Becoming the Most Powerful Coach Your Clients Have Ever Known!!!

Here’s a secret. How to provide the most powerful results your clients have ever known.

If you had that image in your target community what would that do for you?

Wouldn’t it make you the most successful coach you AND your clients have ever known. Here’s the secret.

Over the last 30 years of consulting, and 14 years of coaching whenever I found someone that could do something better than me I hired them to make me as good. Sometimes that was hiring a marketing coach who could get 10’s to 100’s of times more clients than I could so that I could learn how to do that myself.  And what’s interesting is that just about as soon as I learned how to get to that level I found someone else even better. So it was a series of stair steps. Just imagine doing that 10’s of times or more every year for 14 years and where would that take you?

I also discovered that there are lots of other areas of business growth that I didn’t know either. For several years, whenever I found someone better than me I hired them so there has been a lot of steps in a lot of different areas, so I feel pretty good about that, but I just keep finding more that are better than me at something.

That was when I heard Tony Robins say that your level of success is about equal to those people you associate with, and that can go beyond what you know and can do yourself. If you surround yourself with those super coaches that can blow you away with bigger, better, faster results than you or your client ever imagined before you met them, then you can provide those tools to your clients either by referring them to that super level coach for a referral fee, or can sometimes just include it in your coaching.

I used to try to be everything for my clients by hiring a coach to help me achieve that level of expertise, but there’s a limit to me. Now I surround myself with those who can do what I can’t do, or don’t have time to do. And I don’t pick the ones with small results either. No use to play in the kiddie pool when it comes to results.

One thing I learned along the way is the “Power of Multipliers”.

Many of my clients were trying to ADD clients 1 or 2 at a time but there’s a limit to how many you can acquire 1 or 2 at a time. Others were trying to sell their hours, but there is a limit to how many hours in a day they can sell. Therefore, as soon as I have taken a client to oversold hours, or acquiring more clients than he has time to handle, or making an income that’s maxed out by time available they will tell me “Wow, that’s enough. I don’t want to work this hard.”

If you heard that would you take that as his “final answer”?

I don’t. There’s always an opportunity within any obstacle your client sees. So how would you respond to “I don’t to work that hard” when you offer to take your client to yet another level, and to keep that client working with you?

If you accept those answers you probably are working with a client for a while and watching them leave when your project is done. One time and gone rather than a client who begs for more, bigger, faster.  There’s so much more opportunity with every client.

What would happen if they see you as the most powerful coach with the most powerful results they’ve ever seen, and there’s always more, easier, faster.

Let’s say that you just offered to double a client’s income yet again and he says “Wow, enough! I Don’t want to work that hard.” What if you would say, “I understand you not wanting to work that hard. Gee, I don’t either. Would you be interested in doubling your current income while working even less than you do now?”

Always explore the obstacles as an opportunity rather than a road block. Don’t allow your clients self limiting way of thinking to become yours. There’s always more upside opportunity.

I once had a client who was getting one major client a month from his website, and asked me to help him get just one more thinking that getting a major client was a handful in the first place and two would be just about his limit. And what was even more interesting was that at every step of the way to a lot more he argued all of the way. “No I don’t want to do it that way0”, or “say it that way,”  “I don’t want to handle that many.”

Let’s see, he had 300 more within about a month, 500 more in 2, and 1,500 more, and $80,000 a day more within 3 months. He argued all of the way, but was excited when. at ever step he was actually handling his bigger success easier and easier as he got bigger and bigger.

Another client, an MLM who believed that meeting with 5 prospects a week was a lot of work and said he couldn’t get more, nor handle them if he could get them. He learned a simple trick that brought him 50 a day 5 days a week, and he closed about half of them, about 125 customers a week. In fact, he’s acquiring them, then handing them off to all of the new downline that keeps coming his way. He’s now at $500K a month.

What would happen to you if you could provide that kind of power growth to your clients? Would you, or your clients say, “Wow, that’s enough. I don’t want to work that hard” ?

I challenge you to challenge your clients to reach way beyond anything their current beliefs allow them to think. That will not only allow you to be that most powerful resource that any of them can achieve, but when the word spreads, Wow! What will that do for you?

I have surrounded myself with those power resources, and I would like to help you reach that kind of level, and can provide those resources to you as well, with the resulting outcome that comes with it.

I am kicking off a group of coaches that would like to become that kind of coach for their clients. Email me at if you’d like to join this group. The first 2 months are free. And I’ll choose the best of the best from that group to continue working with me as a part of the resources I need and will send business to.

Alan Boyer

Helping coach/consultants reach another $100K to $1M within months and to stop thinking small when attracting new clients

Author of the upcoming book “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting: Getting More & Higher Paying Clients Faster & Easier”


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