Why Aren’t You Making Money RIGHT NOW? Or at Least Making MORE?

The answer is really quite simple. Every step you take through your marketing and your sales can be measured and tuned up to many, may times more. But . . . do you even know where to start? Or What to do?

Every step you take should be bringing you 5% to 10% of those that led up to that step.

How many people do you reach out to as your “first touch”, whatever that first touch is?

For instance, if you are participating in an online discussion group like LinkedIn, how many times a week do you either create your own discussion, or how many times do you enter someone else’s discussion?

How many people does that action drive to some next step, either them coming to your website, your blog, emailing you, connecting with you on LinkedIn, or flat out calling you?

If you aren’t managing those numbers how do you know how to get them to THE NEXT level. And do you have a specific target and measurable outcome for everything you do?

For instance, I’ll start a conversation on LinkedIn about 5 to 8 times a week, and get about 15 to 20 coming to my site, and about 3/4ths of those signing up. Therefore, I have a steady flow of 10 to 15 new people on my site weekly, and about 40 to 60 a month just from this one activity. So, if you want more, you do more of it, or you do other things in addition, all measurable.

I also know that when I discuss a certain topic I get more people signing up than when discussing other topics. I also can tell you with certainty that if I talk about the same things as others in the group, I get zip…zero… results while if I talk about ways to get BIG results I’ll have followers.

Choose to Be Strikingly Amazing

Some time ago I wrote an article called “Choose to be strikingly amazing” and you’ll have all of the clients and followers you ever want. You see, coach, coaches are known for helping their clients get new results they couldn’t get without you. So why are you speaking about piddling little outcomes anyway?

I decided some time ago that for every person I touch, and for every time we touch, I want that person to experience results that he couldn’t even imagine before we met.

It really isn’t that hard. However far too many coaches THINK SMALL, or they make an excuse, “offer small, then over deliver”. That’s an EXCUSE for delivering small rather than taking clients to HUGE super sized results.

I’ll GUARANTEE that when you start providing what your prospects want, strikingly amazing breakthroughs to new levels, you’ll have them BEGGING you to help them. You’ll have them following you from every place you reach out to touch them. And measure what you say, and how many people you get from those events.

I’ve Been Hearing Excuses Such as “My List Is Tool Small”

First, “So What?” If you do just one thing like I mentioned above, make sure that you are strikingly amazing at the results you show everyone how to get even in a free, and get acquainted networking event, whether that be LinkedIn or a local chamber event, they will follow you. If you are getting 10 to 15 people a week to your list, that’s 40 to 60 a month, and that’s just doing one thing.

Most coaches walk away from a networking event with 5 cards and do NOTHING with those cards. Do what I said above, and you’ll walk away with 10 to 15 potential clients a week per event, and added to your list. Do 5 of those a week and you’ll have 50 to 75 a week added to your list, or 200 to 300 a month.

I’ll show you ways to multiply that many times. A Joint Venture I did a few weeks ago resulted in about 50 signups per hour for the first 10 hours. Would you like to have something like that? Join the upcoming workshop and I’ll show you how to do that and a lot of other things to grow your list, and to get many times more from the list size you have now.

But, let’s say that you are where you are, a few hundred. The same situation applies. If you have 200 on your list, what are you doing to reach each of them EVERY WEEK, and what percentage respond? So if you can land 10% with every workshop, or newsletter, that would be . . . what?????? 20….

So, answer this question, how many do you get from your weekly workshops? From your weekly emails/newsletters?

If you aren’t getting 5% to 10% from every touch at least moving to the next step of your marketing funnel, then FIX IT!!!!

That’s what I do with my clients at each meeting. We put together pieces of their marketing funnel, then implement, and measure. How good was it? How many called them back? And if those numbers weren’t satisfactory…well we’ll fix it until it is.

I am preparing to kick off a series of workshops over the next couple of months. The first two will be “How to have clients chasing you” with a target of getting 5% to 10% of those who hear your marketing message will knock on your door asking you to help them.

The second of the two, will be “How to close 30% to 50% of those who knock”.

I’ll guarantee you’ll be having lots more clients. Period.

If you’d like to attend email me, alanboyer@get-coaching-clients.com 


Alan Boyer

Helping coach/consultants reach another $100K to $1M within months and to stop thinking small when attracting new clients

Author of the upcoming book “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting: Getting More & Higher Paying Clients Faster & Easier”



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