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If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it.

Albert Einstein

Our job in this bootcamp is not a vague “let’s grow our coaching business”, or even “get more clients.” Those are too vague.

This is about multiplying your ability to get coaching clients by 30-50 times or more. As Albert Einstein said, let’s lay out the plan so that we can become really good at doing it fast.

These goals below are not vague.  You choose to head down this path with us to get coaching clients, or not. That’s your choice.

As we start down the path toward getting coaching clients faster and easier, we will set several very measurable, and very targeted goals.

  1. To be on track toward an additional $100K within 6 months or less.

  2. To get at least 10 times more coaching leads per week than you are currently getting. Now use care with this number as 10 times zero is still zero. If you are starting from zero leads a week, moving to 10 a week is an infinite multiplier. But so be it!  Coaches frequently start with a very low client acquisition rate, even zero. You will see ways to multiply your leads by many, many times. One of my larger clients went from 1 client a month to 1,500 within 3 months using the same techniques that you will learn in this program.

  3. To get 3-5 times more coaching sales closes than you currently get. When most coaches are closing less than 1 in 10 sales appointments . . . moving to 30% to 50% sales closes, or even higher, is our goal, and that’s 3 to 5 times higher

  4. To have coaching prospects CHASING you, lined up outside of your door, instead of you chasing them and getting very few of them

Just imagine

 as you head down this path you could

    • grow your coaching business from wherever you are now . . .  by another $100K with a steady flow of coaching clients,
    • and, if you should choose . . . could keep adding another $100K every few months.

But with these new skills . . that’s a new choice you will have to make rather than being at the mercy of everything outside of your control including this economy.

I don’t care what kind of coach, or consultant, or trainer your are, life coach, business coach, executive coach, career coach, transition coach, health coach, or whatever kind of coach, you’ll find your answers here.

When building a coaching business, there are three key things to know and learn.

  • Knowledge — know what to do, when to do it, how and why to do it.
  • Skill — Becoming good at it, becoming good at acquiring clients. As I frequently say, knowing how to ride a bicycle won’t keep you from falling off and skinning your knees. Our job here is to help you become good at aquiring clients, not just knowing what to do when. It’s a guaranteed fact that you WILL fall off and skin your knees, and many NEVER get beyond that. So, I will take you by the hand in this program and help you become good at acquiring clients.
  • Mindset — This is the part where everyone shoots themself in the foot. Something you believe about the right way to do it only results in your skinning your knees even more. You keep turning up the heat, but getting less. I’ll help you overcome your natural tendency to shoot yourself in the foot and start accelerating toward success.

So, if you haven’t signed up yet, sign up on the form to the right NOW.

Your target goals . . .  IF you decide to accept them

Coaching Income
  • Be on track to $100K income in 6 months or less
Marketing skills — lead generation
  • >10 times more coaching leads per week
Coaching client sales skills
  • 3-5 times more coaching sales closes than current.
Ultimate — bottom line goal get coaching clients, Coaching client acquisition
  • >30-50 times where you are now

 This is only for coaches, consultants, or trainers who are serious about building a successful coaching business. Join us and watch your coaching business grow. Or stay where you are and keep making what you’ve been making.

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