US Service Business Slowing — Is Your Coaching/Consulting Service Expanding?

I just saw the warning that the U.S. service businesses are slowing. That actually means that your service business, coaching or consulting, should actually be increasing . . . that is if you have set it up right.

So how is that when the warning says that my type of business is slowing down?

I can remember shortly after I started my coaching business that I could tell if the economy was slowing or speeding up a few weeks before it happened. The reason is that most people who hire coaches or consultants look at you as an expense, not a benefit, something that they will decide to do without when times get tough, and when times get better some of them free up some money to get help with their growth.

Well, you can actually make more money in tough times by positioning your coaching business properly to the right people and businesses, to provide answers they need in tough times.

For one, if what you tell your prospects is “I am a coach”,  that shows no value, you are assuming that they know that a coach is valuable. However, few actually know the value of a coach, and even then they don’t relate that value to something soooo valuable that when their business is slipping that the ONLY answer is to quickly hire a coach who will cause their business to grow when others are failing. So this is the BEST time to sell higher value in tough times.

In my book, and in my video on Udemy,  I show rules for getting your clients to chase you instead of you doing ineffective chasing. And that works even better in tougher times.



Basically, don’t talk about you, talk about a specific HIGH VALUE RESULT. For me I Typically offer coaches and consultants and small businesses “Another $100K in 3-6 months”, but as the economy gets worse add that this program is specifically to help your target client get that much more even when everyone else is losing money in this economy, and now YOU coach become THE ANSWER to their struggles.

Of course, it’s very important that you target the IDEAL Client that I describe how to find in my book and video course since this is the ONLY type of client that is already spending, and is looking specifically for you right now. Don’t waste your time on a non-ideal client as they frequently say “Can’t afford it right now” and will say that even more as times get tough.

Choosing the IDEAL Client actually means that you will have more success acquiring clients the tougher the economy gets, and that is while other coaches are losing business.

If you’d like to take the video course now, this one time offer is 1/2 the regular price, and will get you acquiring clients now faster, as well as when times get even tougher.

Click the link to check out the video class “Get Coaching Clients Chasing You Faster”




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