Intro To Marketing for Coaches — Becoming Good at Getting Coaching Clients

Becoming GOOD at Getting Coaching Clients

 How to Increase Your Client Acquisition Results 1,000 Times . . . Or More

 . . . Guaranteed!

Before you go running off saying “That’s hype, that’s b.s.”   . . . Please stop.

The reason: this is FOR REAL and not hype. Up until this point you had NO CLUE about marketing and what it could or should do. Going from near zero to even one client is a HUGE multiplier, nearly infinity. These numbers are FOR REAL.

Before you joined this site it’s very likely that you were getting what I call typical coach marketing results which is about one client every 5 to 10 months . . . and that’s assuming you’ve even had one client.

From zero, or near zero, to even one is nearly an infinite multiplier.

Just imagine that if you go from one client in 10 months to 5-10 interested people within the next month, what is that multiplier?

No matter where you are starting, our goal is to not grow your business by small percentage steps, but by large multipliers. If you don’t want to be that big you’ll still have the skills to do so, and you pick where you stop.

How different is that from where you are?

Moving toward acquiring 10 clients a month from one in 10 months is at least a 100 times multiplier. And before you even read the next section, you will learn that 100 times is only the beginning, and that you will actually learn ways to multiply your leads by 10’s of thousands of times . . . if you WANT TO.

This is about becoming good at acquiring clients, and then you decide who, what, when, where, and how many you want.

It’s very likely that you have a LOT of misconceptions about marketing that have caused you to shoot yourself in the foot. Each one of them, once corrected is likely to multiply your new results by 10’s or 100’s of times for each of them that we correct as we go forward.

So, let’s dive in.

Marketing Misconceptions

Before we dive into this section, let’s talk about some of the typical misconceptions about marketing.

Misconception The Way It SHOULD Be
Hope and Pray MarketingMarketing is like casting a net out – I call it Hope and Pray marketing.Cast the net out and hope and pray that something gets caught in it. . . . But marketing can be done with scientific precision. You SHOULD be getting what you DESIGNED it to get. Scientific Exact Marketing Results –Design what you want, right down to how many who’ll be spending how much, and “go get ‘em”!
Marketing Is About You, Your Products and Your ServiceApproach it this way and watch them run from you. This is one of the WORST possible mistakes, but almost EVERYONE make this one, at least at first. Marketing Is Actually About What Your Customer WANTSApproach it this way and watch them line up outside your door begging to get what you have.
Marketing to EVERYONE Most believe that everyone in the world needs what you sell, but whether this is true or not, attempting to market to THE WORLD will result in near ZERO results because you can’t develop a marketing message that works for the whole world.Another misconception about this is that the bigger your target market, the more that will respond. THIS IS NOT SO!The bigger your market the fewer that respond.   Marketing to a Small Segment that Desperately Needs YouYou MUST DOMINATE a small niche. In fact, that’s the ONLY way you can dominate anything.The smaller your target market the larger your market share of that market will be.
Copying Other People’s MarketingWhen 99% of all marketing does not work, any attempt to look like all of that marketing that you see thousands of times a day is a formula for failure.In fact, this point is so hard to get through to most any small business owners, coaches or otherwise, even the best copywriters and marketers in the world have a saying:If my client doesn’t tell me I’m wrong about what he wants to say in his marketing, then I’m doing it wrong.It’s their belief about what marketing SHOULD look like that is wrong, and they’ll fight against doing it right.I’ve literally seen a client go from one client a month to 1,500 and tell me that his marketing “doesn’t look professional” and he wants me to change it back. Measure and Prove That it Works – Copy and Repeat ONLY what delivers results. Not what someone says “they like.”In marketing, please realize that 5% to 10% response rates are considered EXCELLENT. But most will say “but  when I showed this to my friend, they didn’t like it.”Expect 90+% of the world to not like it. But if you are getting 10% results, you are already getting more results than 99% of the other businesses. You already are a success.Don’t listen to those who pooh-pooh your marketing, especially if it’s getting you 5% to 10% responses.The typical struggling business get’s less than 0.1% response rates.We’ll be working to get you to the 5% to 10% area, and you will be exposed to some that are getting 40% to 60% with some special tweaks.

