Tips on Coaching

Tips on building a successful coaching business

Convince Your Clients That Doubling Them Is EASY! Use the 80/20 Rule

In the other articles on increasing your sales I said that it is important to promise a target result and value, and the bigger the value, the easier and bigger your sale.

So here is a simple way to confidently shoot for a double with any client. It starts with the 80/20 rule.

Do you KNOW what following the 80/20 rule SHOULD deliver to a client? How about multiplying their previous results by over 16 times. So when we are shooting for a double, that’s a very small part of the possibility of multiplying the client 16 times.

Here’s how. Continue reading

The Most Effective Coaching/Consulting Advertising EVER

When I run into coaches and consultants and ask them what they do to get clients, I almost always hear a couple of things that make me cringe and even when I ask why they did it that way.

  • Networking . . . Why? Because it’s free.
  • Word of mouth . . . Why? Because it’s free.

And yet, the way they do anything free is the most costly thing they do in their coaching consulting.

Always ask yourself, What does it cost to acquire each and every client when you do it this way? The answer will likely scare you.

I’ll show you how to get clients the fastest and the less expensive.

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Some VERY Important Questions to Ask of EVERY Client

Here are some things that you MUST know about every client in order for you to know what’s the best way to approach a new one, and to get the existing ones to BEG you for more over and over.

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Core principle of running your life and business that will catapult you ahead?

“The question… isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand

What is the main philosophy for running your life and your business that literally has you leaping forward day after day? Continue reading

Ever Offer Your Best Advice Only to Have Your Prospect or Client Get Angry?


Ever give a prospect or even a customer sound advice that turns them off? Or a prospect goes running the other direction even though you just gave them THE ANSWER that would save their business?

Here’s why, and how to turn that into a client-attracting situation instead of chasing them off. Continue reading

What Kind of Coach Are You?

There are three kinds of coaches. I don’t mean life coach, business coach, career coach, etc. coach. I mean three kinds of coaching styles. One is awesome, the other two are blah, or chase them away types.

The problem is that the “blah” coach is what most coaches feel is “the way” to coach. Continue reading

Associate with Those You’d Like to Become Like

Most people make an income that is about average for the people they associate with, +/- about 10%.

Associate with the kind of people you’d like to become like. And here’s how to step upward throughout your career. Continue reading

How Do You Answer You Are Too Expensive, or Coaching Doesn’t Work

Do you panic when someone says something like,

  • Can’t afford you
  • Coaching doesn’t work
  • Tried that didn’t work

Stop panicking, here’s a way to make your coaching sales much easier to actually use what they said into turning them around to becoming your clients. Continue reading

Tips on Coaching — Get Clients Chasing You

Most businesses, especially coaches, start off marketing wrong . . . in a lot of ways. But marketing is so easy . . . once you understand that marketing is not about you, your products/services, your processes, what you do, or your company name.

It is about what the client wants. And here’s how to spread around what he wants so that they start chasing you. Continue reading

Are You More Interested In Holding Your Price High or Making More Income

I remember when I started out in coaching. That’s been almost 14 years ago now.

In any case, I remember people I looked up to as THE EXPERTS telling me to shoot for thousands of dollars per coaching or training program, and to NEVER take less since that would devalue my program and we wanted to keep making what this thing was really worth, right?

It took me a few years to realize that I wasn’t selling much coaching, or anything else for that matter, so for the heck of it I lowered my price. Who’d have thought that I’d make more money, lots more, by asking less for my coaching.  There is a sweet spot where you’ll make the most and your income can shoot up rather amazingly. Continue reading

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