Where Is Your Clients’ “Want Zone”, or Even “I’d Kill to get that zone”?

I frequently find coaches who can’t tell their clients what their “target measurable result” is.

Worse is when you can’t tell where their “want zone” is, or even better, where their “I’d kill to get that” zone is.

If what you offer, or promise, within that first statement at the top of your website, newsletter, or what you promise in your next workshop is at least within their “I want zone” you will move from no clients to at least a few. But when you can promise a measurable result within their “I’d kill for that zone” you will have them lined up outside your door begging you to help them, begging you to give them some of that rare time from you.

Do you know where your ideal clients’ “want zone is”? Or do you even have a target measurable result that you feel comfortable promising.

Let me give you a hint. Without a measurable specific result, no one, or few will ever hire you. Once you can give them a measurable result you will see more saying “How do you do that?”, “When can we meet?”

When you offer something of a measurable value that is within their “want zone”, the level they are willing to pay for, you will see them showing interest and asking you for more information.

We want them chasing you instead of you having to do the chasing.

So the bigger the target measurable level the more they will not only snap up your services, the more your sales. And even better, the more they will spend.

Many coaches say “I am a coach” which has NO MEASUREMENT. Therefore very few interested prospects. Too many coaches THINK that “being a coach” is a huge value. And whether it is or not, if you don’t place a value within your prospects mind, they won’t spend money, nor will they have a desire, or even have a clue what you are worth.

So it is imperative for you to tell them the value of what you deliver. The higher the value, the more they will line up and beg you to help.

Wouldn’t that be better than you having to do the chasing with few results, or hearing that frequent, “I can’t afford it right now.”

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