Moving from 0.1% to 10% is a 1,000 times increase in leads, and eventually, the number of clients. I hope that sinks in. It really is possible to improve 1,000 times, and much more. (See the next section for the MUCH more part).


 Marketing Formula

Here’s the scientific formula that we’ll be using from this point forward that shows you how to DESIGN the measurable results you want and not just cast a net out and hope something gets caught in it.

This formula shows you how to design your marketing results down to the exact measurable results you want.

Wouldn’t you rather say, “I want 3 clients this month, and then do it?” Well it can be done.

Marketing is nothing more than:

The number of people who see your marketing message times the conversion rate of that marketing message. That tells you how many leads, or interested people that will be generated by your marketing.

Traffic   Conversion rate   Leads
No. of people who see (or hear) marketing message X Conversion rate of message (what you say and how you say it) = No. of people who are interested (how many calls, signups, or how many touch base with you)

Some will try to tell you that marketing isn’t an exact science, but all that shows you is how little they really know about marketing, and their own response rate. It’s likely that they’ve never measured it. Nor is it likely that they ever had a good marketing message, so, yes, they probably did get some rather difficult to measure results.  One person calling you from 1,000 to even 10,000 marketing attempts sure seems as if it wasn’t very measurable.

Also, if you aren’t being consistent in who you send the marketing to, yes, you’ll get numbers varying all over the place. This requires that you PICK a target market and consistently hit that same market. If you hit different people every time their response rates will be different every time.

Let’s run some numbers so you can get an idea of how to use the marketing formula.

For the time being, let’s make some assumptions so that we can run the numbers through the formula.

Let’s say that you want 10 people calling you every week, or every month.  Plug the number 10 into the “leads” section of the formula

Traffic   Conversion rate   Leads
No. of people who see (or hear) marketing message X Conversion rate of message (what you say and how you say it) = 10

Now let’s assume that you have been getting a 10% response rate when you send out that marketing message. (NOTE: We’ll talk about how to get the 10% response rate in a later section. For now, I want you to start using the formula to control your results.)

Traffic   Conversion rate   Leads
No. of people who see (or hear) marketing message X 10% = 10

Plug the 10% into Conversion rate.

Now how many people have to see your marketing message to get 10 calls this very week?

About 100, right? 100×10%=10

Traffic   Conversion rate   Leads
100 X 10% = 10

But now I want you to see what happens when your marketing message is typical for most coaches. The typical coach gets about 0.1% response rate. In other words he only gets one interested lead for every 1,000 people he talks to.

It’s the marketing message that makes the difference!!!!!

For that marketing message, the average coach would have to talk to 10,000 people to get 10 even slightly interested people, and we haven’t even gotten to what percentage of them will actually buy his service.

Traffic   Conversion rate   Leads
10,000 X 0.1% = 10

But what should be becoming obvious to you at this point is that you do have control of your marketing.

If you were measuring your marketing message, you would know what your conversion rate is, and knowing that conversion rate you can do two things, either improve the marketing conversion rate, or get your marketing message out to enough people that would consistently deliver however many leads you need to generate how many dollars you want to make.

But here’s another aha moment for you. Whatever your marketing response rate, look at the “number of people who see your marketing message”. That’s an unlimited number. Theoretically you could market to 10 people, or 10,000 people, and that’s a 1,000 times multiplier. Just imagine that you just took your marketing message from 0.1% to 10%, and got a 1,000 times multiplier. But now you also went from marketing to 10 people to marketing to 10,000 people, another 1,000 times multiplier.

The results: 1,000 (marketing conversion improvement) X 1,000 (increase in marketing activity and effort) = 1,000,000 times increase in clients.

Don’t believe there are that many out there for your market? But there are. There are over 200,000 people looking for a life coach on the internet, and around 150,000 looking for a business coach. That’s your POTENTIAL market, and it’s up to you how many of them you go after. In fact, simply getting your website set up correctly, and you could be in front of that many.

So, I’m not throwing hype around here. As we move forward you will learn how to do this, become good at doing it, and THEN you can decide how much of this market you really want to go after. 

