How Much Should You Be Spending on Marketing for Your Coaching Business?

Most coaches tell me they don’t spend money on marketing, many call it word of mouth marketing.

Any form of marketing that works is great. So just ask yourself, do I get the number of new clients a week that I’d like to have? Do I make the kind of money that I’d like to have?

If you answered yes, then great. Keep doing it. But when I ask those two questions 99% of the coaches I talk to say, no.

Many say they can’t afford marketing.

And that’s where most coaches get it wrong. Can you afford to be without clients? Or operating below what you need to live or operate?

If for instance every time you spent a $1 on marketing, you could generate $10 in coaching sales, could you afford not to spend that dollar? I couldn’t

So, let’s get started on how to turn every dollar you spend on marketing into $10, $50, $100, or more.

The first thing you should know about your marketing is “What does it cost to acquire a client?”

For instance, if it cost you $100 to acquire a $1,000 a month coaching or consulting client, what is the first thing you should do?

Buy as many clients as you want as fast as you can? Right?

If that client is only around one month, you still gained $900, still a 10:1 return. But how long does your average client stay around, 6 months, 12 months, or longer. At 12 months that client is now worth $12,000, for a cost of only $100.

Marketing IS NOT A COST, It Should Generate X Times More Income.

One thing I’d like to emphasize, marketing is NOT A COST. It is a Return on Investment, at least if your marketing message attracts enough that buy. So your next concern might be to determine if what you say in your marketing, and to who, actually generates

Another key thing to manage is “What is your marketing response rate?”

If 1,000 people hear, see, or experience your marketing message, how many of them respond by calling, emailing, signing up, or whatever you want them to do for the next step into your marketing funnel?

I teach my clients to shoot for 10%, 1 out of 10, yet most coaches start out getting around 0.1%  (1 out of 1,000) or less.

Let’s look at that last number. One thing I hear from coaches is that marketing costs too much. Well, if you have to get your message out to 1,000 in order to just get maybe one tire kicker who still won’t buy, then, yes, it’s expensive. But if you have no alternative that generates the kind of client flow and cash flow you want, then isn’t it time to get your marketing working?

To compare, let’s say that you send out 1,000 direct mail advertising at about $1 each, and get one call, or maybe none. Then that 1 iffy lead cost you $1,000. And then you have to sell him, right? Most coaches are getting less than 1 out of 10 sales opportunities to buy. So, now, that means you have to send out 10 batches of 1,000 letters, or about $10,000 to get that first client. Ouch!

But, let’s look at the 10% I suggested. In that case you have to only send out 10 letters, $10 to get that first call. And if you still are selling only 1 out of 10, then after 10 batches of 10 letters, your client cost you just $100. Assuming that is a $1,000 a month client, that works right.

So, the next question must be, “How do you get a 10% response to your marketing?”

Actually pretty easy if you follow the following directions.

There are two MOST important starting rules.

  1. Deal ONLY with IDEAL clients.
  2. Your marketing offers him what he wants. Or even better, what he’d almost kill for.

Who is an Ideal Client?

  • We’ll start with someone you’d like to work with, and easy to work with.
  • Who is ALREADY LOOKING FOR HELP with something.
  • Has a history of buying the kind of help he wants/needs
  • Has the money.
  • Will spend the money.
  • Psychologically not just ready, but would snap up the RIGHT opportunity, the biggest ROI he could get.

Notice something?

While most coaches target “as large of a target market as possible”, usually someone who is breathing, or someone desperate for help.

I discovered quite a few years ago that if I was targeting a very small business that was desparate, they didn’t have the money, or at least believed they coulndn’t spend the money. Those who typically are struggling, are struggling because they curtail spending in order to survive. But they are likely failing because they hold back instead of fixing that very problem.

The wrong type of client believes that his most critical action is to survive by cutting money. This is like a football team that decides to play 100% defense. Will they ever move the ball forward? Not very likely. And, playing defense only means that a good team will hold ground about 50% of the time, and lose ground 50% of the time. In other words the only direction they go is backwards.

If someone won’t spend money to hire a good coach, someone who clearly can state they will help them move that ball forward, then they are stuck, and you will never sell them. They are NOT your ideal client.

Yet, a team that aggressively picks up the ball, develops a strategy to move it forward, will at least start moving the ball toward the goal.  In developing a strategy to move forward, they very likely will hire a good coach to help them do that. These are your ideal clients.

