Secrets to Becoming THE BEST SELLING Coach or Consultant in Your Area

To become THE BEST SELLING coach or consultant in your area . . . it’s simple. Become THE BEST COACH OR CONSULTANT in your area.

And how do you do that, easily actually. Read on.

First, what do we mean by your area?

That could be your geographic area, which could be anything from a small segment or your city, your state, your country, or even, yes, around the world. We just need to build you as the best coach. We’ll get to that.

Your area could also be your type of coaching, or, better, your type of coaching/consulting in a specific industry, or even better than that, your type of coaching/consulting for a specific result in that specific industry, or if you are a life coach for that specific type of person who wants a specific result.

Obviously it’s easier to become the best of the best in a narrower field. But don’t panic. Most coaches believe that by “coaching the whole world” you have a bigger market to work with, and the belief is that it’s just easier to get more sales among the biggest markets. But it’s not. Imagine for a minute that you are selling to “the whole world” about 7 billion people. Now answer this, how many people do you sell to every week? Do you get 1 a week, 1 a month, or 1 every two or three months. Likely closer to that last one right?

Whatever it is, let’s say that you get 1 and that’s out of 7,000,000,000, 1/7,000,000,000 = .000000014%. That’s not exactly a big conversion is it? OK, I know when you say “the world” that you mean “your smaller world” maybe your city. OK, that’s maybe 4,000,000 for a small city. 1/4,000,000 = .0000025%. Still not what I’d call a successful number.

And let’s imagine that if you actually had to send marketing to that 4,000,000 to get just one client, that you couldn’t afford it. If you spent $1 each for mail, that would be $4,000,000 and each client cost you $4,000,000 each. Not many could succeed in coaching with that kind of cost to acquire a client.

But let’s imagine that when you narrow down to a target I’d call “ideal client” that it really narrowed, down not to just an industry or type of people, but narrowed even further within that to “only those who have a history of buying coaching or consulting help on a regular basis.” If every person you reached out to KNOWs the value of coaching, and regularly hires a coach for his next level above where he is, won’t your sales success ratio be fairly high?

Yes, under one condition? That you are the best at what you do? Your sales success ratio is now dependent upon the value of what you offer to help them achieve right? Offer them small levels of success, you get smaller sales success ratios, offer them super sized leels of success and you get super sized sales success ratios.

So how do you become the best of the best?

Actually, not as hard as you might imagine. Easy in fact.

Why would it be that easy?

Simple, do you know of a coach who is offering huge measurable results? Or even any kind of measurable results?

Nope, there aren’t many. But do you realize what your client is looking for, especially those who have a history of hiring to get to their next level? A measurable result that IS THEIR NEXT LEVEL. So when the competition almost never does it and when you do, you are the best of the best, and the best seller.

Measurable Result = Easy Sale, Best Coach

Being able to provide that measurable result will easily get you into the game, and gets you a fair number of clients fairly quickly.

However, what I said at the beginning was for you to become the best selling coach/consultant by becoming the best coach and consultant. I also said that I don’t know many who ever put a measurable result out there as what they do.

So, doesn’t that mean that the first one who dares to do it becomes the biggest, best coach/consultant with the biggest, best, and fastest results?

Here’s a suggestion. Once you have identified your “ideal client“, and what he would almost kill to get, well, you KNOW the first step to becoming the best selling coach and consultant. To reach the next step, do a little research on the internet by looking for who provides that target measurable result . . . in your area (area described as I mentioned at the beginning of the article).

First, you will likely find that maybe there is no one offering that measurable result. Great, you can get there by only creating your own website making that offer, or setting up workshops around your area, or webinars on the internet, speeches, sending out direct mail with the offer to help them get that specific result.

But, let’s say that you find a few offering these measurable results. Study them. Find out what they offer and how they intend to deliver, what programs (study the names of the programs, it’s likely the name of the program includes the promised measured delivery). Study how they market.

One thing that makes THE BEST coach or consultant is to study the best. Frequently you just have to offer as much, or more and you will at the very least become one of this elite group, with bigger than normal coaching sales.

I recommend that you look on the internet for the keywords that your clients would use to find you, and that includes using a geographic keyword, an industry keyword, so that you narrow down on someone JUST LIKE YOU. Or maybe you do a little branching out, by looking for someone just slightly different that might have something you would like to do.

In any case, remember the guidelines I gave you for your marketing message?

  1. It isn’t about you, your products/services, your processes, what you do, your years of expertise, your degrees/credentials/certifications.
  2. IT IS ABOUT the results your clients get.
  3. And even more so, it is about the VALUE they get, the measurable results, how much, how big, how fast.
  4. It is also about generating excitement, mouthwatering, can’t wait, almost kill-to-get emotions

Therefore, as you look at your competition, look to see if they use any of those things. If they don’t it is likely that they aren’t even close to you in sales or results.

Next, look at the traffic they get to their site. Use something like or  to see how much traffic they get.

Our goal is not to find JUST another coach, but one who is successful. They must be generating a lot of traffic, and they must be using a marketing message that converts. Otherwise, they really aren’t someone you should be learning from, and they aren’t competition to you.

This exercise will usually prove that you are better than they are, and for some, you will find a few that are really good in getting clients. You should learn from those. What marketing message are they using, what keywords do they use to bring in traffic, what measurable results are they using, and how big is their value.

That’s how you become the best of the best, either find that your competition just doesn’t stand a chance next to you, or you find those who are best, and become them, and become better than them.

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