Wouldn’t you rather have them lining up, chasing after you, and you picking and choosing the best of the batch to work with. That’s what we are going to do here. Help you learn those skills.

Business Plan

Let’s extend the formula a bit to be in control of your whole business.

Answer the following questions:

  • How many dollars do you want to make THIS YEAR?
  • What is you average client worth to you?
  • What is your average sales close rate?
  • What is your average marketing response rate?

If you know those you can DESIGN the results you want.

Let’s say that you want to make $100K this year, and that your average client is worth $1,000 a month to you.

Now don’t go telling me that you can’t even guess what a client is worth. I hear coaches saying things like, “I don’t know. I sometimes have clients paying $100, some are free, and once in a while I’ll get a $1,000 client.”

Well, my question was obvious. . . what is the AVERAGE client worth to you. So figure the AVERAGE, at least for this exercise. Later we’ll be more exact, and start looking at different kinds of clients. Actually when we do that you’ll discover that you shouldn’t even be talking to some of those $100 clients, or if you do you use that as a stepping stone to move them to the $1,000 or greater area.

But for now, let’s make an assumption. Let’s say that you charge $1,000 a month, and that you keep a client for a year. That’s $12,000 for a client. (But of course, you use your REALITY, not mine. If you are going to make this work for you we have to have REALITY to plan around, and some places we’ll point fingers at and say THIS MUST be fixed. So start with YOUR REALITY.

But, now that we have a target of $100K for the year, and an average $12,000 client, we now know how many clients we must have for the year.

Target income

Target Income   Average client value   Number of clients needed for year
$100,000 / $12,000 = 8.33

Now how many do you need NEXT WEEK? Or NEXT MONTH?

Just divide that yearly number by 52 for the weekly number, or by 12 for the monthly number.

Yearly number of clients   Number clients need to acquire every week of the year   Number of clients need to acquire every month of the year
8.33   8.33/52= .16   8.33/12= .7

In other words if we spend the next year to get to $100K, and you


Add 0.16 new clients a week, or about one client every 6 weeks, you’ll be on target toward $100K.


Add 1 client every month and a half, you’ll be on target toward $100K.

But let’s step back and develop a formula for your whole business.

Number Marketing Leads(from marketing formula)  X Sales Close Ratio (Number sales/number leads)  = Number clients

We now know how many clients we need in a time frame, either weekly, or monthly.

Let’s say, for now that we are going to shoot for one new client a month.

Number of leads from marketing   Sales close ratio (number of sales/number of leads)   Number of clients need to acquire every month of the year

So, what is your sales close ratio?

That’s the number of sales leads, or appointments you’ve had divided by the number of leads or number of appointments (should be about the same thing).

Most coaches have not tracked this, and therefore they don’t know. But I’d suggest that you stop for a minute, and take your best guess. You’ll have some rough idea that you’ve had X number of sales appointments before you closed even one.

Let’s say for a minute that you are closing 1 out of 10 (that’s a rather low figure, eventually through this course we’ll show you how to get upwards to over 50%, and that would mean another 5 times increase in client acquisition from the 10%. If you are even lower, then our goal will be to multiply your client acquisition even further. But FOR NOW, let’s use something close to reality for your current situation, so let’s throw 10% at this number.

Number of leads from marketing   Sales close ratio (number of sales/number of leads)   Number of clients need to acquire every month of the year
  x 10% = 1


Now we know how many leads we’ll need from our marketing activities. For this, it’s only 10 leads.

Number of leads from marketing   Sales close ratio (number of sales/number of leads)   Number of clients need to acquire every month of the year
10 x 10% = 1

That means that you MUST have 10 sales appointments this month, about 2 ½ per week.

Do you see how this comes together into a neat little goal-setting package?

  • To have a $100K coaching business, you’ll need to acquire only 8.3 customers within the next year.
  • You’ll need to close 1 every 6 weeks.
  • And you’ll need 10 leads or sales appointments a month, or about 2 ½ per week.

Now you can go back to the marketing formula and figure out how many marketing activities or touches you’ll have to do every week to make that happen.

