Become a Super Coach That Helps Clients Reach the Unreachable

I believe that a coach’s main job is to help your clients reach things they couldn’t reach before you met, breakthroughs to new levels, and frankly, to levels they couldn’t even dream about before you came along.

If that seems unreachable for you, here’s how to start doing it for your clients.

I’m very much a person that believes in creating what you want, never just waiting or accepting what is dealt which can put you at the mercy of everything that comes along.

When I first take a client from being at the mercy of everything to achieving what he wants, frequenty his “wants” are nothing but survival, and sometimes only slightly further from where he is today.

The Key to Become the Super Coach You Are Capable of Becoming. . . Help Clients Go Even Bigger Than They Have Dreamed

I’ve often been told that a coach helps people achieve what they want. I’ll challenge you to take that way above what they want now. What they believe they want is often tempered by what they see as “normal” for them. So it’s already limited by their previous levels of failure, or reduced success.

If they’ve found that moving more than just a little above where they are now, they will tell you that they don’t want to be disappointed by reaching way out of their comfort zone. That might mean that when you ask them what they want, they’ll give you a target that’s about 10% further than where they have been, or if they have had a yearly growth, then it might be 10% bigger than that previous growth. Because they call that normal, or reasonable, they will accept that as a reachable or reasonable number to shoot for.

If you challenge them to reach further, some will tell you that they don’t want to work that hard, or that they’ve tried that before and don’t want to be disappointed again. Some will tell you that that’s how it’s done in their industry.

Some will shoot only for “surviving” levels especially if they’ve been below surviving for some time.



A coach’s main goal in life should be to help his clients reach breakthroughs, reach levels that they couldn’t reach without you, or at least couldn’t reach it quickly without you.

And that includes helping them overcome the internal belief that they can’t reach too far above where they are now. So don’t accept that they want “this much”, take them higher, higher, and higher.

So when a client defines what he wants, REALLY wants, I’ll always ask him “Why there?” Any reason that we shouldn’t be shooting for . . . double, triple, or even 10 times?

What we are going to hear at this point is his excuse for why he fears reaching that far. My job is to help him overcome that barrier as well as any others he had in his original target.

Change Their Paradigm

If someone tells you that he doesn’t want to work that hard, what would happen if you asked him, “What would happen if you could actually reach that new target, double, triple, and not work any harder than you do right now, and maybe even less?”

You see, this is about changing his paradigm. If he thinks his only option is to work harder to get more . . . then he does have an upper limit either between his ears or physically. Your job as a coach is to help him achieve results he couldn’t achieve without you, and probably couldn’t even dream about. Help him build a plan for that new level that is far greater than he could even dream before you came along. With the plan, it’s easy to help him get there by identifying how to work around the obstacles. Most of the time before a coach came along that client saw an obstacle and told himself “No use to go that way with an obstacle.” You’ll help him navigate around and achieve when he thought he couldn’t.

You Will Reach Super Coach When . . .

You will start to become a super coach when you start helping your clients reach WAY beyond their current limitations, and even beyond what they are able to dream about. You will be known for helping clients reach the unreadable and they will line up to get your services.

Alan Boyer

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