Coach Marketing That Has THEM CHASING You

 Is your current approach to marketing your coaching/consulting  . . . “trying to convince them to buy from you” and hasn’t been working that well? 

But what would happen if you changed the perspective a bit. I’m going to show you how to litterally turn your marketing upside down . . . from you doing the chasing . . . to them chasing you, begging you to help them.

Imagine that you could walk up to your best prospect, one that you’d do almost anything to get. and IF you know that ONE thing that HE’d do almost anything to get, all you are going to do is mention that you have it . . . and start to walk away.

If you have hit on that one thing of unbelievable value, do you have any doubt that he’ll not let you get away from him? He’ll come after you. Now also look at this measurement . . . how many that are begging you to help them tells you how well your marketing message works.
Turning Coach Marketing Upside Down

That turns sales and marketing upside down from the way most coaches have been doing it. Moving from you chasing them, to them chasing you. Would that appeal to you?

 Let’s look at some examples.

  Imagine you are a doctor, an oncologist, and your target market is someone who may have been told that they have 6 months to live.

 The way you have been doing marketing — You could walk up to people, one after another, after another, hoping that they are your potential client giving them your sales pitch, usually telling them you are a doctor, or that you are an oncologist. Not very appealing is it?

 Is that similar to one of your sales pitches, using your label, “Hey, here I am, I’m a coach.” And you are baffled that no one is jumping up and down to get your coaching.  

 But now, change the perception. Instead of that old message, the doctor simply says something like,

“I work with people with cancer who have been told they have less than 6 months to live, but 80% of my clients walk out cancer free within 3 months.”
Now what do you think will happen?
When you are in front of your ideal client won’t they start chasing you, begging you to help them? Or if someone knows of someone else who needs you they will certainly tell you about them, or go tell them about you with that same message, and now they will start chasing after you. \
You see, that’s what happens when you change the perception you have about sales and marketing, stop giving them a sales pitch, and lay something of such value at their feet that they will actually chase you, begging you to help them.

 What would happen to you if you had a message for your coaching that is so valuable that their life almost depended on it? Now don’t give me that stupid response that your coaching isn’t that valuable.

 If you believe that, then you have a problem between your ears, and that’s what’s killing your coaching sales. Find your ideal client, then find that value that they’d do almost anything to get, and offer it to them. They’ll line up outside your door, down the street, and around the corner. You’ll know when you’ve got that great value because they will start showing up outside your door, and the higher the value you go for, the more people will be showing up outside your door lining up.
Do you KNOW what value you deliver, and how valuable it is? If not, time to work on it. Give me a call. 
I hope that was an aha moment.
The more value you offer, the more people will be lining up.
The number of people you have begging you to help them is a measure of the quality of your marketing message.
How well are you doing with it right now? What are you going to do about it? 
I got a cold call the other day, and normally I hang up on incoming cold calls in the first 3 seconds, usually angry that they imposed on my time. But this call changed my perspection. The first words out of his mouth were, “I’m looking for a coach.” That certainly changed my feeling that “here’s a sales call” into “this is a guy I want to talk to.”
So he stopped me dead in my tracks, he got my attention.
Grabbing attention is the first step in good marketing? If you don’t stop them in their tracks, they’ll never listen to the REST of the message. Sort of like Paul Harvey and listening to the REST of the story. 
Next he said, “In my business, I meet 5-10 people a week that want a coach, would you be interested in me bringing 5-10 new prospects to you weekly?”
He had my attention from the first statement, and right into the second statement, and the third. He was actually a “coach lead sales company”, but I was so impressed by his approach that we talked for a couple of weeks while I checked out the quality of his leads.
His approach really got my attention because he made an offer that I was interested in.
What would happen if you change from “giving a sales pitch” about coaching that hasn’t been working very well, into one where you
  1. understand who your ideal client is, and where you can find a steady flow of them
  2. then, instead of giving the sales pitch like you have, you simply lay a VERY VALUABLE OFfER at their feet and walk away. 
You’ll know when you’ve layed the RIGHT OFFER at their feet, when it has moved from “just enough value” to  “drive-them-crazy value”, because they’ll start lining up begging you to help them.
Sort of turns your world upside down doesn’t it?
If you’d like to develop that ability, give me a call, 816-415-8878 and we’ll put it together for you.
Alan Boyer 
Helping coaches, consultants, and trainers to reach another $100K to $1M within months, and to stop playing in the kiddie pool when attracting new clients.
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