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What Percent of Those Meeting with You End Up Buying

Maybe I should be asking, what percent of those meeting with you SHOULD end up buying as compared to what percent you are currently getting.

Here’s how to close 3-5 times more coaching clients than you are now. Continue reading

Proper Sales Follow Up Calls — Increase Your Sales by 5 or More Times

There’s a lot of core reasons for “the more you follow-up, the more, and the bigger your sales.”
One of them is that most prospects don’t say yes the first time you talk. It also depends on your marketing message, and the value you show them.
Here’s the step by step process of sales follow up calls follow up that will increase sales 5-10 times. Continue reading

Are You Selling Powerful, Passionate, Exciting Results . . . or Acceptable Results

I was just watching a series of YouTube discussions about how to do this and that. EVERYONE was talking about step 1, step 2, step 3, and so on . . . all things lead to what I’d call a simple “knowing how to . . . ” which leans to “acceptable” , “OK”, “satisfied” outcomes.

If we put you, as delivering those things, up next to all of those people talking about those results, how do you think that ranks you? Probably average, normal. Continue reading

Increase Marketing and Sales Results With Emotion and Excitement

What would happen if you could literally

Line prospects up outside your door, down the street, and around the corner?

How would that FEEL?

What would happen if you could leave them WANTING you so bad they’d believe they’d DIE if they can’t get you soon? Continue reading

INTENSE Emotions Sell Like Hotcakes . . .

So How Fast Is Your Coaching Selling?

It is said that 98% of all sales are closed emotionally . . . and THEN justified logically.

Yet, I hear many coaches sound so dull and academic about their coaching that it could put some of their listeners to sleep. Anything but emotional.

So, let’s explore emotions vs. logic in coaching, consulting, training sales. How to drive them crazy to buy. Continue reading

Here’s Your Magic Wand to Close 3-5 Times More Coaching Sales

If you’d like to increase your sales closes by 5-10 times, I’m about to hand you another of the many tools that can do that. It’s called “the magic wand.” Continue reading

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Charles AlvarezAfter our very first session I landed a big oil & gas services client . . . and another after our second. Alan is the best coach I've ever had.

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Geof Carter. . . have doubled my own client base in
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