What Are You Accomplishing in Every Marketing Activity

That’s probably one of the most important questions you’ll ever ask yourself about your coaching/consulting business success.

Most are

  • going networking . . . and telling themselves that “it just takes time for this to work”. So they wait for something to happen.
  • going on LinkedIn/Facebook . . . and hoping that someone will call them, but they are still waiting for that too.
  • A few might be speaking . . . and wondering why no one calls. or if they do, they get an appointment where they hear the other guy give his sales pitch . . . and wonder why no one is buying.

Just ask yourself, how many calls a week do you get from every local networking event, and how many calls you get from what you are doing on LinkedIn.  Doesn’t that tell you “It’s time to change something….Now?”

It should be working NOW. Whenever you do anything where you don’t get someone saying, “Wow, I need to talk to you” you probably aren’t doing it right, or at least well enough.

Here’s why it hasn’t worked, and how to make it work.I asked the question, “How many calls a week do you get from networking on LinkedIn?” a few weeks ago and the answer is pretty much 100% ZERO. or “I do get some connection requests.” Ok, so what? Are they turning into clients?

The next question I asked was, “So how long are you going to wait for results before you do something about it?” The answers from everyone were, “It just takes time.”. Again I asked, “How long?”

When forced, to a person, they said that they don’t know, every networking situation takes a while to get results.

In other words, they are still waiting. I asked them how long they’ve been waiting. The answer was anywhere from “just starting out” to “been doing this for years”, and they are still waiting for this to work.

Here’s a hint: Marketing works this way.

  • Get the attention of your target market (takes about 3 seconds, or they move on)
  • Once you’ve got the attention, now it might take a little while to build a relationship, but even here, remember the old 7 contact rule. Touch base with them 7 or more times before they make a decision to buy from you. So how long does it take you to touch base 7 times? And that’s how long you should give this step.
  • From there, set up a one on one appointment (if you haven’t already), and close the sale.
  • And even then, if they say no, stay in touch. Keep them on your list, let them see you in action with your newsletter. They’ll come around.

But, back to our original example of networking, local or online and how long should you wait before doing something, changing something, or getting results?

The first step of marketing was “get the attention of your target market” and that takes about 3 seconds. That’s how long you wait before deciding that what you said or did “did or did not get attention.”

Well, I’d give online networking a bit longer, but not by much. For instance, if you were face to face when you said something, yes, the 3 second rule applies. They’ll say “Wow, let’s talk right then” or it didn’t work. Online networking, well, they probably did respond just like that but you weren’t there to see it. So it may be anywhere from a few hours to a day or so, depending on how many people drift by to see what you say in that timeframe before you’ll hear from them. So when I post something on LinkedIn, sometimes I’ll get an email, a connection request, or a call within the hour, and can be up to a couple of days. But I’m certainly not waiting for days, weeks, twiddling my thumbs, and continuing to do it over and over if it didn’t work in a day or two.

Ok, so what do you do that works, both in local networking and online networking?

Simple. Here’s my philosophy of life. I believe it was Zig Ziglar who said:

“Find enough people to help them get what they want, and you’ll have everything you ever wanted out of life.”

I’ve taken that and cranked it up a notch or two.

“Find enough people to help them get much more than they ever expected, and you’ll have even more out of your life.”

In any case, your job as a coach/consultant is to find people who want something, and ALWAYS be there to help them get it. Don’t be a coach that tells himself that “if someone doesn’t pay for it, you aren’t going to give them a thing for free.”

Let’s take a look at how you responded last Thanksgiving. At least I can tell you how I responded. All morning long I could smell that delicious, mouth watering food cooking. About mid-morning I couldn’t wait any longer so I stole a taste. That was SOOOOO good. At that point I wanted to taste a little of this, a lot of that, and until my wife slapped my hands away, I was going wild tasting, and tasting.

Now, that is the way marketing of what you do should work.

The smells “got my attention.” My mouth was watering. I couldn’t wait. I took a sample.

Now put that into perspective for your marketing. What can you put out there to get their attention? It has to be something they want so bad that they’ll almost jump on it when they see it.

What do you do when you go networking? Talk about coaching? That’s not what they want. They want results. So hang a carrot.

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