Why do you keep hearing, “Can’t Afford it right now”?

How many times have you heard:

  • Can’t afford it right now
  • Too expensive
  • How can you do this for free and stay in business?
  • I don’t want to spend much

There’s a simple answer and easy to fix.

What is the criteria for who is your ideal client?

When you get those kinds of responses from a prospect it is very likely that you standing there with the wrong kind of client.

I’ve discovered that different kinds of potential clients have different mindsets. Those who have been very unsuccessful, but obviously need you the most, are the ones that have a mindset that keeps them from buying any kind of help. Often, the mindset they have is the very reason they never succeed. Have you ever heard this statement: “You just can’t keep doing what you’ve always done, and expect different results”?

One of my criteria for my ideal client is one who has a history of hiring help they need.

Let me share a story with you of some of my aha moments from when things weren’t working for me.

  • When I tried to work with businesses at, or below $100K, or with individuals under $100K of income, and I gave my most successful marketing message, this is what I’d hear. “Oh, WOW. I’d love to have that, but I can’t afford it.” Most of them would say that, MOST. That means simply that they liked what I offered, but there was a mindset that they wouldn’t or couldn’t afford it.
  • When I moved up to $500K businesses, and individuals over $100K of income, with the same marketing message and offer, I’d get about 35% to 40% sales success.
  • When I moved up to over $1M businesses, an individuals over $150K of income, my sales success was around 75%.

The reason: The mindset the low end has is “Cut expenses, can’t spend, don’t have the money”, and that is very likely the same reason they haven’t succeeded. They don’t spend for marketing, they cut back on the very things that would move them forward. Those in the $500K area, have just started to learn a very important thing, looking for the greatest return on investment, which $1 spent will give you 100 times, 1,000 times more. So they are just starting to look where to spend for the greatest ROI. And those over $1M already learned that the best way to get ahead is to hire someone who already knows how and can take them further, faster, and with the greatest ROI.

That changed my mindset from “anyone and everyone needs me”, which is true, to the most successful already are looking for someone just like me. so I’d rather help the somewhat successful become more successful, than to waste time trying to convince the impossible to convince that they should hire me.

Choose the right people to work with and watch your sales skyrocket.

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