But, before we go on, let’s step back to look at some of those numbers to see what might happen if your numbers slide down to about where some typical coaching numbers might be.

What would happen if your sales close goes up to the 50% area we talked about?

Well you’d only have to have 2 sales appointments a month. Hmm!!! If a sales meeting is typically 1 to 2 hours, at 10% it’ll take 10 hours of sales time. At 50% sales close ratio it’ll only take 2 hours a month!!! Pretty good.

But let’s look at the marketing effort. If your marketing response rate is the typical 0.1% instead of our target of 5% to 10%, that means that you’ll have to reach out with your marketing to 10,000 at 0.1%, or only 100 at 10%.

The difference is in cost of your marketing, and time it takes to get it out.

But let’s look at something that many coaches do, which is to look for the cheapest marketing they can find, usually free, and called networking. If your marketing conversion rate is 0.1%, and you are networking, what does that say about how many people you must meet and how long it takes.

It’s unachievable. I’ll admit that your face to face marketing response will probably be higher than your remote marketing, however, it all boils down to your marketing message, no matter what the marketing media (the envelope) is. The marketing message has it’s own conversion rate. Improve the marketing message and everything in your life and your coaching business will change . . . nearly overnight.

Number of People You Touch (Traffic)

Before we move on let’s talk about the number of people who get to see your marketing message (if this was on your website we’d call this traffic).

I’d bet that so far you’ve assumed that everyone in the world needs what you do. But, let me break your bubble.

It might actually be true that if they knew what you could do for them that an awful lot of people really do need what you do. But, in reality, it boils down to “who WANTS the results that you can provide.”

The difference between what they WANT and whether they need you is HUGE. Many people may need you, but they AREN’T looking and AREN’T going to buy UNTIL and IF they discover that they WANT you.

Working with people who NEED you but don’t yet WANT you is a waste of time. Yes, you might be able to persuade them, but why waste your time when there are 10’s if not 100’s of thousands actually already on a search for the results you provide.

I hope that thought shakes your whole coaching world, and how you find clients from now on.

Marketing is often thought of as “gaining people’s interest” in you, or “persuading them to be interested.” However, marketing that REALLY WORKS means that we want people who are actually already looking for help, to suddenly start CHASING after you to get such valuable results that they will LINE UP outside your door BEGGING you to help them get what they want.

The results will mean that you no longer have to work that hard to acquire clients. They will be waiting in line for when they can get to you.

Your marketing message response rate depends on what you say, and it will range from

  • No interest at all
  • Some interest
  • May be able to be persuaded
  • Starting to line up
  • CHASING and BEGGING you for your time . . . there will be a line outside of your door.

So, as we move further, and start defining your marketing message, please . . . consider that your current marketing message sets somewhere on that continuum, and probably in one of the top 2, but our goal is to move you to the “chasing” and “begging” for you part.

What We’ll Be Doing From This Point Forward

As we move forward, we’ll work on three aspects of your marketing, sales, and general client acquisition.

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Mindset

Knowledge – This is the knowledge acquisition part. This is where you’ll learn WHAT to do. But that’s not all of it. In fact, that is the reason that many coaches, consultants, and trainers, have bought all kinds of eBooks, studied books, courses, and everything they can get their hands on, and still have not experienced much, or maybe ANY success. Just knowing what to do doesn’t mean that you are GOOD at doing it.

Skill – Skill is the part where you become good at doing it. Since we are talking about client acquisition in this whole course, this is about BECOMING GOOD at CLIENT ACQUISITION. Have you heard the phrase “You can’t learn to ride a bicycle in a seminar?” You could read every book you can get your hands on about how to ride a bicycle, and it’s a given that you are going to fall off, and skin your knees. Building a coaching business is NO DIFFERENT. No matter how many books you’ve read you are skinning your knee right now. You’ve fallen off until you wonder if you can get back on. Well, that’s why we’ll study the knowledge part, and you’ll go out there trying to do it, and come back to the FORUM to share and debrief. I’ll be there to hand hold you through getting back on that bike, and becoming good at acquiring clients steps by step. And others will be there sharing their failures and successes. You’ll see them progressing and what they learn as well as getting your own hand held until you become GOOD at ACQUIRING clients.

