Does “FREE” Really Devalue Your Coaching? — It Should be Driving Them Crazy

I keep hearing from coaches/consultants that “giving anything away” is devaluing what you sell.

NOT SO! It’s the key to getting clients . . . when done right. That’s important. When done right!

Others say that it’s just plain difficult to turn free followers into any kind of paying clients, let alone high paying clients.

Again, when done right it’s not hard, at least if you’ve identified the right market.

Dive in, and let’s learn how to do it right.

Have you ever walked by a shelf in a store and something absolutely beautiful caught you eye and you just had to walk over and take a closer look at it? You had thoughts like, I NEVER thought anything like that could be SO PRETTY! Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen with your freebie? “Gee I NEVER thought coaching could be SO VALUABLE”, or “I never thought it could do THAT! That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

If your freebie isn’t doing that, then that’s why it doesn’t work, or why no one is buying it after seeing it. Or, if you gave away the whole thing rather than a look, or a taste that drives them crazy to have it, then that doesn’t encourage them to want more. Or maybe you gave the impression that that’s what all of it is. They didn’t perceive they needed any more. Yep, that will devalue you and your services.

Or, have you ever looked at that shelf in a store, and saw a series of things, from cheap to very valuable. And you could clearly see the difference, the reason that someone would spend that much as compared to that cheap one. That’s what your freebie is supposed to do. Let them see HUGE results, or the potential for HUGE results that doesn’t begin to compare to what they THOUGHT coaching was, or what some other service said they could do.

You have to GIVE very SERIOUS VALUE, give them a small taste of serious BIG results, or at least help them see how different what you have is, and share the results your clients get. Now that’s the way a freebie is SUPPOSED to work.

Drive Them Crazy With What You Give Away

The thought that “giving anything away” is devaluing what you have for your clients is totally wrong. When done right it increase the value of what you have to offer and the free version is giving them a taste of that value. Imagine that the free opportunity to experience you, see you in action, or read what you have to say, and actually get that aha moment of what’s different, and get a glimpse of the huge value you provide . . . should be a mouth watering experience.

How do you respond when you smell something that reminds you of something you absolutely would love to eat? Doesn’t it make you not only WANT it, but sometimes your mouth waters, and you just can’t wait. Think about smelling the food cooking at Thanksgiving and you just can’t wait to get at it. You are probably sneaking a nibble here and there as well.

That’s what we want to happen with your business.

If at Thanksgiving the smell was

  • Driving you crazy: You’d be begging, asking to hurry up so you can get at it.
  • Bland, so-so? You might not even notice it.
  • Repelling, garbage like: You’d notice it for sure but you’d be begging the cook to “throw it out!!!!”

Now, what most coaches/consultants usually say and do with their marketing is somewhere between bland and repelling. So, of course, giving away a freebie seems like it devalues what you do. You KNOW that you have something valuable, however, when it comes to what you put out here to attract it fits one of those categories above, or somewhere between. And if your freebie doesn’t attract anyone, it’s bland. If enough of it starts to annoy, it’s a little on the repel side.

But if your freebie drives them crazy, well, they can’t wait.

It’s simple! What kind of a response do you get from your freebie Tells You How Good It Is

Now you KNOW how well your freebie works, and why it seems like you are devaluing what you have.

Your freebie should be attracting coaching clients like flies to honey, like you to Thanksgiving dinner, like a child in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas morning prancing around and can’t wait to open those presents.

So How Do You Do That?

Actually pretty simple.

  • Do you KNOW what you clients want?
  • Do you know what is either so frustrating that they can’t hardly stand it and that you could help them get rid of? Or
  • Do you know what they want so badly that they’d do almost anything to get, and that you could help them get?

THAT’S IT!!! Offer them those things, not just the “I want”, but the drive them crazy things, frustration, or “Oh my, got to have”.

What Should Your Freebie Be to Make Their Mouths Water and Can’t Wait for More?

What you give in that freebie should be “a taste”, just enough that they sense how valuable it is, and how valuable even more would be. Give them LOTS of value with more to come. It’s like when you snuck a nibble from he goodies being cooked Thanksgiving day. It was REALLY good, mouth watering, but it wasn’t the whole turkey. Just enough that you can’t wait for more. That’s what you want to happen from your freebie.

Hint: it’s not coaching or consulting. At least it isn’t until they KNOW something else about your coaching and consulting. It’s called RESULTS, and VERY HIGH VALUE of those results.

Clients Don’t Want Coaching . . . They Want Results, BIG Results

Stop talking about coaching/consulting, or some other process because your client has no clue that coaching or consulting will deliver them anything. Or if they do have a hint, they clearly don’t know what kind of results that will deliver, or how big, how good, how fast those results will come.

So TELL THEM! Resuls, VERY HIGH VALUE results.

Your offer is no longer “I’ll coach you”. It becomes something like, “I help ________ (name who they are), people exactly like you, to add another $100K (or whatever you result and value is) within 6+ months. Would you like to have something like that?”

That is a business coach answer. The key is to develop a specific result and very high value (how big, how much, how good, how fast) for your specific type of coaching, and your specific ideal target market, and they will beg you to help them.

And you do that by “giving them a taste”, a very highly valuable taste. And they’ll say “More, more, more, PLEASE!!”

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Alan Boyer

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