Three Kinds of Prospects . . . and One Will Be the Easiest to Get

There are three kinds of coaching or consulting prospects . . . and only one will be easy to get. Do you know which one that is?

The Kiddie Pool

The first kind are the ones that struggle the most. I call them the “kiddie pool” since they tend to struggle to every keep their head above water. They play at making it work.

The biggest problem for coaches and consultants is that since they see these as “the most desperate” they believe that these should be their ideal clients, someone who SHOULD buy because they need this coach so bad.

But let me warn you. One of the reasons these people play in the “kiddie pool” is that one belief they have keeps them from ever hiring anyone. Paying for a coach seems like throwing money away that they don’t have. One believe they have is to never spend money.

These are the people that, yes, need you very badly, however, will almost never spend on you or anyone else.

I used to believe that, as a coach, I should be good at convincing these people to buy. However, when I realized that in order to convince someone to break a core belief would take weeks of coaching. And our marketing must convince them to at least call you in 3 seconds or less. So I was wasting my time.

The Already Successful

This is sort of the opposite of “the kiddie pool.” These are people that have become successful because they learned one important thing, that in order to get ahead they could hire someone who can take them where they want to go. They will get there faster by working with someone who can take them there, or has already been there himself.

They look at what is the greatest Return on Investment and hire the one with the biggest ROI.

  • They have the money
  • They will spend the money
  • They have a history of spending money to get them ahead faster

In this case you don’t have to convince someone to buy that normally won’t buy. For these you only have to show them that you can provide the RESULTS they want at a BIG ROI and you are hired.

The Somewhat Successful — The IDEAL CLIENT

This is between “the kiddie pool” the the already, or very successful.

These people have already made some steps toward success, but they still have some of the old “kiddie pool” beliefs that result in them shooting themselves in the foot. So it takes a LITTLE longer to make the sale to these people since they are learning about ROI and who to work with that has the greatest ROI.

What I Tripped Over as I Become More Successful

Let me share a few things I learned along the way

When I was targeting businesses and individuals under $100K of income I almost always heard this statement: “Wow, I wish I could afford you.”

What this told me was that

  • My Marketing message was working since it grabbed their attention, and they WISHED they could hire me.
  • But their beliefs about spending money prevented them from actually hiring me.
  • And that they would not likely ever hire me even if I spent weeks trying to coach them to work through this belief. I learned this from trying to convince them for weeks.

When I moved up to $500K companies, my sales success ratio moved up to about 40 to 45%. These people were convinceable. It just took a little more work. These people were going through the transition of learning what would take them ahead.

When I moved up to over $1M companies, my sales success ratio moved up to 50% to 70%. Why? These people had already learned that the fastest way to success was to surround them with people who could help them get to the next level, and the next, and the next. They are already out there looking for someone who can take them up, up, up.

My marketing message still had to work, to attract my ideal client. It actually appealed to all three kinds of clients, but the one hangup was whether their core beliefs were limiting them (the kiddie pool would never spend money even if they loved what I said), the highly successful were attracted by the message and they were ready to spend. The somewhat successful also were attracted, but needed a little help convincing them to spend the money.

So your coaching marketing/sales success depends upon

  • The right marketing message that attracts them, that would get them to fight to get a time with you.
  • The RIGHT people who will spend, have the money, and are already looking for someone to help them get ahead.

Let me help you develop those things that will take you from “Not now, can’t afford it” to “Wow, how fast can we get started.”

Special opportunity to learn how to get prospects chasing you instead of you having to do the chasing and it not working. What to say, how to say it, and who to say it to so that they chase you.


Alan Boyer

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