Associate with Those You’d Like to Become Like

Most people make an income that is about average for the people they associate with, +/- about 10%.

Associate with the kind of people you’d like to become like. And here’s how to step upward throughout your career.Robert Fulghum, who wrote “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” was being coached by Tony Robins. Robert turned to Tony and asked, “I don’t get it. We both wrote #1 Times Best Sellers, we both are speaker, coaches, consultants, but you are making almost a billion dollars, and I’m barely making $1M. So what’s the difference?”

Tony asked him, “Who do you associate with, network with?” Robert replied, “Millionaires.”

Tony said, “That’s your problem. When you associate with billionaires, you’ll learn the little things that made these people billionaires. They’ll continually share their tricks of becoming billionaires. Plus you’ll get referrals to other billionaires. That’s 1000 times the type of referral you’ll get from millionaires.

“When you associate with millionaires, especially when you are at the level yourself, you aren’t learning anything about moving higher, only what has made them millionaires. You are also getting referrals to other millionaires, which is 1/1,000th of the referral to a billionaire.”

Most people feel comfortable associating with people just like them, so that’s where they hang out where the income level is pretty much what they are already making +/- 10% or so.

That situation works even if we are talking someone making only $10,000 who wants to make his first $100K, or someone moving from $100K to $1M. Just find those you’d like to become and associate with them.

How That Worked for Me

Let me tell you a few of the stair steps I’ve been through. When I first started out in coaching, I’d do workshops and have 1 to 3 show up. I wanted to know how to get more so I joined the National Speakers Association, and found some within the group that regularly had 100’s showing up at their events, and so I hired a coach that was doing it. My very next event I had 50 to 100 showing up. Then when I wanted to learn how to get even more to my workshops I found those who were doing it at that level. Then about 6 or 7 years ago I offered to help someone at an even higher level fill a workshop right here in Kansas City. Which resulted in me being invited to a “Top Marketers Summit” where there were some really super performers in marketing. Suddenly I was considered “one of them”, but next we did a series of teleseminars with over 1,000 attending.  Now, I’m shooting even higher.

Action Plan: Think Stair Stepping your way to where you want to be.

  • Start with the dream of where you want to be, but put a number on it, how many people attending your group events, how many clients,
  • Is there someone that is pretty much where you want to be? Use them as your model.
  • Now, divide that target into 3 or 4 steps. And find someone at about 1/3rd of that target level.
  • Associate with them.
  • But be prepared to GIVE. The more you give to your associates the more you will get in return, and the value will be about 3 times as much as anything you are doing now.
  • Set a time frame, maybe 6 months, depending on how big those steps are.
  • Move up every 6 to 8 months. Just make sure to give lots of value to those around you and it will come back to you big time. Don’t just drop your previous associates, but drag some along with you that would like similar results.

I have lived my life, and my business according to this rule below:

Find enough people to help them get what they want, and you’ll have everything you ever wanted out of life.

Except that I have kicked that up a notice.

Find enough people to help them get more than they ever dreamed they could have, and you’ll have a lot more out of life than you could have dreamed.

My goal is to help everyone I touch, every day, every time we touch even briefly to achieve beyond their wildest dreams. Now everyone you touch, not just your ideal clients, but everyone has had a taste of what you deliver and wants you.

The same applies as you move up to associate with people who have already achieved the results you’d like to have. Bring value to everyone and they will return the favor and almost drag you along to their level of success.

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