Get as Many Clients as You Want Whenever You Want Them

It all starts with your marketing message. Saying the right thing to the right person, and how you say it. AND KNOWING what percentage of those you reach out to will always respond . . .

. . . Sort of puts you in control doesn’t it?

Imagine that when you say the right thing, that you have the right people responding with “Wow, tell me more. When can I get that?”

Do you know what your response rate is every time you tell someone what you do? Or have you ever attempted to measure it?

My goal is that when I reach out to the right people a minimum of 10% response with “Wow, tell me more.” That puts me in control of how many people want to talk with me.

Below is the marketing formula which says that IF you have a known marketing response, let’s say 10%, then when you reach out to X number of people that hear that, then if you get 10%, you can predict how many people show some serious interest and want to talk to you about the next step.

Doesn’t that put you, finally, in control of how many prospects, and clients that you get?

How I Do It

When I do a workshop for one of the local chambers I don’t wait for the chamber to do the marketing. I want to be sure that I fill the room to standing room only.

So I send out a postcard invitation to 1,000+ people with that marketing message on it. I expect to get around 10% calling me back, or 100 people. I will share one other important point when you are doing a “free” workshop, and that is that about 50% actually show up. But what I really want is to capture all 100 people that call. So when they call I ask them what they are struggling with and what they would like to get from my workshop. Now I have a list of 100 that I can work. However, I still expect about 50 to 60 to actually show up, which fills the room that holds 50 to standing room only.

One other thing I want to establish to the members of the chamber is that I always fill whatever size room to standing room only. I have established a “brand” as the one that can always overflow a room while even some of my biggest competitors typically only get 10 or 20 people, less than half of what I get. So when I run a workshop that is talking about “getting lots of clients” I already have a reputation of the one that delivers more than anyone else in the chamber.

But back to the marketing formula. Your marketing message, when it is right and for the right people, should attract 10%+. Knowing that, I can deliver whatever number of people I want for every workshop, one on one coaching consulting session, seminar, or whatever I am doing.

I can actually remember when I started marketing and was only getting about 1 to 2 showing up for my workshops. Now, knowing what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to, I have been filling any room size, and getting a steady flow of clients from it.

Let me share one thing I did that was kind of fun. I had done a workshop for one of the local chambers. The president of that chamber came over to me after the workshop and said, “Wow, we’ve never had that many people attend one of our workshops. So they asked if I would do a workshop at one of their “Business Growth” monthly meetings.

What they didn’t know was that it was being run by one of my competitors. And that he NEVER had more than 5 people show up at their monthly meeting. And the room only had 20 seats. So my goal was to fill this to overflowing. So I sent out about 500 postcards, and had 45 people show up for my presentation. 9 times more than they had ever have attend before. People standing everywhere. And, by the way, I walked out with cards from 30 people that wanted to talk to me about growing their business.

This kind of bent my competitor out of shape, but I delivered just as I had promised, overflowing the room that they,  and my competitor, had never been able to do.

It all boils down to saying the right thing to the right people, and how you say it.

Would you like to be in control of how many you meet with every month?  Know what to say, how to say it and who you say it to so that you always can get exactly the number of people you want at your next event, or your next series of one on one initial coaching sessions? Get coaching clients in a steady flow, or even, imagine, having more than you can handle.

Special opportunity to learn how to get prospects chasing you instead of you having to do the chasing and it not working. What to say, how to say it, and who to say it to so that they chase you.


Alan Boyer

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