What do coaches sell?

I keep hearing other coaches talking about “coaching” to their clients.

However, do you KNOW for a fact what your clients buy, and, in fact, would nearly kill to get?

It’s simple. They don’t buy coaching. They do buy RESULTS with a HUGE VALUE.

You see, your clients don’t really care what you do to deliver the results, they would buy those results of such a high value no matter how you could deliver it.

Therefore, the ONLY thing they should see as the very FIRST thing they hear, or see, from you is what RESULTS you deliver, and what VALUE (how big, how much, how fast).

Think about it: Try these and see how you might respond

  • I’m a coach.
  • I’ll coach you.
  • Make another $100K Every 3 months

Which of those would get your attention?

The last one of course.

That’s the headline I use almost every time I’m sending out an advertisement to my next workshop. I send out 1000 as a postcard, and that delivers, EVERY TIME, 100 or so calls of people who would like to attend. Out of the 100, I capture all of them, have a discussion about what they want and why, and about 50 to 60 will show up at my next free workshop.

With that one I get 10% response.

How many do you think would reply to “I’m a coach” or “I’ll coach you”, or even “I’ll coach you to get bigger results?” The first two get zero results. The last one gets about 1 out of 100, but not reliably.

You see, your client wants, maybe desparately needs, a specific result of a very high value. That’s what they will not only respond to, but with the right result of a HUGE value, they might actually fight to get at those results.

How do YOU respond to the stack of direct mail you receive daily? Don’t you stand over the round file looking at the first thing you see on the outside of the mail before you even decide to open it. It either “gets your attention” enough that you open it, or within 3 seconds or less you throw it into the round file.

And even if it is one of the few that gets opened, you’ll do exactly the same thing once it is open, quickly scan the headline, the first thing you see, to decide if you’ll read deeper, or if it still gets thrown into the round file.

That’s how everyone handles the incoming mail daily. If the first thing anyone sees GRABS THEIR ATTENTION then it might get opened and read, otherwise it gets thrown.

And that IS EXACTLY why if that headline contains a RESULT they want, and of SUCH VALUE that they’d fight to get it, then you have a big chance of them finding within that thing they’d fight to get at. RESULTS of HUGE VALUE. It isn’t coaching that would grab their attention, only RESULTS of HUGE VALUE.



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