How to Have Clients DROP into Your Lap

I’ve been saying for many years that you can literally have clients drop into your lap if you do the one thing that has prospects chasing you.

If you JUST say one thing, that they can get not just what they want, but the one thing that they’d nearly kill to get, and of HUGE value that they’d start falling into your lap, and actually chasing you.

Let me share what happened to me a couple of weeks ago where I did have a client drop into my lap.

I was actually at my eye doctor’s office, eyes dialated, setting in the waiting room waiting for the next step in my eye exam.

I saw a man come in and set just across from me. He had a sweat shirt on with a company name on it. So I asked him, “I see your sweatshirt, what do you do?”

He said that he ran a HVAC company. Then he asked me what I do.

Now, this is VERY VERY IMPORTANT if you want the same thing to happen to you. He may ask, “What do you do?” but don’t fall into the trap of saying, “I am a _________.” because that won’t cause him to want what you have.

However, if you answer that you deliver X (which is that very thing he wants), and that you deliver a measurable value that would make him beg you to find out more, then you’ll almost always not just attract clients to you, but actually have them chasing you.

So, I replied to his question that “I help clients add another $100K to $1M in the next 3 to 6 months.”

The look on his face told me what I needed to know, that he’d LOVE to have that happen for him. But, I kind of threw a twist into it. After saying that, I came back with, “Actually, I am semi retired, and don’t take very many clients at this stage. My goal is simply to make as much as I once did while working only a couple of hours a week, so I take only a couple of clients rarely.”

Then I turned it back to him, and asked him “Tell me about your business.” He started telling me that he has been running his own family business for the last couple of years, and that his goal was to spend more time with family, and that’s why he started this family business . . . BUT (and always listen for the but because that’s where you can almost guarantee that he’ll hire you) they are working so hard that he’s losing the quality time together.

OK, now time to share a story with him of how I have taken family businesses to the next level, more money, less time, and turned it into that ideal business.

Frankly, I had, and that was my own family business. So I quickly shared that I understand his problem, and that we had started a family business that we took to $450K in 2 years, with lots more time together.

In any case, he was called into his next exam, so we quickly exchanged business cards, and said that we’d call each other tomorrow. BINGO! Client!

All you have to do to have clients drop into your lap is to simply introduce yourself with a “I help ____(name the ideal client) who are struggling with _______ (name their problem), and my clients typically will get ____________ (name a result, and a HUGE value…how big, how fast).”

IF they are your ideal client, and would nearly kill to get that result, and especially that big of a result, they will respond, “Wow, how can I get that” or “How do you DO THAT?” And you suggest that you meet and you’ll share how to do that.” Or sometimes you might suggest that you meet so you can see their business and tell them once you’ve seen it.

This is exactly what I do when advertising my workshops, free coaching sessions, webinars, that deliver 100s of attendees. The difference is that I use the same message, but reach out with that message on direct mail, email, post cards. 100’s call to attend.

Alan Boyer
Helping clients double, triple, in 3 to 6 months. And then repeat.

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