Afraid of Speaking In Public? — How to Speak Easily and Have Them Begging to Hire You

If you’ve been around on my site very long, you have heard me say that marketing is not about you, your products/your services, your processes, your experience, or credentials.

It is about a HUGE Result that they would almost kill for.

So let’s put that into a speech that is easy as well as will drive them to beg you to help them get what you are speaking about.

The real key is to talk about the way they can get something they would nearly kill to get, which isn’t about you or any of your processes. It is about a HUGE, Exciting, very desirable result that they already want not just a little but, as I said, would do almost anything to get.

Let’s start with the proper way to lay the speech out, using the AIDA formula.

Attention¬†— The very first thing you should say must get their attention. That also includes the title, and any marketing that you send out to attract people to your speech, assuming you are doing this speech independently, and haven’t been hired by someone. In either case this works.

So what gets their attention, a HUGE result that they want, so keep the focus on THE RESULTS and HOW BIG not on how you get there (your process), who you are, etc.

In other words the first three seconds explain something that has their mouths watering. Tell them what you are going to tell them that leaves them on their chair.

Information — Next give them probably what you would have told them, as long as it wasn’t about you, your products/services, your process, it is information about huge results, maybe a little about how to get it as long as it is something so different from everyone else. One good thing to do at this stage is to lay out some information on other clients, what they were struggling with at first, and what kind of new result they got

Desire — After wrapping up with the information, tell them how big of a result it was, how easy it was. The bigger the result the more desire they will have. This part is where you hook them into WANTING what you have, or even EXCITED about hearing such an unbelievably great speech. The bigger the value you show them the more value they perceive from the speech, and a desire for more.

Action (call to action) — The best thing you can do is to create an interaction with your audience. It might be as simple as asking them to share if they have a similar struggle or desire for something. If you are wanting this speech to attract them to buy from you, you might ask them if they’d like something like this, and then show them how to get it, such as “go sign up here” or “call me”.

One thing I love to do and is a real killer approach is to ask the room when anyone is going to apply what I just shared with them. Then I write a name, a target date he will start and when he will get the results on the board in front of the room. Now they have made a commitment to do what I shared. And I will offer to not let anyone in the room ever fail. So now I will ask if it is alright for me to call each of those names on or slightly after that date to see how they’ve done and to help them get the absolute most from their work.

Rule of Thumb: The old 80/20 rules applies. About 80% will not have even started. About 20% will have, and about 80% of those who have started won’t have results yet. While about 20% of those who have started will probably have some kind of result, but not always the big one they wanted.

NOTE: Their results are NOT your failure, it is the reason that people need to hire you so that they can get results, and by making your call, those you call, will discover that they didn’t accomplish this without you.

However, for those who did achieve great results, then share that with the whole group. Send an email complementing George for getting the FIRST and BIGGEST results of the group. This will excite the rest of the group into starting.

For those who didn’t start or who didn’t get results, offer to help them, talk them through what is wrong, and then get them to set another commitment date, and call them back at that time.

What they will discover after a few calls is that they either have not started, or they need some help from you to fix something, and they will realize that they aren’t getting results without you. They will now hire you.

This is the most successful approach for my clients. It is called “I’ll Never Let You Fail” and with that kind of promise, and follow up calls they recognize that they need you and that you have been there for them every step of the way.

How to Use the AIDA

Depending on how long the speech, or workshop is, I tend to have an AIDA wrapped around every 15 minutes. So I have a target result for every 15 minutes, an attention getting what huge results they will get from this 15 minutes, infomation, desire, and a call to action at the end.

So if the speech is short, one AIDA envelope is likely. If it is an hour or more, then there are AIDAs wrapped around every 15 minutes, and a REALLY BIG AIDA around the whole speech. So I have a main title talking about results for the whole speech, or workshop, and a call to action at the end.

Speaking Easily

One reason a lot of coaches struggle to speak is both fear of speaking and not knowing what to say that is actually exciting for the audience. Once you can say things that the audience literally eats up, gets excited about, and especially interacts with you, it becomes fun.

Just remember, give them a HUGE RESULT they want and they will beg you for more, and hire you as a coach, consultant or speaker as well.





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