Do You Constantly Multiple Your Results, Your Profits, Your Sales Every Week? Why not?

I’ve been working with businesses, coaches, consultants, trainers of all sizes for many years, and I am amazed that every new client I take on has not been actively managing for measurable results of anything, let alone multiplying those results 5 times, 10 times, 100 times, or even 1,000 times weekly or monthly.

In fact, once your start targeting specific results, and specific measurable levels of results, guess what? Suddenly you learn ways to take that level up, and up, and up. Really, 5, 10, 100, or even 1,000 times more isn’t hard, once you start measuring.

Imagine your own results, and those of your clients going from 5 new clients a week to an income of multiple thousands of dollar a month. I’ll even share how one of my clients went from meeting only 5 people a week to $500K a month. Or how do you increase sales closes by 10 times every month or so. Or do you know what it costs you to acquire a client so that every time you spend $100 a month you land a new client. In that case how many clients a month do you want to buy?

If you struggle to get clients almost randomly here and there without knowing how to consistently get them. Imagine knowing that every time you spent $X you got a client, and all you had to do was do it over and over. Basically there are a lot of measurements you should be managing. And for every one of them, you should be working on multiplying that result every month from this point on.

What is your marketing message conversion rate? Do you get at least 1 out of 10 Saying “Wow, I want that?”

What I show my clients in one on one coaching, in my book, and in my video courses is how to reach a 10% conversion rate of your marketing message and when the average coach gets less than 0.1% typical conversion, let’s see, isn’t that about 100 times just by developing a better marketing message. And, if you went from sharing that message 5 to 10 times a week, like most coaches do, toward 100s or 1000s, isn’t that another 10 to 100 times. Put those two together and you are well over 1,000 times greater.

What that means is that what you say, how you say it, who you say it to has a very specific conversion rate.

So when you go networking, meet someone, and tell them what you do, what is the conversion rate?

So if you meet 5 people at a networking event, go 3 times a week, you have meet 15 people a week, about 60 a month. And how many of them say something like, “Oh, wow. I’d love to have that kind of result. I’m struggling to get that. Can you help me?”

Is it 1 out of 100, or less than 1 a month? 5%, 5 out of 100, or in that case above where you meet 60 a month, are you getting at least 3? Or 10%, 1 out of 10, or 6.

You should be managing that marketing message so that every week you are getting more and more wanting to meet with you. Are you working on that? Why no

The goal I have for my clients, coaching, or even within my video courses or books is all the same thing. Reaching about 1 out of 10 for every kind of marketing. Imagine having 1000 people drop by your website, and getting 100 wanting to talk.

Let’s look at the next step of what you should be measuring and improving every month.

What is your sales close ratio? Do you get 1 out of 3, or even 1 out of 7 buying?

Once you get your marketing message delivering clients who say “Wow, how can I get that? Please, let’s talk” you have not only someone interested, but someone “excited” enough that they almost beg you to help them.

But you still have to close them, sell to them, acquire them as a client.

So, how many of those now say “When can we get started getting that kind of result?” What percentage of those you meet with are ready to go and buy right now?

What I find is that coaches usually sell fewer than 0.1% of those they talk to. So what’s wrong?

Join us in my video course where I’ll show you how to start multiplying not only your own number of clients and dollars over and over, but you’ll start sharing how to multiply all kinds of measurable results with your own clients.

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