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Lots of Business Cards But Can’t Find What I’m Looking for

How many business cards do you have from others that

  1. Are in a pile somewhere, never to be seen again
  2. And if you did see it you wouldn’t even have a clue what that person or company does.

Here’s how to turn a business card from wasted paper into a business cards that work, a tool to get clients from your business cards..

10 years ago, the last time I counted, I had over 17,000 business cards piled up. No clue how many I may have now. But I can tell you that every once in a while I think about something I need, and remember somewhere in the past,  2 weeks ago, 2 years ago, that I had met someone that did that. So I start digging. But never find anything related to what I needed. 

The first thing I discover is that all of the cards look something like this

George What-sa-ma-callit
Blue Sky Company
xxxx Street
yyyy, MO 64xxx
Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx

And why is it that I can’t find what I’m looking for? Does any of that info give me a hint how to find a consultant or coach who could help me, get more clients, improve profits, increase revenues. Or if I was looking for help losing weight. Or if I was looking for help with my retirement plan.

Now I do know that some cards might list things like “George’s Sales Training” which is certain a step further along, but if I’m looking for help increasing my profits it might not even dawn on me that sales training would have the answer.

As I continue my search through all of those cards, unless I remember a specific name it’s not likely that I’ll find it, at least not in these cards. 17,000 people I’ve met gave me a business card in order for me to remember them and get back to them. But 100% of them don’t tell me what I’m looking for, a specific result. Isn’t that ridiculous out of so many cards? 

And finding a name . . . I’ll be the first to tell you, that I’m a busy person, meeting a lot of people during the week, or eyeball deep into helping lots of clients, so I may remember that I met someone this week that I should get with, but unless I wrote some key things on that card myself, by the next day I won’t remember which person or card that was. And I’m not that abnormal. No one else will either.  

There are two things we want our business cards to do

  1. Get immediate attention to that important result and value of that result that anyone would get from us.
  2. If someone is looking for help with something 2 weeks later, 2 months later, 2 years later will that info jump off that card as they scan through their pile. Will that card stand out from the others to tell what kind of result this company provides. will it leap out of the pile hollering that it has what you want?

99% of all business cards miss BOTH of those points. 

Do you send marketing brochure, mail, emails, do cold callng or other forms of marketing?

Do any of you remember what I keep saying about marketing . . . it’s not about you, it’s about what your target market wants? It’s also about RESULTS they want, not processes, or what you do. Training, coaching, consulting is what YOU do, and has nothing to do with results. Measurable results will leap off your marketing, and will leap off of your business card as well. 

So, why is your business card all about you, your address, your company name? Your business card is a brochure that gets out there 1,000’s of times more than your own active marketing, brochures, etc. It’s the first thing most people see about you.

So what would happen if the very first thing they see at the top of the business card tells someone your compelling, attention getting, marketing message? Instead of saying Name, company, address and phone number, the first thing says something like:

business cards that work getting clients from business cards

Any doubt what at least one of the results would be?  

There are lots of different headlines you could use, as long as they represent results, not process, and not on something like training. In other words a title like “Sales Training” isn’t nearly effective as showing them the measurable potential results from that training, or coaching, or whatever you do. 

Think potential results, results you have achieved, and that you are going to help them toward those results, and that after you have met with that individual your target measurable results may change, up or down based on that individual, his problem, and what business he is in.  

In any case, your card should GRAB ATTENTION of anyone who you hand it to, or who receive it in the mail wheter it be AT the time you hand it to them, tomorrow, 2 weeks from now, 2 months from now, or 2 years from now. No one has any doubt what this is about.

Next, MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE. Just as any marketing we’ve talked about before, we want to measure the response rate. In this case, how many cards do you hand out before someone calls you? 

Another thing you can do is prepare a business card with the title talking about the results of the workshop. Put the grabber info at the top on the front. You also have the option of either saying more about the workshop just below on the front with your contact info on the back, or place an OFFER on the back where the offer gives a free hour, free attendance or reduced admission cost to a workshop or teleseminar . . . but ALWAYS tie that giveaway to RESULTS. So even the free hour might look something like, “Learn how to get 10 new clients a week. . . free workshop (normally $250) with this card.”

Turn your business card into a client acquisition tool.  

Alan Boyer, $100K Small Business Coach

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