What to Say to Have Prospects Acting Like a Kid in Front of the Christmas Tree

Imagine prospects acting like a kid in front of the Christmas tree that can’t wait to get at those presents. Except they can’t wait to get what you have for them.

Before you can market and sell coaching, you really have to understand what it is you sell, and how to communicate that so that prospect after prospect responds with an “OMG I’ve got to have that.”

What will do that? When you lay a carrot in front of your prospect that is not just what he wants, but is so exciting, better than he could have hoped for.

What he wants is results.  If he gets what he wants he may be comfortable, or satisfied.

But if he sees an opportunity to get more than he had ever hoped for, or could have dreamed he could get . . . then his level moves from comfortable or satisified upward –> to excited, then to –> very excited, and finally –> “OMG I can’t pass that up” excited, like a kid in front of the Christmas tree Christmas day who can’t wait to open those presents.

Your job isn’t to “get them interested” but “get them excited until they beg you to help them.”

You see, most coaches, and other small business owners think marketing should generate a LITTLE interest. That’s shooting low, and hoping you get a BIG response. We want to have our prospects at that “OMG I can’t wait to open that present” level of excitement.

Under Promise, Over Deliver Seriously Misleads Coaches

I keep hearing the statement Under Promise and Over Deliver. I don’t want you offering something you can’t deliver, but what we offer to a client should be something so valuable and so exciting that they just can’t wait to get it. When we fear that we’ll over promise we offer less than we know we are capable of delivering which destroys your marketing results. It just doesn’t appeal to your client. So you don’t get many clients. Or you get clients who have a much lower belief about what they can accomplish. I’d rather work with those who are excited about working with me and have extremely high goals who haven’t been able to do it alone. So set your goals high for what you want to deliver to clients.

Understand what a coach can do.

Let’s divide coaches up into levels of results they deliver to clients, and what they can say that attracts clients

The coach just starting out – has the tools to help almost anyone reach a breakthrough to new results. How much, how far, and how fast is rather vague since they haven’t had the experience to even know how big, how far, how much, or how fast.  This coach can say, “I can help you reach further than you’ve ever reached before.” When he narrows to who that is, specifically naming them, he’ll get even more people responding from that niche market. He might say “I help architects reach levels they have not been able to reach before we met.” Some of your coaching tools are “planning”, “visioning”, “developing a clear path to that planned result.” Therefore, you can say “I’ll help you get to ___________ (naming the result) that is ________________ (how big, how much, how exciting) in ___________ (how fast, what time frame).” But this coach must understand that he’ll lead them through the planning process along with his tools that increases probability of getting there. But he is still SELLING RESULTS that he will help his client get to. Not the process.

The coach who’s been doing it 1 or 2 years – not only has the tools, but has experience knowing just how far, how much, how fast his clients are getting very specific results. Now he can promise that he’ll help his target market get to a specific result of a specific level of success in a specific time, or he can offer to help them get to where his other clients have already gotten. He’s now added probability, history, track record which is an additional credibility builder. He might even add a guarantee of going so far or refund the money. This attracts even more clients.

The coach who’s been doing it 5 years – has all of the same things that the previous coach (1 to 2 years) has, but, assuming that he’s moved upward in the “how much, how big, how fast” category. It’s likely he’s selling the same results but much bigger, more successful, much faster. So his marketing message reflects not just specific “results”, but much bigger results, much higher values, and should be charging more for those kinds of results.

Just keep in mind that if you haven’t focused on increasing your results for yourself and for your clients that you may not be able to offer bigger, better, faster results yet. You will find that once you start promising specific results for specific types of clients and specific target values, suddenly you’ll become better at getting bigger, better, faster results and your numbers go up. For me, when I found someone that could deliver something I couldn’t, I hired that coach to take me upward to his level and have stairs stepped for 12 years. It’s fun, especially being able to lay BIG CARROTS in front of a prospect, and then delivering it.

