Want People to Chase You? — Stop Talking About Yourself

Have you ever wondered how to get prospects to actually chase you?

There’s a good chance that your marketing message is turning them off instead of on. Here’s the keys to successfully have them chase you.

How do you answer when someone says “What do you do”? Do you respond with “I am a coach” or “I am a consultant”?

Do you actually KNOW what your ideal client wants, and would actually almost kill to get? That’s what you should have in your marketing message. They could care less that you are a coach or a consultant. They only care when you drop an offer on them that is something they would almost kill to get.

And what is it that your ideal client would kill to get?  Do you KNOW that? That’s the key to your having them chasing you.

Here’s a suggestion:

  • They DON’T WANT to know about you, your products, your services, your experience, your credentials.

Why not? Because those aren’t the things they want. Does that surprise you? Didn’t you think that everyone wants a coach or consultant?

  • They do want
    • To know what specific RESULTS you do deliver.
    • The VALUE of your results, how big, how much, how fast you deliver those results.
    • To be excited about what they could have with you. In other words if they get so excited that they’d even beg you to help them, then you’ve got a prospect who would almost fight to get at you.

Don’t Answer the Question “What Do You DO” with “Who I am.”

They don’t want to know that.

So, when you answer the question, “What do you do?” do you answer “I am a _____” or do you answer with “I work with ______ (name the people you work with) who struggle with ________. And my clients typically _______________ (name the result, and how big, how fast they get those results).

If that answer is what they want, I’ll guarantee that the percent response you get should go upward by 100 times. Wow, imagine!

An Example Where The Prospect BEGGS for Help

Let’s try an example to see what I mean. The example is a doctor standing in a networking event right in front of his ideal patient, but neither know that what they want is right in front of them. So let’s take a look at how you typically answer, and compare that to what would drive them crazy, to chase you.

This doctor is a pancreatic cancer specialist, and he is standing right in front of a woman who has just been told that she has pancreatic cancer and has 3 months to live.

So, the typical question starts, “What do you do?”

The doctor answers, “I am a doctor.” How many times have you answered that question with “I am a coach”?

You need to realize that the woman standing right in front of him definitely needs his help, but since she has seen dozens of “plain old doctors” that did nothing for her, might have referred her to several cancer specialists, but the plain old doctors essentially did nothing for her. So when she hears “I am a doctor”, that is like saying “I’m a plain old doctor”. So even though he has her answer, she likely runs away from him. She doesn’t want to waste what little life she has with another doctor who can’t help her.

And when you answer “I am a ______” aren’t you defining yourself as a “plain old _____” that no one cares about or wants to spend more time with? Is it possible that’s why you aren’t getting a lot of people’s attention?

So what would happen if, instead, he answered, “I’m an oncologist.” It’s a little more specific, he is a cancer doctor, but we don’t know for what. So she might respond by asking questions. Stop a minute. if you haven’t laid out exactly what she wants, you are assuming that the client, or patient, will ask the right questions to get the answers they want. Surprise, normally that doesn’t happen. But the more specific you get the more likely they will ask a few questions.

But now, let’s stop with the responses that don’t answer exactly what she wants, and drop exactly what she wants on her and let’s see how she might respond.

So this time, the doctor answers, “What do you do?” with:

“I work with people who have been told that they have pancreatic cancer and have less than three months to live. 80% of my clients walk out cured in 3 months or less.”

How do you think this woman will respond to that? Isn’t it likely that she could be down on her hands and knees BEGGING this doctor to help her?

Why? Because this doctor identified HER as his ideal client, and that his result was EXACTLY what she wants. In fact she may see that her life may depend upon getting this doctor to help her. Don’t you think that she’d be begging him to help? She’d be chasing him.

So stop a minute, and think about the difference between a marketing message that says “I am a ______” which is about you, and tells this woman nothing about what she wants. But when the doctor identifies that he works with people just like her, that has the problem she has, and that 80% of his patients get cured in 3 months or less.

I don’t know about you, but I would certainly be ready to beg him to help me.

Answer “What do you do” With THE RESULTS and VALUE they WANT

And the only reason this prospect responds this way is that the doctor answers with the results she wants, not even mentioning that he is “a doctor.”

Frequently, when I tell this story to coaches or consultants, I hear “But I don’t do anything that valuable.” My response to that is that’s your problem if you believe you don’t have anything that valuable.

Depending upon what kind of coach you are, if you dig deep enough I’d bet that you could save someone’s business, save someone’s marriage, save someone’s job, or even create a situation where you’d multiply that business 10 times, multiply pleasure of a marriage, multiply someone’s output on his job making him more valuable to his boss so that the boss would beg him to do more. You should figure out what you deliver that your prospect would beg you to help him with, and to figure out what your real value is. Of course it must be VERY VALUABLE. But that’s up to you to figure out so that your prospects chase you instead of you having to chase them.

Special opportunity to learn how to get prospects chasing you instead of you having to do the chasing and it not working. What to say, how to say it, and who to say it to so that they chase you.



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