG DOLLAR result in the next month or two, for just a small coaching fee. Big results, low risk, BIG ROI.

However, to hire a full time employee to do the same thing will require that they take a risk on a full year’s salary, let’s say $75K. And on top of that they have more costs: benefits, retirement fees, insurance, etc. That typically is 1.5 times the salary, or about $112K.

In other words, they will be very slow to hire an employee, but, as long as you lay a HIGH VALUE RESULT in front of them, the gain is large, but the risk is small. And, in fact, do you know of an employee that will offer specific results, and specific value of results? I sure don’t. That already puts you ahead. Your cost is lower, and your offer of high value results is not only bigger, no employee makes that offer.

For instance, it is fairly easy to walk in to talk to a CEO about helping him either make another $100K to $1M for a few months of coaching fees, or to double the productivity of a department. The total risk is two or three months of your coaching fee instead of over $100K.

If you approach a CEO properly, to show him what the ROI is, and how low of a risk it is compared to him hiring someone, you should have more work than you can handle. Just keep finding places where you can give him that big return.

And, in fact, I have often been offered a full time job after coaching for a while, but I turn that down, and just convert it into another coaching fee.

In fact, a good way to get coaching work is to look in the newspaper to see what companies are hiring for what kind of results. Most of the time they are TALKING JOB, as long as you can define what RESULT and VALUE that is, just approach the CEO to offer those very results in the new few months, and he’ll be happy to hire you as a coach rather than risking big on full time employees.

Alan Boyer
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