The coach who’s been doing it for 10 years – As I said in that last section, you should be moving up. By 10 years, I’d expect some level of what I call SUPER COACH, results that can turn your clients into best of their industry. And the longer you do it the more opportunities you find to become that much of a producer for your clients. Just imagine that this time the offer is “Becoming the biggest and best in your industry in 6 months or less” or whatever time frame. Also knowing that biggest and best measurement is you might start promising those numbers. For instance, I had a client who was #3 in sales in his industry worldwide, I told him that we’d shoot for #2 by the end of the year. Man did he hire me quickly. By the end of the year he was #1 worldwide within his industry. So making that offer because you’ve done it before is not necessarily a promise that you’ll get there, but that you have done it and can show yet another client how to do what you did before.

Fear of hanging too much out there, that Under Promise, Over Deliver will cost you clients. I’m not suggesting you promise what you can’t deliver. I’m saying, upscale what you offer by several notches. After all, coach, you can plan it, show them how to get there, and hold their hands on the way. That’s what coaches do isn’t it.

In the SMART goals, I believe the R stands for REACH and that’s what you do with your clients. Take them by the hand and help them reach further than they dared reach, so hang out the big carrot and be there to help them reach. Don’t underpromise for fear it won’t happen. Reach further, attract clients that want that big result and then do what you do best, help them break out above where they are now.

Back to the super coach types of results. Please understand that it doesn’t necessarily take that long (the 10 year+ experience level) to deliver those kinds of results. Now that I’ve gone down that path for 12 years, I realize that I could have done this in less than 2 years from my starting as a coach. I just didn’t know it, and probably wasn’t quite ready for what it takes.

When you see a level of result you’d like to deliver, then get help to get there and you could be there this year. Every time I hire another coach, I’m usually shocked by what I discover in a matter of days that I didn’t know before.

Now, let’s take a look at some thoughts from the other side of the fence, from your client’s side.

Which of these would you hire first, and the fastest. Let’s take a look at a football coach as our example, but apply it to your business, you are both coaches after all.

  • You are the owner of a National League football team –
    • Would you hire a ICF certified coach with no experience in football, or in taking a team to the Super Bowl? Probably not. And neither will a fairly significant client hire you for just saying “I am an ICF certified coach”. They want a coach who’s already been there, done that, At THAT LEVEL. This coach is not leading with “I have the tools to help you reach another level”, they want to know that they have the specific knowledge of strategies, paths, to get there.
  • You are the owner of a small business wanting to grow from $100K to $1M. Which of these would you pick first.
    • A certified coach (has the tools with no experience of having done it)
    • A consultant with an MBA (same thing, has the tools but has never done it)
    • Someone that has taken 10 companies from $100K to $1M in 6 months or less (but has no degree, no certification)
    • Someone that has taken 10 companies from $100K to $1M in 6 months or less and has both the degree and the certification.

Isn’t it obvious?

First, I’d bet that as you scanned down that list that #3 that said “has taken 10 companies from $100K to $1M in 6 months or less” was your choice immediately. You didn’t even have to read the next one where he has both the experience of getting those results and the credentials. Yes, if you had both of them in front of you, you might lean toward the one with the credentials. Notice I said “lean”. It wasn’t a big change of game plan, it was a slight lean.

The most important points to learn here are

  • Results and high value of those results sell. (The higher the value, bigger, better, faster the more it attracts and the more it sells). Gets attention whether you’ve done it or not.
  • The next more powerful client attractor is “having done it”, the next more powerful is “having done it more times, the more times the more credible and he more desirable”.
  • Do credentials in any way attract more clients over high value results (either promised, or having delivered it many times)?

In marketing the first step is “get their attention”. Saying “I am a coach” or “I am a certified coach” will not attract anywhere as many as “I’ll help you move from $100K to $1M in 6 months or less like I have done for 10 other companies in the last 2 years.”


  • Offering high value results, or
  • Promising high value results, or
  • saying that you will lead them there (could be with planning and implementing, or from having done it)

Will increase your sales by 100 times.

I’ve measured the difference with my own results and my clients new results. “I am a coach” gets about 1 out of 1,000 people barely as a tire kicker, while “I help clients get $100K to $1M more in months” gets about 1 out of 10, which is 100 times more clients, more income.

Offer specific results with specific high value and your sales will go up 100 times.

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