Mindset – This is likely to be the biggest struggle you’ll have. A mindset is a “belief” that you are STUCK in. Your belief that something should be done a certain way will stop you dead in the water, until you discover that belief is the very reason you’ve been shooting yourself in the foot. And, we’ll also deal with this in the forum as well. Please be honest about what you currently believe, and share with me and everyone. And ask questions about why it isn’t working. Share, share, share honestly so that we can identify what mindset has caused you to shoot yourself in the foot until there’s almost no foot left.

I’d like to share one more story with you about mindset. When you were learning to ride a bike as a child, I’d bet that you had a belief that kept you from learning quickly. I’d bet that you believed that if you went too fast you’d get hurt. So, you tried to keep that bike as slow as you could possible keep it.

But guess what? The slower a bike goes, the harder it is to keep it upright. Could you actually stay upright on a bike when it is perfectly still? Not likely at that stage of your learning. And, the slower you go the more you fall over. But your belief was: GO SLOW or GET HURT. Therefore, it wasn’t until you overcame that thought, that you started moving a little faster and started keeping upright on the bike.

Get my point about Mindsets? You’ve been doing things in your coaching business that just plain kept you from moving forward. That’s a sure thing. Now let us help you start moving forward faster and faster. You’ll start winning more races as you get better. And, as you start winning races, I’ll ask you one last question: Do you want to enter the Olympics? In other words, now that you are acquiring clients, are you ready for the big time?

You will learn how and what to do in the courses, but you WILL fall off the bike as you get out there trying it in real life. You will also have beliefs that mess you up big time. But that’s why this course is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from anything you’ve ever experienced. Others talked about WHAT to do and left you flopping like a fish left on the beach, and you couldn’t get back in the water without help. But that’s what’s different here. We are going to take you from the knowledge part, to becoming GOOD at ACQUIRING COACHING CLIENTS.

Now Join us in the rest of this course where you’ll learn where to find those people who are begging for the results you provide, and where there are thousands looking. Also, we’ll work on how to get your marketing message up there where it’s bringing you 10 times, or even 1,000 times more than it is now.

One Response to Intro To Marketing for Coaches — Becoming Good at Getting Coaching Clients

  • Geoff says:

    Hi Alan

    Today, by invitation, I attended a networking event. About
    20 members were there (none of whom I knew) and I felt it
    would be a great place to ‘try-out’ my new 60 seconds-type

    It’s based on your model (I think) and I’ve attached it below
    for comment. Of course, what’s written here is not what I
    actually said, since I generally delivered it without notes,
    but I’d welcome your observations, and it may help others
    in the group too.

    So here goes:
    Ladies and Gentlemen – I’m Geoff Carter…

    I’m sure many of you will remember the BUZZ you felt when you set up
    your own business – the excitement, and the feeling that finally your
    dreams can now come true… Remember?

    Reality Check! But how is it now for you?

    Have those feelings of joy all but evaporated? Have some of those dreams
    been shattered? I know for many businesses and indeed employees, this
    is the case…

    BUT if you could wave a Magic Wand, what would you change about your
    business, or maybe about your life?

    – If you had what you wanted, what would that do for you?

    – What would be the best part of having what you want, too?

    – Imagine achieving all you dreamed of… Yes, imagine for a moment
    how that would feel.

    So – what IS stopping you from accomplishing your dreams?

    What’s holding you back?

    If YOU could turn your business around in the next 6 months, what impact
    would that have on your whole life?

    What specific results do you want in your business?

    And how will you ensure you get them?

    Are you simply going to carry on as you are?
    Remember, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, the results
    will not change…

    So where do you start and when?

    If you’d like to know more about how I can help YOU achieve YOUR
    dreams, then let’s have a chat…

    I’m Geoff Carter… Ladies and Gentlemen – Thank You…


    Once member said to me how he loved the angle I came at it from;
    that he’d not heard it done like this before… so quite a positive response…

    Finally, I didn’t say all of the text above, but how in general is the script
    and what changes would you recommend, please…

    Cheers and thanks


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