I learned over 12 years ago that struggling, low income clients would almost never buy from me. That was a big aha moment. When I targeted $100K and below business clients, my sales ratio was pitiful, it took me months to acquire a client. When I targeted $500K businesses, I discovered my sales close ratio was between 35% and 40%. When I targeted $1M businesses, I discovered my sales ratio going over 75%.

What’s the difference? The low end was playing defense and would almost never spend money to get help. The $500K businesses were what I call, “just learning about ROI”, so they COULD be convinced, it just took a little longer. But the $1M and up companies, well they had already succeeded by finding the help they needed. So they were always out there looking for more help, they also had a history of looking, and hiring the help for whatever growth they needed, and always looking for the greatest ROI.

So, they were easier sales than those still struggling at the bottom of the economic ladder.

So who are your ideal clients? Where would you find them.

I you would like help finding your ideal clients, give me a call, 816-415-8878, or email me at

How to Attract Your Ideal Client — How to Get Them Begging You to Help Them

Some simple rules.

  1. Marketing is NEVER about you, your products/services, your processes, what you do.
  2. Marketing, that works, is about what your ideal clients wants or needs. That is ALWAYS about the results he would get working with you, and how VALUABLE those results are.

Ever hear a coach say “I am a coach”. That’s about him, and tells the client nothing about the results he would get, or how big would those results be (the value).

Coaches have been taught that they can help almost anyone. Therefore, they believe that by saying “I am a coach” they are saying “Wow, look at me, I can help you do almost anything you want. So why aren’t you hiring me?”

In reality very few know what a coach delivers, let alone how much they might deliver. So those that hear that message, say “Oh, great. Nice to meet ya.” You didn’t reach them.

Let me use this example. A doctor and his ideal patient are standing face to face in a networking event. So far no one knows anything about the other. The doctor doesn’t know that someone right in front of him truly would do almost anything to get his help. And the potential patient doesn’t know that the answer to saving his life is right in front of him.

If we follow that previous example, the doctor might say “I am a doctor, what do you do?” The patient, who has been told that she has less than 3 months to live, has already seen 100 doctors, and been told too many times that dire message, so one more so-so doctor doesn’t grab her attention. In fact, the sooner she could set down and save her energy the better, so she says, “Great, I need to set down” and walks away.

What would happen if the doctor’s marketing message, what he tells anyone to introduce himself goes something like this.

Hi, I’m a pancreatic cancer doctor who works with patients who have been told they have less than 3 months to live. About 80% of my patients are cured in 3 months or less. Tell me about you?

OK, so what do you think the typical response would be for an IDEAL client that hears this? I’d guess that they would be ready to get down on their hands and knees to beg for their help.

Why? because the message clearly stated, who the ideal client is, what their problem is, what kind of result they would get, and the value, 80% have their life saved.

Now compare that to “I’m a doctor”, “Or even I’m a pancreatic cancer doctor.

When you follow the rules, it’s not about me or what I do, it’s about the results a client gets, and how big of a value.

When you follow this guideline you will quickly move toward 10%, 1 out of 10 saying “Oh, wow, can we talk?” They ask you for an appointment. Or if the VALUE is HIGH, the higher the value the higher the response rate.

What do you think the response rate is for the doctor above who cures 80% of his ideal clients in 3 months? As long as he is talking to either his ideal client, or someone who knows his ideal client, you can bet that he’ll get 100% response rate.  And they would get down on their hands and knees to BEG him to help.

I frequently hear coaches say, “But I don’t have anything that valuable”. Well, then the value you deliver, or believe you deliver is between your own two ears, and is not necessarily the value you COULD deliver.

For instance, I’ve saved businesses, I’ve saved people’s life savings, I’ve saved marriages when business problems were interfering, I’ve saved their children’s education funds, I’ve taken start ups making $5 a week, turning that into $500K a month, I’ve turned $500K a year businesses into $12M businesses. I’ve turned 1 client a month into $180,000 a day of sales.

In fact, those are the results I sell. I don’t sell coaching. I do sell those results through coaching them to get those results.

My current marketing message is “Coaches/consultants who are struggling and would like to make another $100K+ in 3 to 6 months”

If you would like to develop marketing that actually gets 10% or more, and have them ASKING you to help them, and no longer hearing, “Can’t afford it”, then give me a call 816-415-8878 or email . The first call is free and we’ll plan out how to move you forward.

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