And Another Multiplier for Number of Coach/Consulting Clients and Income

Do you hesitate to share results with a potential client? Even moreso, do you hesitate sharing BIG RESULTS?

Or can you deliver REALLY BIG RESULTS at all.

Would you like to be getting really big results yourself?

Actually it’s easier than you might think, let’s explore.

It all boils down to “Who do you hang out with?”

Hang Out With Those You’d Like to Become,
Results You’d Like to Achieve, Incomes, Number of Clients

Do you hang out with other coaches/consultants at about the same level of success as you? or do you hang out with coaches who are $100K coaches/consultants, $250K, $500K, or even $1M coaches.

I’m not necessarily saying you should buy coaching or courses from these, although that will help. What I’m suggesting is that you ASSOCIATE with those who are more successful than you and you will discover that what you haven’t been able to do, they are doing with almost no effort at all. And the higher you want to go, step by step, keep moving up the ladder to learn what these people are already doing EASILY.

I’ve even had coaches tell me that things I do every day are impossible, simply because they haven’t been able to do them. For them it does seem impossible, at least that much, or that fast. I’m doing things today that 14 years ago I would have said couldn’t be done simply because, at every step, I found someone who WAS DOING IT and I found how easy it was when done THAT WAY.

A Great Example

Tony Robbins once told a story about him coaching Robert Fulghum, the author of “Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”

Robert asked Tony, “I don’t get it. You are approaching a billion dollars, I’m barely making $1M. So what’s the difference.”

Tony asked Robert, “Who do you associate with?”

Robert replied, “Other millionairs of course.”

Tony said, “That’s your problem. When you associate with billionaires you learn the little tricks that made them billionaires. And you also get billion dollar referrals. Yet, when you associate with millionaires, and especially when you are one, you aren’t learning much more than you already know, and your referrals are worth about 1,000 times less than the billion dollar referral.”

Now You Do It, One Step at a Time

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying that you need to meet with billionaires. I am saying that at what ever level you are now, reach out to others in your field that are more successful than you, maybe 2 to 5 times your level of success. If you do that over and over, you’ll discover the things that make them 2 to 5 times more successful than you, and you’ll very likely get referrals from them. They are very likely working in a different marketplace, so they’ll refer down to you, bringing you up with them.

It’s Like Doubling a Penny Every Day for a Month

Remember the “start with a penny, and double it every day of the month”, and within 30 days you have over $1M? Well, if you find someone that’s making 2 times what you make, and double your number of clients, and income every time you reach higher, how long will it take for you to get to that fantastic successful coaching results you want?

Let me share just one idea with you.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Joint Ventures. So, let’s start with other businesses about your size.

Try offering to help them grow their businesses either for a lower than normal coaching fee, or no fee at all, in exchange for them sharing their customer list with you, and even making a joint offer to them to help their clients grow their business. You, simply show up to give a webinar, or live local workshop on how to do whatever huge measurable result you help clients achieve.

HINT: find ideal partners that have 100 or more of their own clients. Don’t waste your time with those that are too small. The bigger the partner the better, however, get started. If you do want to do a small one to get comfortable, do it. Then move upward.

In other words, if you are finding someone that has 100 or more, then you should be growing your own list by 100 or more at a time, and if you workshops generate at least 10% responses, you get 10 new clients every time you do it.

And if you then did another one of these for those 10, let’s see 10×100=1,000.

But, next, move up again. This time work with a client who has 1,000 clients. Then with 5,000, 10,000. I think you get the idea.

But I’m Not That Successful

But, stop a minute. You will be if you start down that path. I hear from some of my clients when I start throwing around those kinds of numbers that they don’t have the experience, or the results to justify working at those levels of success, nor with that many potential clients.

Well, then you start associating with those people at that level and learn!

Remember, the first one I suggested, could be even free! Well, pick up on what he does at his level, and then coach, BE HIS COACH helping him get even more. You will learn on the way too.

There are SOOO MANY WAYS to get so many clients, and such high payment clients. Just dig in with this principle of associating with those bigger than you and learn on the way. and one of the things you will quickly learn is that when you can deliver bigger and bigger results for your clients, your sales will DRAG YOU RIGHT ALONG to that new level since at every level, the next level will beg you to help them to.

A successful coach almost gets drug to new higher levels every time he reaches a new level.

Now, here’s a rule to follow when reaching upward to more successful coaches/consultants than you.

  • Make sure to MEASURE their results.
  • Check them out.
  • There are a lot of coaches/consultants who talk big, but don’t deliver anything close to what they are saying.
  • So, always measure, check out how many clients they have. And then attach yourself to that right star.

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