Get Prospects Calling You from LinkedIn Regularly

I was talking to someone on a LinkedIn group a week or so ago. I asked them how long did it typically take to get someone calling them from LinkedIn contacts. They must have thought I was crazy. They responded that LinkedIn was one of those things that takes a while to build, so they were working on it, and waiting.

Well, then why is it I get steady calls from LinkedIn and frequently get calls from a new group I join in a few days to a week?

Here’s how.After hearing that statement that it takes a long time to build, it dawned on me that too many people just do something and HOPE it works. They wait, and wait, and wait, with all kinds of anticipation, but most never get any results.

So I opened a discussion asking how long does it take to get a call from connections on LinkedIn? The answers were what I expected. Either they never expected a call, or I got the response that they just did it until it worked. When I asked how long was that, not one had had a call. A few had some connections, so I asked what they did with those, and what happened. Well, they collected some connections, but so far I haven’t heard of more than one or two that got even one clients, or one call.

So, here’s how to do it. This is my business philosophy for everything I do, and it does work to get clients lined up.

Zig Ziglar said

Find enough people to help them get  what they want and you’ll have and you’ll have everything you ever wanted in   life and business.

But I’ve given it one twist. Find enough people to help them get what they want to levels they wouldn’t have believed possible, and instead of you getting just what you want, you’ll end up with outrageous results yourself.

If you’ll look around on a LinkedIn group to see who’s saying what, you’ll find a lot of rather so-so discussions. Even if you jump into one, give them an answer that turns their “regular” thinking into a real, AHA! Holy smokes I NEVER thought of that. That’s so good!

It can be a totally turn around in thinking, or a way to do something that generates many many more times bigger results than they’d ever achieved before you came along.

Pretty soon, people notice, and they start connecting with you. Or, when someone says something that connects with you, reach out to them, connect with them.

And when you do connect, don’t just “ACCEPT” it on LinkedIn and walk away. Always send a thank you email, with more great ways to improve their LinkedIn results, their business results, their personal results. If you don’t know what that is, ASK them in the email, and start a conversation where you can help them get what they want, and to levels they would NEVER have even thought about before you came along.

While most people just “collect connections” and THINK that’ll eventually get them clients, it won’t. This isn’t about waiting to see who calls, this is about connecting, and building relationships, people who appreciate who you are, and you appreciate who they are. So, every connection should result in a discussion with them. That’s where you’ll get to know each other, like what the other can do for them, and actually build excited desire to work with that person.

As long as EVERY discussion is about them, what they want, not about what you sell, the conversations will rapidly grow many many relationships, all who love your suggestions so much that they will be begging you to help them get those results, and hire you to do it. You have to lay HUGE value out there and they will come and beg you to help them get it.

Find enough people to help them get   what they want in even greater levels than they dared imagine,

and you’ll have and you’ll have everything you ever wanted in  life and business in amounts you never dared imagine.

– Alan Boyer

LinkedIn is a great place to find them, and help them.

Oh, I should also say that these calls don’t have to be from prospects. There will be calls from those who aren’t your ideal client, but they know your ideal client.

In fact, as you grow your connections, think: Who do you want to associate with on LinkedIn? LinkedIn profiles limit how many connections they show to 500+. But there are people out there that have connections to as many as 30,000 (that’s LinkedIn’s newest limitations to actual connections. But you know what? There are bigger ones than that.). In any case, your reach to your ideal client is controlled by how many you know, and how many you know that have a HUGE list. If I am associated with only one who has 10 connections, then my reach is only 11, him plus the 10 he knows. However, if I have a few hundred that have 10,000 each, my list is now over 100×10,000= 1M.

Although that’s a HUGE reach. Think, WHO is your ideal market, and where would you find these big players IN that market. And you have a gold mine, a REAL gold mine. They may not be your ideal client, but they can refer you to 10’s of thousands of them.

If you’d like to discuss how to get more connections feel free to give me a call at 816-415-8878, or email me at . I’ll not only show you how, but share some templates of client acquiring emails.

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